How to turn your workplace into a desirable destination

How to turn your workplace into a desirable destination

The modern office must be more than bricks and windows. To encourage and retain the best employees it is vital that your team feel like the office is a destination they are happy to spend time in.

7 mar 2022, 17:36:31

By Simon Nichols

We work long hours, so how can you make sure your office is somewhere that employees want to spend time in, and potential employees will be keen to join.

1. An army marches on its stomach

It is said that Napoleon once said “An army marches on its stomach” meaning that to be effective, an army relies on good and plentiful food – this is something you can utilize in your workplace even if you don’t have a canteen.

Consider having regular catering delivered to your office from pizza delivery, hiring a food truck, or perhaps greeting the team with pastries as they arrive in the morning.

Good coffee will also be very popular, and many coffee machines and baristas can be hired for important team meetings. By providing food and drink employees won't need to leave for lunch each day.

2. Decorate, decoroate, decorate

Next time you have an office party in the workplace don’t forget to theme and decorate your building.

Employees will be far more engaged in the fun if the office is transferred from it’s daily look and feel. Consider having regular themed events including Halloween, Christmas, Summer, Easter, and Independence Day.

You could also look at decorating around popular movie releases, or by allowing employees to put up pictures of their children or pets.
3. Provide Fun and games 

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is a very popular proverb, which means that without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring.

The modern workplace needs to ensure that employees have fun during working hours (but not too much!).

There are many workplaces where games machines and sports tables are readily available, but if that is not your workplace consider hiring fun for the office for selected days.
4. Offer regular treats

Work is often not exciting or fun, often it may mean many employees with their heads down working on a spreadsheet, packing boxes, or writing reports; so, providing treats to take staff away from the daily chores will really help employees feel happy in the office.

Employees who feel well treated during work hours will be happier to work longer hours when required, and employee retention will be improved.

Perhaps you could book a doughnut wall, soft ice machine, or a whisky tasting session to improve moral.

5. It's all about office experiences                         

Keep your team engaged in the business by providing them regular activities and experiences delivered to your workplace.

Engaged employees are more likely to be productive and enjoy coming to work.

There are many activities which can be delivered to your workplace including mobile escape rooms, wine tasting, VR games, and desk top challenges.

6. Friday drinks

Traditionally many employees will look to leave early on a Friday, and move to the local pub or bar, so why not bring the drinks to the workplace?

Employees will really appreciate the opportunity to unwind before the weekend starts and get together for a bonding session.

It could be very simple and ordering drinks to be delivered from the local shop, or you can look to hire a fridge full of beers, or perhaps booking a mobile bar.

Hey, perhaps have the drinks on a Thursday?

7. Focus on employee wellness

By prioritizing the wellbeing of your employees will ensure they are more likely to want to spend time in the office.

If you provide regular wellness training, workshops, and exercises you will be able to improve the wellbeing of the team and potentially make them more productive.

Wellbeing can help retain employees as they will see activities such as yoga and pilates as something to stay with the company for.

8. That's entertainment!

Consider providing regular entertainment to ensure your team feel settled, and happy to attend the office. Your workplace will become a destination and the envy of your rivals and neighbours.

It could be hiring DJs to match your Friday drinks, some chilled live music, a karaoke machine, a surprise magician, a sketch artist to capture great images of the office, or perhaps a murder mystery event – where actors will turn the workplace into a scene of a crime that needs investigating.

9. Office art

There are many creative experiences which you can use to ensure the workplace feels more like “home”.

By allowing employees to design how parts of the workplace look and feel they will feel a deeper connection to where they work.

Perhaps a group class where the team create art that is displayed on the walls, or you could consider allowing the children of employees to display their own works of art!
10. Office dogs

With so many people owning dogs, it can be a hardship leaving their favourite pooch each day, no one wants the last thing they see each day as they depart for their commute.

Consider allowing employees to bring their well-behaved dogs on a rotating basis, it will be good for the owners and the dogs, as well as other members of the team!

There are also companies that will allow you to hire specially trained dogs to help bring smiles and joy to the workplace.

Simon Nichols

Head of Partnerships at Evendo

About Simon, he has a background in the London events and hospitality market going back over 20 years. Simon has in an in-depth knowledge of the events market and currently heads up all supplier partnerships at Evendo.

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