Instant Booking

Your Fast Track to Fun with Evendo's Instant Booking!

"Instant Booking" on Evendo is your ticket to immediate excitement and hassle-free planning.


Immediate Certainty: Experience the joy of instant confirmation, eliminating any waiting time for confirmation emails or calls.

Real-Time Availability: The "Instant Booking" feature ensures that the chosen experience has real-time availability, allowing you to secure your spot promptly.

Effortless Planning: With "Instant Booking," planning your itinerary becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to unnecessary complexities in the reservation process.


Whether you're a spontaneous planner or simply love the convenience of instant confirmation, "Instant Booking" on Evendo adds an extra layer of ease to your event planning, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your upcoming experience. Enjoy seamless and immediate bookings with Evendo!


Here's how it works:



Explore Diverse Experiences

Dive into the world of Evendo and discover a diverse range of activities, events, and experiences. Whether you're into team-building events, workshops, or unique outings, Evendo has something for everyone.




Look for the "Instant Booking" Feature 

Keep an eye out for experiences marked with the "Instant Booking" feature. This indicator signifies that the activity is available for immediate confirmation.




Swiftly Reserve Your Spot

When you find an experience that piques your interest and carries the "Instant Booking" feature, go ahead and secure your spot. No need to wait for additional confirmations – your reservation is confirmed on the spot.




Instant Confirmation, No Delay

After completing your booking, enjoy the satisfaction of instant confirmation. No waiting period; your reservation details are confirmed right away.




Prepare to Enjoy

Armed with your instant confirmation, you're all set to enjoy your chosen experience. Whether it's a team-building event, a culinary class, or an outdoor adventure, you can focus on the anticipation of your upcoming activity.



Frequently Asked Questions 

What is "Instant Booking" on Evendo?
"Instant Booking" on Evendo is a feature that allows you to immediately confirm and secure your spot for selected experiences without the need for additional confirmation steps.

How can I identify experiences with "Instant Booking" on Evendo?
Look for the "Instant Booking" feature indicated on the experiences listed on the Evendo platform. This feature is prominently displayed for activities available for immediate confirmation.

Are all experiences on Evendo available for "Instant Booking"?
No, not all experiences offer "Instant Booking." Look for the "Instant Booking" indicator on specific activities to identify those that allow for immediate confirmation.

What happens after I make an "Instant Booking"?
Once you've successfully made an "Instant Booking," your reservation is confirmed instantly. You'll receive confirmation details without the need to wait for additional emails or calls.

Can I cancel or amend an "Instant Booking" on Evendo?
The cancellation and amendment policies may vary based on the specific experience. Review the terms and conditions of the activity you've booked or contact Evendo's customer support for assistance.

Is there any additional charge for using "Instant Booking" on Evendo?
No, there is no additional charge associated with using the "Instant Booking" feature on Evendo. You only pay for the selected activity as indicated during the booking process.

How do I receive confirmation for my "Instant Booking"?
Once you've completed the booking process, you'll receive instant confirmation details. There's no waiting period – your reservation is confirmed on the spot.

Can I use promotional codes or discount vouchers with "Instant Booking" on Evendo?
In most cases, yes. "Instant Booking" typically allows you to apply promotional codes or discount vouchers during the booking process. Check the specific terms and conditions of the activity for any restrictions.

What types of experiences are available for "Instant Booking" on Evendo?
"Instant Booking" is available for a variety of experiences on Evendo, including team-building events, workshops, outings, and more. Explore the platform to discover the diverse range of activities that offer this convenient feature.

How far in advance can I make an "Instant Booking" on Evendo?
The availability of "Instant Booking" depends on the specific experience. Some activities may allow for last-minute bookings, while others may have specific lead times. Check the individual listing for details on booking windows.