Why watersports make great team building activities

Why watersports make great team building activities

If you are thinking of splashing out on a team building day with some watersports, here is our quick guide to help you decide

25 May 2022, 15:02:38

 There are so many types of waterports to choose from

One of the great elements of watersports is the sheer range of activities you can select from. There are oar based sports such as kayaking, paddleboarding, canoeing, or rowing, to sailing or yachting, and physical activities such as diving or canyoning.
Great chance to escape the office

The one thing you need for watersports is water, and even if you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in the office (and who does?) choosing a watersport as your team building activity means that you have to escape to the coast, a lake, a river or even a channel.
Perfect for all levels of experience

There are some activities which require a vast knowledge of the activity, but you can select a watersport to suit your team. Adventurous? Try wakeboarding. Fancy a few drinks and nice views? A river cruise. High levels of communication and teamwork? Try sailing.

You can be active so great for physical health

They are many watersports that are ideal to boost physical activity, improve heart rates and make your team fitter. Look for a sport such as canyoning, or paddleboarding to give your team a chance to improve their physical health.
Many watersports can encourage teamwork

You can choose a sport such as white water rafting where working as a team will get the best results. With rafting your team will need to work as unit to steer the craft down the course and make sure the raft does not overturn. If it does it’s the team responsibility to ensure their teammate is pulled out of the water and back in the boat.
Watersports are an option for trying something new

There are always new and exciting watersports to share with your team. Hot dogging, tubing, paddleboarding, and jet bikes are just a taste of the wide range of great watersports you could book for your team.
Encourages good communication

Navigation plays an important role in many watersports whether it is small groups navigating channels on a canoeing trip, out on the open water during a sailing expedition, or the hectic screams as you hurtle through the rapids in a raft. Having good communication is vital to many activities, which can be utilized when back in the workplace.

An opportunity to get close to nature

There are many watersports such as kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling, and RIB boat trips that will get you close to nature. Being close not only allows your team to escape the daily tasks, but also being around nature has many mental health benefits.
Many sports can encourage leadership

Taking the team out of their comfort zone and into new environment will give individuals to shine as potential leaders. Can someone in the team step up whilst you are on a sailing trip or on a rafting expedition? As the water and the rapids rise you may be surprised at who has leadership qualities
Watersports are great fun!

Whatever watersport you choose you can be sure that your team will have great fun and return to the office energized and ready for the challenges ahead.

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