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2-Day Tour Exploring the Ecuadorian Amazon from Quito


2-Day Tour Exploring the Ecuadorian Amazon from Quito

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Embark on a thrilling 2-Day Tour Exploring the Ecuadorian Amazon from Quito and immerse yourself in the wonders of this exotic rainforest. This extraordinary experience takes you deep into the heart of the jungle, where you can uncover the secrets of the Amazon and witness its remarkable biodiversity. You will be amazed by the lush vegetation, the soothing sound of the Pusuno River, and the incredible wildlife that surrounds you. Our private reserve in Pusuno Bajo provides all the comforts you need for an unforgettable adventure, ensuring you have a truly immersive and hassle-free experience. Let us take care of everything while you focus on exploring this fascinating ecosystem. Book now and prepare to be captivated by the raw beauty and enchantment of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Suitable for 1-8 Participants
  • Small Group Tour, Private Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Explore the secrets of the Ecuadorian Amazon
  • Unforgettable experience in the jungle
  • Immerse yourself in a private reserve
  • Discover the beauty of the Pusuno River
  • All necessary comforts for a perfect trip
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Breakfast
  • Life jackets, rubber boots, kayaks, hotel facilities.
  • Accommodation in a private room with bathroom with hot water shower (DBL/TWIN/CDPL)
  • Certified bilingual guide (Spanish/English)
  • Tips
  • Alcoholic beverages (for travelers +18)

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Embark on an extraordinary adventure deep into the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon with the 2-Day Tour Exploring the Ecuadorian Amazon from Quito. Immerse yourself in the wonders of this biodiverse region and uncover its hidden secrets. Prepare for an unforgettable experience as you journey into a private reserve nestled in the thriving jungle, near the tranquil Pusuno River. This exclusive tour promises to provide all the necessary comforts, ensuring that your time spent in the Amazon is truly exceptional.

What to expect?

During the 2-Day Tour Exploring the Ecuadorian Amazon, you can expect an enchanting encounter with nature's magnificence. Discover the lush beauty of the Amazon rainforest as you explore its diverse ecosystems and vibrant wildlife. Witness the symphony of sounds produced by exotic birds, monkeys, and insects as you embark on guided nature walks. Engage in thrilling canoe rides along tranquil rivers and immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of the jungle. Savor traditional Amazonian cuisine and gain insights into indigenous cultures through authentic interactions with local communities. This tour promises an immersive and educational experience that will leave you with a profound appreciation for the Amazon's ecological significance.

Who is this for?

The 2-Day Tour Exploring the Ecuadorian Amazon is designed for adventurous souls seeking a unique and immersive experience in nature. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a wildlife lover, or simply someone craving a break from the bustling city life, this tour is perfect for you. It caters to individuals and small groups who want to explore the treasures of the Amazon while enjoying the comforts of a private reserve. This tour welcomes everyone, regardless of age or travel experience, and ensures an inclusive and accessible adventure in the heart of the Ecuadorian rainforest.

Why book this?

Unleash your inner explorer and dive into the Ecuadorian Amazon for an unforgettable journey. This 2-Day Tour offers the unique opportunity to venture deep into the jungle, far away from the beaten path. With careful attention to detail, the tour provides all the necessary comforts, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Immerse yourself in the expert guidance of experienced local guides who possess in-depth knowledge of the surrounding flora, fauna, and cultural heritage. This tour goes beyond a typical Amazon adventure by offering authentic interactions with indigenous communities, allowing you to develop a deeper understanding of their sustainable way of life. Be prepared to embark on a transformative journey that will ignite your sense of wonder and leave you with lifelong memories.

Good to know

During the 2-Day Tour Exploring the Ecuadorian Amazon, you will have access to cozy accommodations nestled in the heart of the jungle. The tour includes delicious traditional Amazonian meals prepared with fresh local ingredients, ensuring a gastronomic delight. The private reserve offers amenities and comforts that allow you to connect with nature while enjoying a convenient and enjoyable stay. The tour operators prioritize sustainability and responsible tourism, ensuring that your visit contributes positively to the local environment and communities. It is recommended to pack lightweight, breathable clothing, comfortable walking shoes, and insect repellent to fully enjoy your time in the Amazon.


Travelers who have embarked on the 2-Day Tour Exploring the Ecuadorian Amazon rave about the unique experiences it offers. They praise the knowledgeable guides who provide fascinating insights into the diverse ecosystem and culture of the region. Visitors appreciate the immersive nature walks, thrilling canoe rides, and authentic interactions with local communities, which help them to truly connect with the Amazon's beauty and heritage. Many travelers mention the delicious Amazonian cuisine and the comfortable accommodations amidst the jungle. They also express gratitude for the tour's commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism. Reviews consistently attest that this tour provides an unforgettable and eye-opening adventure in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

How long before the event do I need to book?

  • You can book at any time before the event

Vouchers accepted in the following formats

  • Mobile

Is an adult required for the booking?

  • At least one adult or senior required per booking
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