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4 Hour Beginner Cross Country Skiing in Grand Teton

4.8 (11)
Jackson, US

4 Hour Beginner Cross Country Skiing in Grand Teton

4.8 (11)
Jackson, US
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Experience the winter wonderland of Grand Teton National Park with EcoTour Adventures' 4 Hour Beginner Cross Country Skiing tour. Join our experienced Naturalist Guides on a snowy adventure as they provide winter ecology interpretation and professional Nordic skiing instruction. With small groups and trained Nordic instructors, you'll have the perfect environment to learn and explore. The tour starts at our downtown meeting location in Jackson, Wyoming, where we will provide transportation to one of the many great Nordic ski areas in Grand Teton. Along the way, you'll have plenty of opportunities to stop and take photos, and the pace will be leisurely enough for you to hold a conversation with friends. This is the perfect activity for beginners or those looking to improve their cross-country skiing technique. Skis and boots are not included, but we can direct you to local rental options. Book now for an unforgettable winter adventure in the stunning Grand Teton National Park.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • 4 hours
  • Suitable for 1-7 Participants
  • Small Group Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Scenic snow-covered landscapes
  • Expert naturalist guides for personalized experience
  • Winter ecology interpretation and education
  • Professional instruction in cross-country skiing
  • Small group size for intimate and personalized tour
  • Bottled water
  • Snacks
  • Coffee and/or tea
  • Gratuities
  • Cross Country Skis and Gear
  • Grand Teton Park Entry Pass ($20 per person)

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More about this experience


Experience the breathtaking beauty of Grand Teton National Park in a truly unique way with the 4 Hour Beginner Cross Country Skiing tour by EcoTour Adventures. This exhilarating winter adventure allows you to explore the snowy wonderland of the park while learning about its fascinating ecology and enjoying professional nordic skiing instruction. With experienced Naturalist Guides and comfortable custom vehicles, EcoTour Adventures is renowned for providing top-quality experiences that showcase the best of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

What to expect?

During this half-day tour, you will join one of EcoTour Adventures' expert Naturalist Guides for a cross-country skiing adventure in Grand Teton National Park. The tour includes winter ecology interpretation and professional instruction to enhance your skiing skills. The group sizes are small, ensuring personalized attention and a maximum of 7 participants. You will meet the guide at the downtown meeting location in Jackson WY before being transported to one of the fantastic nordic ski areas within the park. Prepare to be immersed in the winter wonderland of Grand Teton as you explore the snowy landscapes and enjoy the company of like-minded adventurers. Skis and boots are not provided, but EcoTour Adventures will guide you to local rental options for your convenience.

Who is this for?

This cross-country skiing tour is suitable for beginners who are eager to learn and experience the thrill of skiing in the Grand Teton National Park. The program caters to all activity levels, and private programs can be arranged according to individual preferences. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, outdoor adventurer, or someone looking for a unique and educational experience, this tour is perfect for you. There are no age restrictions, so families, friends, and solo travelers can all enjoy the beauty of the park while mastering a winter sport together.

Why book this?

Embark on this unforgettable cross-country skiing adventure to truly immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of Grand Teton National Park. EcoTour Adventures stands out from the rest with their award-winning Naturalist Guides, custom safari-style vehicles, and commitment to providing the best possible experience. Their knowledgeable guides boast diverse science backgrounds and years of guiding experience, ensuring you receive expert interpretation of the park's flora, fauna, geology, and human history. The small group size allows for personalized attention, and the comfortable custom vehicles provide everyone with a window seat. With EcoTour Adventures, you can expect a top-quality adventure that combines education, fun, and a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Good to know

Participants should note that skis and boots are not included in the adventure package. After booking, clear directions will be provided to local rental options for acquiring the necessary nordic equipment. The tour operates at a leisurely pace, allowing plenty of time to take photos, stop and admire the scenery, and engage in conversation with fellow travelers. EcoTour Adventures offers private programs that can be tailored to any activity level, ensuring everyone can enjoy the thrill of cross-country skiing in Grand Teton National Park. The total duration of this tour is 4 hours, providing ample time to explore and fully experience the snowy wonderland of the park.


Customers who have embarked on this cross-country skiing adventure with EcoTour Adventures have consistently praised the expertise and knowledge of the Naturalist Guides. They appreciated the in-depth interpretations of the park's ecology, wildlife, and history, which added a deeper understanding to their skiing experience. Guests were also impressed with the comfortable custom vehicles, guaranteeing everyone a window seat to enjoy the stunning scenery. The small group size allowed for individual attention and a more personalized experience. Overall, customers were highly satisfied with their skiing adventure and praised EcoTour Adventures for delivering a memorable and educational experience.

