Atomic Saloon Show at The Venetian Resort

4.5 (79)
Las Vegas, US
4.5 (79)
Las Vegas, US
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Step into the Wild West as it has never been before with the Atomic Saloon Show at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. This production, brought to you by the creators of Absinthe and Opium, is like no other. Picture "Blazing Saddles" meets "America's Got Talent" meets "Westworld," and you've got Atomic Saloon Show. In a hidden saloon bar deep in the heart of the Grand Canal Shoppes, Boozy Skunkton has gathered a troupe of entertainers that are both abnormally sexy and sensationally amoral. With an international cast of comic actors, variety acts, and acrobats, this show is a one-of-a-kind experience that will transport you back in time. Get ready for 75 minutes of non-stop entertainment and prepare to be amazed. Book your tickets now and witness the greatest saloon show the world has ever seen.

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  • Non Refundable There is no return, refund or cancellation possible with this product
  • Admission Included
  • 1 hours 15 minutes
  • Suitable for 1-6 Participants
  • Small Group Tour
  • Self Guided Experience
  • Blazing Saddles meets America's Got Talent
  • Wildest watering hole in Las Vegas
  • Abnormally sexy but sensationally amoral troupe
  • International cast of comic actors
  • Wild West as it never was
  • All fees and taxes

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Welcome to the Atomic Saloon Show at The Venetian Resort, the latest and greatest production by Spiegelworld. This mind-blowing extravaganza combines the excitement of "Blazing Saddles" with the talent of "America's Got Talent" and the immersive experience of "Westworld." Prepare to be transported to a world where the Wild West meets outrageous entertainment like never before.

What to expect?

During the Atomic Saloon Show, you can expect 75 minutes of pure delight and awe. With a cast of internationally acclaimed comic actors, mesmerizing variety acts, and mind-bending acrobats, this performance will leave you gasping for more. Witness Boozy Skunkton, the saloon's fiercely captivating and sensational host, as she leads a troupe of abnormally sexy yet sensationally amoral entertainers through a night of unadulterated entertainment. Prepare for daring stunts, side-splitting comedy, and jaw-dropping performances that push the boundaries of what you thought was possible.

Who is this for?

Whether you are a fan of the Wild West, a lover of unforgettable experiences, or simply seeking an evening filled with laughter and amazement, the Atomic Saloon Show is for you. This show appeals to a broad audience, capturing the hearts of adventurers, theater enthusiasts, and anyone craving an extraordinary night out. With its unique blend of comedy, variety acts, and acrobatics, this performance transcends age, culture, and personal preferences, promising a one-of-a-kind experience for all.

Why book this?

Immerse yourself in this dazzling journey that combines the charm and intrigue of the Wild West with a modern twist. The Atomic Saloon Show boasts an international cast of talented performers who push the boundaries of entertainment to new heights. From start to finish, you will be captivated by the sensational energy, incredible talent, and hilarious antics that unfold before your eyes. This show is a testament to the innovation and creativity of the creators behind Absinthe and Opium, ensuring a night you will never forget. So don't miss out on the opportunity to witness the greatest saloon show the world has ever known.

Good to know

Upon booking your ticket, you will find yourself in the heart of Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, where the hidden saloon bar awaits. The Atomic Saloon Show lasts for a total duration of 75 minutes, keeping you engaged and entertained throughout. Please note that certain inclusions and exclusions may apply, so be sure to review the details before attending. Prepare yourself for an unprecedented evening of humor, talent, and sheer astonishment that will leave you raving about the Atomic Saloon Show for years to come.


Audiences who have experienced the Atomic Saloon Show have been left in awe of its brilliance. Many have praised the incredible talent displayed by the performers and the seamless blend of comedy, variety acts, and acrobatics. Guests have described the show as a unique and unforgettable experience, filled with non-stop excitement and laughter. The Atomic Saloon Show truly stands out as a must-see spectacle in Las Vegas, leaving audiences yearning for more. So join the ranks of those who have already been enchanted by this extraordinary production and book your ticket now.

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Atomic Saloon Show

Atomic Saloon Show is the latest production from Spiegelworld, the creators of Absinthe and OPM. It's described as "Blazing Saddles" meets "America's Got Talent" meets "Westworld." Could this become the wildest watering hole in Las Vegas? Her first hotel was acquired by the government as an atomic bomb test site, but, decades later, Boozy Skunkton has returned to take over the Kraken Music Hall, a hidden saloon bar in the heart of Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. Boozy has collected the "most abnormally sexy but sensationally amoral" troupe of entertainers on earth and is determined to create the greatest saloon show the world has ever known. With an international cast of comic actors, variety acts, and acrobats, ATOMIC SALOON SHOW™ will take audiences to the Wild West as it never was.

