What is the purpose of a bachelor party

What is the purpose of a bachelor party

A bachelor party is an important landmark in any man's life, but what is it, what happens and who should attend? Let us answer your questions

17 Mar 2022, 15:11:23

By Simon Nichols

A bachelor party is an important landmark in any man's life, but what is it, what happens and who should attend? Let us answer your questions

1. So what is a bachelor party?

A bachelor party is sometimes referred to as a stag night, or stag do. At this event men get together to celebrate the last moments of the groom’s life as a single man or “bachelor” – often seen as the last night of freedom! Generally involves drinking, bonding, activities and partying.

2. Are there other names for bachelor parties?

In the USA the celebration of a group of men prior to the wedding is known as a bachelor party but has many names around the world. For example, in the UK, Canada and Ireland it known as a stag party or stag night, and down under in Australia it is a buck’s party. In France it is known as the funeral of the life of the boy. Many grooms also opt for a bachelor weekend or stag weekend.
3. What is the history of bachelor parties?

Many historians believe that the bachelor party originated in Sparta during the 5th Century,
where soldiers would feast and toast one another on the eve of a friend's wedding. The groom would have the chance to say goodbye to his comrades and the carefree days of being single.
4. Are there different types of bachelor parties

The type of bachelor you are planning will depend on who is invited, and where you plan to host the event. Perhaps a party based around a physical activity, a tour of numerous bars and pubs, will your group want to get out on the water? Many bachelor activities are based around shooting, or driving, as well as a trend towards educational activities. There are also many luxury options including casinos and limousine hire.

5. What happens at a bachelor party?

Generally, a bachelor party is an opportunity to celebrate the single life of the groom, and will include drinking, activities, fun, and partying. Often bachelor parties will include some kind of prank on the future groom including being dressed up, made to get involved in numerous dares and drinking games, and could also be stripped, or tied up in the street!

6. Why is it called a bachelor party?

The origins of the word bachelor stems from many languages and areas of the word but particularly France, and generally means young man, novice, junior apprentice, or unmarried man. In many places it’s also known as a stag or buck’s party due to the stag being a symbol of strength, virility, and the male of the species.

7. When do you have a bachelor party?

Historically a bachelor party was held the night before the wedding, but in recent years as the size and scale of bachelor parties has grown, they are being held on the weekends leading up to the wedding. Many bachelor parties are held over a weekend, and even if just a day event, it is best to leave a few weeks before the big day.

8. Who should you invite to a bachelor party?

Traditionally the groom will invite close friends and family but may also choose to extend to colleagues. Some grooms decide to invite the bride’s male family members, but this can be difficult if there are activities that involve strippers or strip clubs. In the modern world people have friends around the country and the World, so often the groom must decide if he can invite those people also. Also consider how the group will mix – will your new colleagues mingle with your best friends? Will university friends have fun with your brothers?

9. Where should you have a bachelor party?

Most bachelor parties require a range of pubs, bars, and night clubs as well as activities so are generally held in urban areas such as London, Prague, New York, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Riga, or San Diego. Basically, key urban locations across the World with a range of activities on offer, and great transport links. Other bachelor parties may choose a quieter location such as beach resort, or to hide away in the mountains for some quiet bonding sessions.
10. Top bachelor party activities

Pub crawl
·        Go karting
·        Paintball
·        Beer tasting
·        Escape rooms
·        Sports such as football, skiing, or baseball
·        White water rafting
·        Shooting
·        Flight simulators
·        Scavenger hunts

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