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4.8 (11)


We had such a great time on our cross country tour! Laura, our guide, was incredibly knowledgeable. She was very patient and got us all comfortable on our skis as beginners but we all felt accomplished afterwards and said we’d be ready to rent some skis on our own after her tutorial!


My wife, daughter, and I had an amazing afternoon cross country skiing with our guide Bo. We came with a mixed set of ski backgrounds, from first time to experienced, and Bo struck a great balance between patient instructor and seasoned guide. We appreciated the seclusion of the ski location and Bo’s knowledge of both wildlife and cross country skiing. We saw moose on the drive out and a bald eagle on the drive back, and Bo went above and beyond by taking some extra time so we could see elk, coyote, bison, and bighorn sheep from a lookout near the National Elk Refuge. I would highly recommend Bo as a guide and Eco Tours as an outfitter. This was our third trip with Eco Tours and we plan to do more in the future!


What a great experience!! Our guide Rafael's expertise and passion for the local wildlife and terrain shone through during the cross-country ski tour. His approachable delivery made the experience thoroughly enjoyable, turning the expedition into an educational and delightful adventure.


Laura was a wonderful tour guide. She was knowledgeable with Jackson Hole, the National park and the surrounding areas. We enjoyed listening to her expertise, but we trusted her direction and coaching us. Laura was super kind, she went out of her way to help us with the ski’s, on and off. We will be back and asking for another fabulous guided cross country skiing tour. Thank you!


My friend Rachel and I did cross country skiing with Ryan as our guide! It was just us and he was super helpful (I’m a first timer) and incredibly knowledgeable about the area! Also he’s a photographer and does the photo tours with this company too! Highly recommend the experience was great for a beginner and we saw a lot of wildlife! We saw a coyote, elk, so many moose, wolves, and a cute white ferret! Path was a 10/10


We did the cross country skiing with Laura Krusheski. She was an incredible guide. So much knowledge and experience. It was an absolute pleasure talking to her and asking questions. It was our first time on snow skies. Laura was so patient with us and so thorough with teaching us about them. The sights we saw were absolutely amazing! The snow was wonderful! We learned so much about the wildlife here in Wyoming. Laura came prepared with a plethora of fancy snacks, including several items from local companies, Kate’s Real Food, and Naughty Fruit, both of which I plan to order from soon! She also had all sorts of warm beverages: coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, as well as lots of cold beverages, too. The van that we went in was equipped with hatches on the roof for quick and easy wildlife viewing. This was especially nice as I don’t think any other outfitters offer this. Eco Tours seems to go above and beyond in every single aspect making for an incredible experience! 10/10 would do again!


Harlan was a wonderful guide and cross-country instructor for our group of first-timers. We especially appreciated his deep knowledge of the area and natural wildlife. He had impressive technical expertise and showed genuine interest in getting to know the group and crafting an experience we will never forget!

Angela R

Overall we truly enjoyed this day. We went with Bo, and he was so kind and helpful, and had a lot of knowledge of the area. The pace was perfectly set, and the whole experience was extremely well run. We rented skis from Teton Mountaineering (one of them recommended by EcoTours), and the location was perfect as it was across the street from the pick-up point. We had a great day, but again Bo was extremely attentive and helpful, while at the same time allowing the three of us to just enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of the area. I loved the fact that he didn't feel the need to constantly fill the silence with chatting. At the same time, he took us a bit off the beaten path to get to see Geraldine Lucas' home in the woods.


We had a great time. Really well looked after, excellent guide very professionally run. We will be back for sure. Great day in the park.


The EcoTour guide, Tyler, was right on time picking us up and he was very pleasant to travel with. One of the group needed instruction, so he stayed with her and the other 3 of us went out on our own with his directions. We skied right beneath the Teton peaks and took wonderful photos. We were able to leave our things in the van and snacks and drinks were provided after we skied. The ride was less than 30" from Jackson. I was led to believe by speaking to a Viator representative by phone before we left home that the skis were provided. We had to scramble Sunday night to get skis delivered to us at the pickup area Monday at 7:45 AM. I was not happy about this but it worked out.
Collected by Evendo, Tripadvisor & Viator
2024-04-14 01:52