How to plan your office party

How to plan your office party

If you need help in putting your office party together, we have some simple steps you need to take to help create a solid platform for your event.

8 Jul 2021, 07:56:15

Decide on a budget

Deciding on how much money you have to spend on the event, and how you will spend is vital to planning your office party. Talk to management about the budget you have and consider the options available. There is no point thinking about champagne if you only have money for beer!

Choose the right venue

Think about who you are inviting and how many people will be attending. There are so many questions to answer when considering a venue. Is the venue close to your office? Does the venue have enough space of everyone, or will the venue look empty if not everyone turns up? Will there be space for dancing? Will the venue have outside space? How much of your budget will you be looking to spend on venue? Will the venue allow you to bring your own catering or entertainment? What equipment do you need to hire?
Agree on a theme
You will need to consider if you want a theme and what the theme will be. There are so many themes to choose from such as beach parties, James Bond style casino theme, or simple black tie. There are numerous movies, historical periods, and music genres to select from; and it could help decide on catering and entertainment. Remember if you are planning on a costume party give all attendees enough time to organize an outfit.

Cater for all
When you are reviewing the options for catering consider all attendees of the party. Are there dietary requirements? Many people may have nut allergies, have problems with diary or gluten or do not eat certain foods for religious reasons. Also select a style of catering to match the theme of the party, and the number of guests. Large groups would benefit from buffet style, but a smaller party could suit having a set menu dinner.

Capture the memories
Although most or all guests will have a smart phone to take photographs, make an extra effort to capture some magic moments. A photobooth can be hired to allow your guests to wear some silly hats and glasses and create some funny pictures. You could also look at hiring a professional photographer to take some fantastic shots of the evening.

Consider if you need transport

You may need transport if your venue is away from the office. You may have to consider hiring coaches to transport guests to and from the party, or provide employees with the ability to hire taxis to get home at the end.

Make sure you entertain
Providing the right entertainment for your guests is so important for any party. The entertainment must fit the theme, the venue, and the audience. Consider some live music, or a DJ (or both), and maybe a comedian or magician to wow the guests. If you do decide on having comedy, ensure that the style of comedy is suitable for your audience!

Will you need activities?
Is having party entertainment enough? If you are concerned that not everyone loves to dance, will you be adding activities? You could opt for something such as wine tasting ice breaker? Perhaps some tabletop games? If your style is casino, hire some gaming tables and a roulette wheel. There are interactive options such as murder mystery games where guests must work out for committed a murder.

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