Why dance classes are great for team building

Why dance classes are great for team building

As the song goes "Let the music take control, Let the rhythm move you, Sweat, sweat" and you can use dance to help build great relationships within your team and boost their fitness

25 feb 2022, 15:14:20

Create a dance, build a team

A dance specialist will help your team to create their own customized and fully choreographed dance routine. Perhaps you can link the moves and the music to your business and allow the team to channel their creative thoughts into something they can present to the company.
Use dance to ensure remote workers are engaged

The rise of remote and flexible workers has brought up fresh challenges not only for employees, but also the company and especially for Human Resource managers. Remote workers often feel less connected, isolated, and often re-motivated. A virtual dance class is an ideal way of ensuring these workers stay engaged and motivated – easy to book online and be beamed into the homes of your teammates.
Dance can break the ice

If you are looking at holding an event, and unsure about how your team will feel about it or concerned that it might a bit “flat” – think about utilizing a dance warm up or ice breaker. A professional dance teacher will get the team to go through a few simple moves to get the blood circulating through the body, people engaged and ready to work! This will help your team bond, and barriers can be broken down between departments.

Dance can help with conflict resolution

Not everyone in the team or department will have a conflict free relationship with multiple personalities, barriers can be created, and differing targets are often an issue. A dance class can help break these barriers and let employees showcase different sides of their personalities, create a fun environment, boost collaboration, and generally create a more pleasant atmosphere.
Dance can relieve stress

Many employees may be holding in stress and be so keen to just SCREAM! Dance is known to release tension and will allow these employees to let of stream rather than scream. Dance will provide health benefits of both physical and mental health. Happier employees should lead to higher productivity. As Chuck Berry once said “If you want to release your aggression, get up and dance.”
Dance is great team exercise

Working in an office can be very sedentary, especially if employees drive to work and getting exercise is a challenge for many. Many employees may not be able to afford a gym, or hate keeping fit, so why not support your team with dance exercises? Your team will be fitter, healthier, potentially more productive, and will have a great deal of fun.
Dance can bring teams together and build confidence  

Whether you opt for a street dance lesson, or a session of Bollywood dance; you will witness that dance can not only bring people together but unite teams and departments. Energetic, emotive, and lots of fun! Your team will create great memories (but maybe not great dance routines!) and have something to talk about in the years to come.

Team dance is very inclusive

Hosting a dance class can be a very low-cost team building exercise, generally all your may need is some space, music, participants, and a dance teacher, but importantly it’s a great way of including all your team in a team building day. Some team building activities can be very physical or demand a certain style of “macho” endeavour (think of paintball as a good example). You can choose a dance class to match your team or allow them to get as involved as they feel comfortable.
Dance has never been so popular and can help you create a positive company culture

With TV shows such as “Dancing with the stars” and “Strictly Come Dancing” have really boosted the average person’s exposure to dance, and dance is so popular. Companies can utilize creative team building activities such as dance to creative a truly positive company culture and boost employee retention. Perhaps teams can mimic the dances seen on TV and enjoy some healthy competition.
Dance can help support your team’s mental health                                                     

Dance is a proven way of supporting the mental health of employees and help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Create a regular program of dance classes as a way of removing employees from their daily work tasks and help them to with any mental health challenges – there are also particular therapeutic dance classes available.

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