8-Day Salkantay Trek Tour to Machu Picchu from Cusco

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Embark on an 8-Day Salkantay Trek Tour to Machu Picchu from Cusco and let the adventure unfold through the least crowded places in southern Peru. Experience the trek to the majestic Salkantay mountain like never before as you explore ancient trails and discover archaeological sites. Immerse yourself in the abundant and typical vegetation of the high Andean parts and the Cusco jungle eyebrow, making this trek one of the most exceptional. Let the beauty of this untouched region captivate your senses as you journey through breathtaking landscapes. This tour includes everything you need to make your adventure unforgettable. Prepare to be amazed by the stunning scenery, rich history, and incredible experiences that await you on this once-in-a-lifetime journey to Machu Picchu.

About this experience

  • Non Refundable There is no return, refund or cancellation possible with this product
  • Suitable for 2-15 Participants
  • Private Tour, Small Group Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Incredible adventure through least crowded places in Peru
  • Experience trek to Salkantay mountain like never before
  • Explore ancient trails and archaeological sites
  • Abundant and typical vegetation of high Andean parts
  • Immerse in the beauty of Cusco jungle eyebrow
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Before Salkantay Trek:
  • Bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu (round trip)
  • Hotel in Aguas Calientes on Day 4
  • 3 night's accommodations in 3 star hotels
  • First aid kit
  • Assistant Tour Guide for groups of 9+
  • Chef
  • Hotel in Aguas Calientes (Waman hotels)
  • Oxygen bottle
  • Professional English Speaking Tour Guide
  • Mules to carry cooking and camping equipment
  • Transportation Ollantaytambo-Cusco
  • Pick-up and transportation from your hotel to the start of the trail
  • Water (excluding the first 4 hours of the trek when you need to bring your own)
  • 4 man tent for every 2 trekkers
  • Professional English Speaking Tour Guide.
  • All tours
  • Inflatable mattress
  • All breakfast included in the accommodations
  • All transfers
  • Sleeping Bag (Can be hired from us)
  • Single Supplement US$400 (solo travelers)
  • Travel Insurance - you are strongly recommended to take out travel insurance for the duration of your trip
  • International and internal flights.
  • Meals not otherwise specified
  • Gratuities for cooks, horse herders, guides (recommended)
  • Huayna Picchu Entrance fee
  • Entrance ticket to hot springs
  • First breakfast and last lunch at Aguas Calientes

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Discover an unparalleled adventure through the stunning landscapes of southern Peru with the 8-Day Salkantay Trek Tour to Machu Picchu from Cusco. This carefully crafted journey takes you on an unforgettable trek to the majestic Salkantay mountain, allowing you to experience the raw beauty of this region like never before.

What to Expect?

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime as you embark on the 8-Day Salkantay Trek Tour to Machu Picchu. This tour promises breathtaking scenery, ancient trails, and remarkable archaeological sites that will leave you in awe. Experience the diverse and abundant vegetation of the high Andean parts, as well as the lush beauty of the Cusco jungle eyebrow. This trek is truly exceptional, providing an authentic and immersive encounter with nature and history.

Who is This For?

The 8-Day Salkantay Trek Tour to Machu Picchu is perfect for adventure seekers and nature lovers who are eager to witness the hidden gems of Peru. Whether you are an experienced trekker or a beginner, this tour is designed to accommodate all levels of fitness and expertise. Embrace the opportunity to connect with nature, delve into the rich culture of the region, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Why Book This?

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Andean highlands as you embark on this incredible journey to Machu Picchu. The 8-Day Salkantay Trek Tour offers an unparalleled experience, providing a unique perspective on the beauty and history of Peru. With a knowledgeable and experienced guide leading the way, you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands. Indulge in the awe-inspiring landscapes, encounter ancient ruins, and challenge yourself physically while discovering the wonders of the Salkantay mountain. This tour is an opportunity to create lifelong memories and gain a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Good to Know

During the 8-Day Salkantay Trek Tour, you will be provided with all the necessary equipment and support to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. It is recommended to pack appropriate clothing for varying weather conditions and comfortable hiking shoes. Don't forget to bring a camera to capture the incredible moments along the trail. Prepare to unplug and immerse yourself in the astounding natural beauty that surrounds you. Get ready for a transformative journey that will ignite your sense of adventure and leave you with a renewed appreciation for the wonders of the world.


Reviews from individuals who have embarked on the 8-Day Salkantay Trek Tour praise its breathtaking scenery, knowledgeable guides, and the overall sense of adventure it provides. Travelers express their satisfaction with the immersive cultural experience and the opportunity to witness Machu Picchu from a unique perspective. Many highlight the well-organized itinerary, exceptional service, and the chance to connect with nature in an unforgettable way. Previous travelers highly recommend this tour to anyone seeking an extraordinary adventure and a deeper understanding of Peru's history and natural beauty.

