Cookie Policy

Effective Date: 1st December 2023

This Cookie Policy applies to the website of Evendo Inc, a legal entity incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware, United States, with its registered address at [Evendo Inc's address], herein referred to as "Evendo," and pertains to the use of cookies and similar tracking technologies on Evendo's website, "" (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Website"). This Cookie Policy is established in accordance with United States law.

1. Types of Information Collected

Evendo collects two categories of information from users visiting the Website:

Personal Information: This category encompasses data that directly identifies individuals, such as names and email addresses.

Other Information: This category encompasses non-personal data, such as gender, country of residence, and demographic information, which does not identify individuals personally.

2. Collection of Information

2.1. Personal Information: To purchase Evendo's products or services, users are required to disclose Personal Information. This includes details such as name, address, email address, phone number, credit card information, and other personally identifying information. Failure to provide the requisite Personal Information may result in the inability to confirm purchases or fulfill bookings.

2.2. Other Information: Evendo also collects Other Information, which does not personally identify users, including but not limited to website searches, bookings, signup locations, and demographic data such as country of residence, gender, and age.

2.3. Automatic Data Collection: When users visit, the web server automatically recognizes and logs their IP addresses, assigned by their Internet Service Providers. These IP addresses do not personally identify users.

2.4. Email Marketing: Users subscribing to Evendo's email marketing communications, including newsletters, may be required to disclose Personal Information like name and email address, as well as Other Information such as home country.

3. Cookies and Their Usage

3.1. What are Cookies: Cookies are small files sent to users' browsers and stored on their computer's hard drive. When users revisit, their computers store an identifying code in these cookies, potentially obviating the need to manually input email addresses on return visits. Importantly, Evendo does not store passwords or other sensitive information in cookies, nor does it employ them for any other purpose.

3.2. Purposes of Using Cookies: Evendo utilizes cookies for the following purposes:

- Necessity: Cookies are essential to maintain user login sessions, facilitate purchases, enhance service security, and manage system administration, including the prevention of fraudulent or disruptive activity.

- Functionality Improvement: Cookies are employed to recall user preferences and settings, including usernames and passwords, reducing the need for repeated logins.

- Analytics and Website Performance: Cookies help record user preferences and preferences, enabling the optimization of website functionality, particularly during periods of high traffic. Analytics companies may also use cookies, log file data, and embedded code on the website to collect user information on Evendo's behalf.

- Advertising: may display advertising clearly labeled as "Advertisement." Cookies and tracking technologies may be employed for online behavioral advertising to provide users with relevant advertising and marketing content.

4. User Choices

Users have the following choices with regard to cookies:

- Notification: Users can configure their browsers to notify them before accepting cookies, affording them the discretion to accept or decline.

- Disabling Cookies: Users have the option to disable cookies entirely by configuring their browsers accordingly.

5. Consent

By disclosing Personal Information via, users expressly consent to the collection, storage, and processing of their Personal Information by Evendo in accordance with this Cookie Policy.

6. Questions

Should users have any questions or concerns regarding Evendo's use of cookies, they are encouraged to contact Evendo via email at

This Cookie Policy for Evendo and is subject to change without notice. Users are advised to review this policy periodically for updates.