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Talking business over lunch is a great way to work! Combining tasks and agendas with wonderful food, but what is the etiquette and how does it work? There are two main types of lunch meeting internal and external. Internal is lunching with staff within your business or department, external is with customers and clients outside of the business.

An internal lunch meeting is the perfect way to have informal talks with members of the company, to discuss company plans or just taking a break from the office. Whether this lunch meeting is for a group or just a couple of employees will impact on the venue and type of food.

For an external lunch meeting, you'll need to consider the client, and what the aims of the meeting are. Is this a new business meeting? Are you looking to appease an existing client or steal them from a rival? Are they looking for your business? All these questions will also impact on venue, budget, and type of food.

Some meetings will consist of a quick coffee and a sandwich, or are you looking to wow someone with fine dining? Pubs, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops are obvious venues for a lunch meeting; but with the quality of food delivery being so high in modern cities you could look to at hiring a caterer.

Consider if you want alcohol to be part of the meeting agenda, and who is paying! Often if you are the person making the invite you should expect to pay especially if the other people are travelling to you.

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