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5 (16)


I had a wonderful experience using Inkayni Perú Tours. Yiyo was the guide for three women who on varied occasions struggled with altitude sickness, stomach bugs, and a sinus infection. He was very patient and caring. Yiyo made sure we all were having a good time, and allowed us to take as many breaks as our hearts desired. He helped pass the time with fun stories as well as informative tidbits of the areas we were traversing. His easy going and playful personality helped bring some lightheartedness to the long days of trekking. Zacarías, the master chef, prepared incredible 3 course meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It blew my mind how creative he was with every meal, ensuring each meal was different from the last yet equally delicious and nutritious. He even baked us a beautiful cake for breakfast to celebrate finishing the most difficult part of the trek. His cooking abilities, and incredible work ethic is inspiring (he carried a 15 kg pack up and down the mountains daily) I could barely carry my 5 kg pack at 31, and he’s 53! Lastly Victor, the brilliant cowboy who carried our overpacked heavy ass bags by horse each day was amazing! Three princesses who required a certain level of comfort were able to sleep in clean clothes with all our bedtime beauty rituals could not have done the 4 day trek without his horses and his cowboy skills. Thank you for everything Yiyo, Zacarías, Victor. You’re amazing!

James d

Great weather and a nice varied experience. The guide Percival Callas and crew were great with meals and knowledge of Inca customs Andean people and the quechuan language with a flair for drama


This tour was very well organized and engaging. Ernesto, our guide, was enthusiastic about the Inkas, being one half Inca himself, and shared his history and culture in a very inviting way. He was also accommodating to our needs and altered the schedule to suit us, we visited a hot springs for some much needed soaking! Mario and Victor, our cook and porter, were extremely nice and helpful. Victor let me rent a horse for one challenging pass. At almost 70 years old there were some tough paths to follow, but well worth it. Every day was well planned but not at all rushed. Every road we traveled was breathtaking. And Machu Picchu is stunning. Everyone I met in Peru was friendly and kind. Even with my high school Spanish and Google translate, I had no problem communicating with the nice people I met, most of whom spoke English. And there were lots of nice people there. I recommend a Cusco and Machu Picchu expedition as a must for every traveler. Buenos Dias!


Amazing, beautiful, informative and challenging. Machu Picchu is even more beautiful than can be pictured. Inkayni is a first class tour company with everything well organised with no hitches. Inkayni is a socially responsible company with a good outreach program among the indigenous communities the walk encompasses. Jamie our tour leader is knowledgeable, passionate with excellent English and Mario the cook and the porter Victor were also excellent. The walk through Salkantay pass is challenging getting upto 4600m, but as we had spent 5 days in Cusco beforehand, it wasn't too difficult. The walk from glaciers through cloud forest to rain forest is magnificent, more scenic than the classic Inca trail but you miss out on entering Machu Picchu through the sun gate. The last day's walk is a bit of a slog being 27k with a fairly steep rise at the start.


We had a wonderful trip celebrating our 25th anniversary! Ernesto was great and a very informative guide. Victor the horseman and Mario the chef were great! We really enjoyed our experience.


We started our trip in Cusco and stayed in the amazing Ayni Cusco Hotel for two nights, the transfer from the airport was seamless and the drivers gave us a great welcome to Cusco! The hotel is brand new and the service was 100% from start to finish! It is the perfect place to settle in comfortably after a long flight and a great location to get to and from Cusco main square. There we met our guide for the trip Ernesto, he is a veteran of the Cusco trekking game and made my wife and I feel at ease throughout every part of the trek. We trekked with Ernesto and our horseman Victor and chef Hermino travelled ahead of us. Their efforts were extraordinary throughout. Victor worked tirelessly to make us comfortable and ensure the trip ran smoothly. Hermino is an excellent and talented chief, he gave us a varied range of courses and paid attention to what he liked the best! As a parting gift he made us a cake with the outline of the Salkantay trek on it! The scenery was magnificent, some sights near the glaciers were unbelievable. Ernesto always added to that experience with his in-depth knowledge of all the areas we visited and always spoke with a great passion for his Inca ancestors. My wife and I would recommend this trip to all and it was a really special experience made all the better by the great people who operated the trip! A++++


The Salkantay and Machu Picchu trek with Freddy Torres as our guide in March 2022 was phenomenal! The entire team put together a high quality experience with good equipment and excellent food. Freddy added an extra dimension with his incredible knowledge of nature and culture, his very warm and fun personality and superb customer service - often well beyond the call of duty! His English is impeccable and he really wants to know his customers - turning them into friends instantly. We would love to come back to the region and do another trip with Freddy!


Freddie was a great guide, and the kids and I had a wonderful time exploring Peru. Would highly recommend.


Thanks Mr. Jonathan! My tour guide for couple days in Cusco. I was with Mr. Jonathan during my Peru trip, he was very knowledgeable and passionate about what he doing. I was so lucky and glad that I’ve got him as my tour guide. Not only the details about all places you visit that he knows, but also feel free to ask him about good local restaurants, trips to rainbow mountain to avoid extra charge for horses riding! I really appreciated that he tell the truth about the actual price so you don’t have to pay extra! On top of the Machu Picchu while he stopped and gave the details about Machu Picchu history, he stopped at the nice spot that you can take pictures, VDO or records your memories. He has done his best for what he’s doing. Thank you so much Mr. Jonathan! I can feel that you have good intentions of what you do.


This trip was absolutely amazing!! Paul Cano (our tour guide) was exceptional and taught us so much along the way. Mario and Felix fed us with delicious hot meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Would come back to do another adventure with Paul and this amazing team.
Collected by Evendo, Tripadvisor & Viator
2024-05-20 21:47