New Year's Eve Party Checklist

New Year's Eve Party Checklist

If you are hosting a party in your home this New Year, here's our handy checklist

14 dic 2022, 14:10:42

By Simon Nichols

1. Children

If you are inviting children, there are many things to consider. Will you providing food and entertainment specific for children? Perhaps download a movie suitable for a range of ages, and allow the children to relax into the night. Also will the children be staying up for 12 O'Clock? If not one tip is to the show last year's New Year celebrations from your capital city of You Tube and pretend they made the New Year!

2. Fireworks

Have you ordered fireworks for the big celebration, and will you be lighting them at the point of New Year or earlier in the evening? Consider who is in charge of the lighting and make sure you prepare the area beforehand. You could also set into the garden, street, or balcony and watch other people's.
3. Type of party food

Ensure your guests know the kind of food you are considering. Will it be a running buffet, outside catering, a sit down meal or just finger food? People may need to eat before the party
4. Coats?

If your location means it's cold at New Year make sure you consider providing a place for guests to place their coats, you won't want people to arrive only to discover you have not thought of what to do with coats, hats, scarves etc

5. Neighbours

If you are having a party in your home for New Year, it is good manners to inform your neighbours that there will be party music, lots of guests, potentially fireworks, and perhaps lots of cars being parked nearby. You could also consider inviting them!
6. Ice

Ice, everyone forgets the ice! Drinks need ice, so make sure you provide for your guests and leave space in the freezer.
7. Theme

Are you having a theme with fancy dress? Make sure your guests know well in advance as no one will want to be searching for an outfit in those quiet days in between Christmas and New Year. Also ensure your guests know if fancy dress is mandetory.

8. Pets

If you arer having a party in your home, remember that some dogs and cats may not enjoy having numerous strangers in their dwelling, and may also be upset by fireworks. Either set aside a room, or see if a friend would have them for the evening.
9. Music

Don't forget the music for your New Year's Eve party! Perhaps you could just connect your spotify account to some speakers, or take turns in DJing. There are many spotify playlists for parties and especially New Year tunes.
10. Babysitter

OK, so perhaps you don't want children at your party! Remember to book or organize a babysitter in good time. It could be a friend or family member who has older children or perhaps grandparents would consider having the kids for the night?

Simon Nichols

Head of Partnerships at Evendo

About Simon, he has a background in the London events and hospitality market going back over 20 years. Simon has in an in-depth knowledge of the events market and currently heads up all supplier partnerships at Evendo.

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