A beginner's guide to virtual activities

A beginner's guide to virtual activities

As more people work from home, or live away from friends and family there has been a boom in virtual activities. To help you find the right virtual activity we've created a quick guide for you

5 ott 2021, 13:50:45

What are Virtual activities and what is a hybrid experience?

A virtual activity is an activity where participants participate via the internet to watch, listen and engage in a particular online activity rather than travel to a physical location. Examples of virtual activities include murder mystery games, online escape challenges, beer tasting, and remote cookery classes or demonstrations.

A virtual experience is held purely online and contains no tangible elements. A hybrid experience is hosted online but would contain some tangible elements. An example of a hybrid experience is a virtual/hybrid cookery class where ingredients are delivered to each participant, a purely virtual cookery class contains no ingredients, meaning the participants either buy their own ingredients or just watch.
What kinds of events are Virtual activities suitable for?

Virtual activities are perfect for a range of occasions including team building and team bonding for companies, improving business meetings and training for remote workers. Many people living away from friends and family also use them as part of a birthday or anniversary celebration, as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties.
Do you need Wi-Fi for virtual activities?

Yes, generally most virtual activities will require Wi-Fi.

Do you need a PC, laptop, or tablet to play in a virtual activity?

Yes, generally most virtual activities will a PC, laptop, or tablet, but some virtual activities can be played via a mobile or cell phone, and some activities may require you to download an app for the session. Please check the product details, 
Do you need a camera and microphone to play in virtual activity?

Some virtual activities will require either a camera or microphone (or both), please check the product details.
How much does virtual activity cost?

Most virtual activities are charged on a per person basis, but you may be required to pay for a minimum number of participants, and some virtual activities are charged on a set price for a group or session (with a maximum number of participants).

Can the virtual activity be played in multiple countries?

Yes, virtual activities that be played anywhere in the world via Evendo. When you book the time zone will be set via the location of the supplier and the lead participant of the event.
How will the virtual activity run on the day of the event?

Generally, the supplier will either send you a link to the virtual activity or video conferencing platform, or request details of your video conferencing platform. Some corporate companies only allow their preferred video conferencing platform to be used for security reasons, please check the product details before booking.
Is zoom the only video conferencing platform that can be used for a virtual activity?

No, zoom is very popular video conferencing platform but not the only platform available for all products. Some virtual activities can be played on various platforms including skype, Blue Jeans, and Microsoft teams. Please check the product details before booking.
Will there be a virtual host during the virtual experience?

Some virtual experiences come with your own dedicated host (or hosts), allowing your group to be entertained and educated. There are also several virtual activities that can be played totally remote at your pace with no host. Please check the product details before booking.

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