A beginner's guide to horror tours

A beginner's guide to horror tours

If you are ready to be scared, you may be considering booking a horror tour for your next event. To help ease your fears we've created a quick guide to answer any questions you may have on horror tours.

16 Mar 2022, 17:01:46

What is a horror tour?

A horror tour is very different from a “horrible tour”, and if anything, it is the opposite and great fun! A horror or murder mystery tour is where a guide will lead you around a building, area, or locations where some terrible acts have occurred over the years. From infamous murders, evil despots, notorious prisons, to celebrity deaths and tours of haunted houses. Gruesome, but compelling.
Where can I go on a horror tour?

We live in a world where bad people have done bad things across the centuries in most countries, which is great for lovers of horror tours! From London’s “Jack the Ripper” the killer of the streets Victorian Whitechapel, to Australia’s Ned Kelly Gang, and to San Francisco’s infamous Alcatraz prison.  
What kinds of events are horror tours good for?

Halloween is an obvious time to experience the gruesome side of tourism, for which you may pay a premium, but they are also a great way to bond and be scared as part of a team bonding evening, celebrating a birthday or to play on the dark side of life during a bachelorette party.

How much does a horror tour cost?

Generally, most horror tours are either per person, or per group depending on the product selected, if group you should expect it to be a private group so just you and your best pals will be scared together!
How long will a horror tour last?

Most horror tours will last between 1 to 2 hours but check the experience when booking. Some ghostly experiences will be held at night and can potentially last for a few hours, and potentially into the night!
Will there be toilets on the route during a horror tour?

Whether nature is calling, or the tour has led you need to need the toilet – it’s a vital question, and one we can’t answer here. Check the product description for more information, or on the day speak to tour guide who may be able to assist you.

Do people jump out during a horror tour?

Some horror tours may include some actors playing roles and scaring participants, but this would be made known in the product description or by the tour guide – or will they let you know? There is only one way to find out!
Will I get scared on a horror tour?

The idea of a horror tour is to scare, horrify, appal, frighten, terrify, and sicken, so yes there is a chance you might be scared. It will depend on the tour you select, and the level of terror you can take.
What do you wear for a horror tour?

Please dress for the weather, wear sensible shoes, and perhaps take an umbrella. Spare underwear is optional but in some tours could be advisable!
Are there any restrictions to attending a horror tour?

There maybe some restrictions based around age for most horror tours, and please remember that there is walking involved so check the distance you’ll be covering and if there are any stairs etc. Also consider your guests and if any have health issues or are heavily pregnant.

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