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1 Day Nairobi national park

5 (1)
Nairobi, KE

1 Day Nairobi national park

5 (1)
Nairobi, KE
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Experience the wonders of Kenya with this captivating 1-day tour of Nairobi National Park. Whether you're a solo traveler or part of a group or family, KT & Safaris is here to help you explore our incredible country. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure as you embark on a private safari to witness the majestic big five in their natural habitat. With a duration of 490 minutes, this tour promises an immersive and thrilling experience. Start your journey at Sarova Panafric Hotel, where you'll meet your knowledgeable guide. From there, venture into Nairobi National Park, where you'll have the opportunity to see lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, and rhinos up close. This remarkable tour will leave you in awe of Kenya's stunning wildlife and natural beauty. Book your adventure today and let KT & Safaris show you the best of Kenya.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Admission Included
  • 8 hours 10 minutes
  • Suitable for 1-14 Participants
  • Private Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • See the big five
  • Private safari
  • Discover our great country
  • Group or family tours
  • Total duration: 490 minutes
  • Private transportation

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Discover the incredible wildlife and natural beauty of Kenya with the 1 Day Nairobi National Park tour. Whether you're a nature enthusiast or simply seeking adventure, this private safari organized by KT & Safaris promises an unforgettable experience. Embark on a journey through Nairobi National Park, where you'll encounter the famous Big Five and immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes that make Kenya a gem of Africa.

What to expect?

During this 490-minute tour, you can expect to have an up-close encounter with the majestic wildlife that roams freely within Nairobi National Park. As you explore the grounds, keep your camera ready to capture the Big Five – lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, and rhinos – against the backdrop of sweeping plains and lush vegetation. Your knowledgeable guide will offer interesting insights about the animals and their habitat, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of Kenya's remarkable biodiversity.

Who is this for?

This tour is perfect for nature enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, and photography enthusiasts seeking an authentic African safari experience. Whether you're traveling solo, with friends, or as a family, this tour caters to all. The 1 Day Nairobi National Park tour allows visitors to witness the wonders of the African savannah without straying too far from the bustling city of Nairobi. It is an ideal choice for those short on time but still eager to explore Kenya's magnificent wildlife.

Why book this?

Experience the thrill of encountering Kenya's iconic Big Five in their natural habitat with the 1 Day Nairobi National Park tour. Be captivated as lions prowl, elephants roam, and rhinos graze amidst the striking beauty of Nairobi National Park. With KT & Safaris, you can rest assured that your journey will be personalized and tailored to your preferences. Their expertise and commitment to sustainable tourism ensure that you have a meaningful and responsible encounter with Kenya's wildlife, all while supporting local communities.

Good to know

Throughout the tour, you'll have the convenience of starting and ending your adventure at the Sarova Panafric Hotel, making transportation hassle-free. Remember to bring your camera, binoculars, and comfortable clothing, as you'll want to capture every moment of this remarkable experience. Keep in mind that the itinerary may vary slightly depending on the day and weather conditions, but rest assured that your knowledgeable guide will ensure you have the best possible safari experience.


Previous participants of the 1 Day Nairobi National Park tour have expressed their awe at the abundance of wildlife and the professionalism of the KT & Safaris team. Many praised the knowledgeable guides who shared fascinating insights about the animals and the park's conservation efforts. Visitors were particularly impressed by the proximity of Nairobi National Park to the city, as it offered a unique opportunity to witness Africa's iconic wildlife without venturing far. Overall, guests found the tour to be an enriching and memorable adventure that exceeded their expectations.

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5 (1)


With a day to spend in Kenya...on New Year’s Day at that...I was hoping to enjoy they beginning of a new year at the Nairobi National Park and Giraffe Centre. Huge thanks to Mr. Dicky for making this possible. He was indeed quite helpful with booking. I received prompt responses and all of my inquiries were answered with no complaints. It’s important to note that I am very indecisive but Mr. Dicky was quite patient with me throughout the entire process. Thank you. About the tour: my flight got in at 5:30am and I was super pleased to meet my guide as soon as I walked out of Arrivals. I didn’t have to stand around lost, one of my fears for this trip, being that I didn’t have a local SIM card to make any calls. Thankfully, all went well. I came out and there was my name. After meet up, we started the tour where I spent about 12 hours between both parks and lunch. Time wise alone, I definitely got my money’s worth as I didn’t expect the tour to be that long. The price with the fact that it was only me on the tour, I have no complaints. At the national park I was able to see lions, giraffes, rhinos and a few other animals whilst getting the best pictures. The driver was a God-sent. He drove and drove and drove. Made sure I saw as much of everything possible, even when I was getting a bit sleepy and he could’ve easily called it a day. Additionally, when my battery was about to die, he was quite helpful finding somewhere for me to charge my phone. I gave up on charging but he made sure I had enough battery life to continue taking pictures and to take me through the rest of my trip. Thank you! Throughout the tour Mr. Dicky made sure to call to check-in. From pick up, then at various times whilst on tour. This was unexpected, but I thoroughly appreciated it being that I dealt with him during booking and had no correspondence with driver prior. This simple act provided a sense of comfort. Later on during the trip, I ended up having to pay the entrance fee for the giraffe centre. I was unaware that I had to do so and again I greatly appreciated Mr. Dicky speaking to meet directly about that. He could’ve simply told the driver to relay the message. He took the time to explain and make sure I was ok with it. Bless you. About the giraffe centre: it was quite nice, but I could’ve done without it as it was a bit crowded. That could’ve been because of the date I visited. Of course this bit of dissatisfaction had nothing to with KT & Safaris as they simply took me where I wanted to go. And I specifically requested the centre. If I had to re-do, I would skip it. The giraffes were absolutely lovely and seemed to be well cared for, it was just the crowding I disliked. All in all, it was a great experience. Very professional and efficient. Communication was A1; even after the tour Mr. Dicky checked in to make sure I was satisfied with the service. I highly recommend the company and I will definitely use them again on my next trip where I plan to bring my 9yr old to Kenya. Thank you K T & Safaris for allowing me to have the experience I envisioned and then some.
Collected by Evendo, Tripadvisor & Viator
2024-04-15 10:44