A beginner's guide to Virtual Reality experiences

A beginner's guide to Virtual Reality experiences

VR is something that very few people actually understand, and don't worry if you are one of them. To help you find all the answers about Virtual Reality our editor has created a list of the top FAQs

10 feb 2022, 14:00:57

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality, which can also be known as VR is a simulated experience that takes users into a completely different artificial world, allowing them to move around, interact, learn, and play in a totally virtual world.
What are the benefits of Virtual Reality experiences?

VR offers users a unique and engaging way to have fun, interact and often train in a safe way. Some VR experiences maybe totally interactive role-playing games or combat scenarios. Apart from the enjoyment factor of VR, there are many other benefits including stress reduction, team building, problem solving, supporting mental health issues, and even overcome phobias.
What kinds of Virtual Reality experiences are there?

There are 3 main categories of virtual reality simulations that are in operation in the market today- non-immersive, semi-immersive, and fully immersive simulations. All providing a different level of interaction from passive to fully immersive depending on your event requirements.

What kinds of events are Virtual Reality experiences good for?

Virtual reality is great for team building, and bonding as a team. Many VR venues can also provide catering and refreshments so ideal for social occasions including bachelor and bachelorette parties, and birthdays.
How much does a Virtual Reality experiences cost?

You should expect to be charged per person for a public experience, but some venues may charge per game for a group or for a specific private experience.
How long will a Virtual Reality experience last?

Some VR experiences can be as short as 15 minutes, but group activities are bookable for extended periods, and you may consider booking multiple games or activities.

What do you need for a Virtual Reality experiences?

A VR venue will be able to provide all the equipment required for the experience including the essential headsets which should link you up to the experience or game. If a VR supplier is coming to your venue or workplace you will need to consider power sources, wi-fi and a space to have the experience.
Where can you attend a Virtual Reality experience?

There are now many custom designed virtual reality centres and arenas, as well as the opportunity to hire a VR experience to come to your venue or workspace.
What should I wear for a Virtual Reality experience?

When enjoying a virtual reality experience, you should wear comfortable clothing that won’t restrict your movement. Also consider wearing flat shoes that allow you to move easily around the room.
Do you need Wifi to have a Virtual Reality experience?

If hosting a VR experience at your workplace or venue check with the supplier before the event if wi-fi is required, as some games and activities may already be downloaded on to the virtual reality equipment.

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