Admission Included



4.5 (79)


Fun experience, but didn't excite me as much as I had hoped. I saw the Atomic Saloon Show in The Venetian Resort on their second floor. You can take an escalator by the red LOVE statue and it would be located to the right. I saw the show at 9:30pm, and we were let inside to sit in our seats at about 9:15pm. My partner & I reserved seats at Tables T2 1-2, which is located in the back, on the right side of the stage. But right before the show started, we were invited to leave our seats to sit closer at T1- which was right in front of us- due to lack of people in our area. I was very happy about that because I no longer had to worry about people blocking my view of the show. However, even with the upgrade, there were parts of the show I was unable to view. These issues came whenever a performer was doing acrobatic stunts high in the air. If you want to see everything, then sitting close to the stage is your best bet, but it's practically a guarantee that if you sit right up front, then you will be called out by the cast. So the very front seats are not a spot for introverted people. The customer service was great, and the actors were incredible! I was impressed by how many performers were so athletic and flexible; I was glued to their stunts for so long I barely took pictures/videos to remember it. The humor however is an acquired taste. I went in knowing it'd be a sexual show, but I didn't get much laughs at their overly raunchy comedy and sight gags. From someone who's favorite TV shows include South Park and American Dad, the jokes here were like low-hanging fruit; very easy to make and thus, predictable. It wasn't like I was sat with a sour look the whole time, but I suppose I went in expecting a more burlesque performance. Atomic Saloon is best for couples who are comfortable with their sexuality, as there are both female and male performances, plus jokes regarding LGBT+ sexual content. This is not suited for family, unless you happen to have a relative who you wouldn't mind sitting with while hearing jokes about "going down town"- if you know what I mean... This is a place where you come to drink and loosen yourself up to some funny acting and incredible talent. Don't go in with any expectations, just strap up your boots and go along for the ride!


Had such a great time at this show! We didn’t know what to expect but it was hilarious, and the acrobats were incredible! Better than absinthe.


Omg what a fabulous show! We were sat at the back of the stage and I couldn’t recommend this more! A completely immersive show and honestly what an amazing cast! Recommend this for any group but be prepared for a slightly naughty but overall very enjoyable experience! Thank you to the fabulous cast and bar staff ❤️


Saw Absinthe several years ago and decided to give its sister show a go - had an absolutely fantastic time!

Matthew T

Give yourself some time to find the show because it’s way back in there. Overall, it’s a good show. We laughed the entire way through. It’s raunchy, funny, and the drinks were good. We had pretty good seats at a table but I bet seats further back/closer to the bar wouldn’t be able to see some of the acrobatic parts of the show. I will say that Absinthe is a better show and is longer too. But if Absinthe isn’t available or you want a western themed change of pace this is a solid runner up show.

kathy S

Fabulous! Raunchy, but fabulous.. not a show for the easily embarrassed or shockingly shy. But super enjoyable for those that don't care!


Do not believe the reviews that say if you like Absinthe you will love this show too! I have seen Absinthe 3 times and would see it again. This show is the absolute worst! It was not funny and the acts lack in talent compared to Absinthe or another Cirque de Soliel show. It was way too expensive and several people walked out of the show! Do not waste your time or money seeing this show!


This show was fantastic! We opted for the more affordable seats in the pews on stage, and they turned out to be excellent with no complaints. To top it off, we even enjoyed shots of whiskey during the opening scene – a definite win-win. The humor was top-notch and incredibly entertaining. I'm already looking forward to seeing Absinthe next time because this production company knows how to deliver a thoroughly entertaining experience.


great show, very funny! exactly as advertised. highly recommend, ignore the wet-blanket reviews, clearly didn’t understand what the show was about!


This is the worst show I've seen in Las Vegas. I've seen all the cirque shows and all the big name residence shows. I've seen Absinthe. This one is just not any good. It reminds you of a high school or jr high improv group. I'm not referring the the vulgarity--which is considerable--I'm referring to the script and talent. There's a girl who clogs who is talented. A couple of the aerial acts are average, but they are a small portion of the show. The singing is well below average and the acting is not good. The show begins with one lone "cowboy" dressed in turquoise singing a vulgar song. Vulgarity aside, he's not a talented singer. This sets the tone for the whole show. I love funny shows. I don't think I laughed once in this. I had been warned that the nun scene in which she plays the xylophone with ping pong balls supposedly coming out from her private area, might be offensive to some. This wasn't the most offensive act. The skirt of her habit is down, and you don't actually see the ping pong balls coming out. It's obvious what is supposed to be going on, but it's not actually shown. The language is supposed to be shocking. Every time the female proprietor of the saloon sees the preacher, she says she wants to F--- him. That gets old. It isn't shocking. More than one man appears in a G-string. Maybe some might enjoy seeing a young, handsome man in a G-string, but a middle-aged man with a typical body also appears in a G-string for quite a long time. He even goes up and does a mock aerial routine. It wasn't funny; it was just embarrassing. I hope they are paying him a lot. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to do that routine for any amount of money. The "saloon" is very nice. It's a really cute set and audience setting. The chairs are quite small and uncomfortable. It's a little difficult to locate. It's upstairs in the Venetian, closer to the Palazzo end. The drinks are expensive but that's fine. They are expensive at all shows. The ushers and servers were very nice. Most shows I've seen in Las Vegas are very well done. This one is an anomaly. There isn't much on during the holidays, so I decided to roll the dice and see this one. CRAPS! Save your money!
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2024-06-18 12:23