Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Jeita Grotto and Byblos Tour

4.5 (6)
Beirut, LB
4.5 (6)
Beirut, LB
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Experience the best of Lebanon's most fascinating cities with the Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Jeita Grotto, and Byblos Tour. This guided tour is a must-do for first-time visitors, history lovers, and travelers who want to delve into the ancient cities of the world. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime as you explore the Baatara Gorge Waterfall, known as the cave of three bridges, where snow transforms into a mesmerizing waterfall. Marvel at the extraordinary stone formations and take a boat ride through the stunning Jeita Grotto. Immerse yourself in the mix of sophistication and tradition in Byblos, a thriving modern town with an ancient heart. From the excavated remains of the ancient city to the Crusader castle and old market area, this tour will leave you in awe. Don't miss out on this incredible journey through Lebanon's rich history and breathtaking landscapes.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Admission Not Included
  • 8 hours - 9 hours
  • Suitable for 1-10 Participants
  • Private Tour, Small Group Tour
  • & Audio GuidedGuided Experience
  • Experience the stunning Baatara Gorge Waterfall
  • Be mesmerized by the beauty of Jeita Grotto
  • Explore the ancient city of Byblos
  • Discover the mix of sophistication and tradition in Byblos
  • Learn about the history and culture of Lebanon
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • All fees and taxes
  • Airport Pick-up (Including parking): $20
  • Airport Drop off: $10

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More about this experience


Introducing the Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Jeita Grotto and Byblos Tour – a captivating journey through Lebanon's most fascinating cities. This guided tour promises an unforgettable experience for first-time visitors, history enthusiasts, and travelers seeking to unveil the mysteries of ancient civilizations. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage, awe-inspiring landscapes, and historical marvels of Lebanon.

What to expect?

Embark on a 480 to 540-minute adventure that will take you on a thrilling exploration of three incredible destinations. Prepare to be amazed as you witness the natural wonders and archaeological treasures that await you. Marvel at the Baatara Gorge Waterfall, also known as the cave of three bridges, where the winter snowmelt transforms it into a majestic cascade. Discover the mesmerizing Jeita Grotto, where extraordinary stone formations create curtains, columns, and whimsical shapes. Finally, immerse yourself in the ancient heart of Byblos, a town blending tradition and sophistication, boasting a fascinating history, Crusader castle, and captivating old market area.

Who is this for?

The Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Jeita Grotto and Byblos Tour is designed for anyone with an adventurous spirit and a thirst for knowledge. Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or simply seeking new experiences, this tour will undoubtedly captivate you. It's perfect for first-time visitors to Lebanon who want to explore its most iconic landmarks. Additionally, it's an ideal opportunity for travelers interested in ancient civilizations and the wonders of the natural world. This tour is inclusive and welcomes all who have a passion for discovery and appreciation of cultural heritage.

Why book this?

By choosing the Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Jeita Grotto and Byblos Tour, you're opening the door to an extraordinary journey that combines natural beauty with historical treasures. Experience the rush of excitement as you witness the Baatara Gorge Waterfall, a true marvel of nature. Immerse yourself in the magic of Jeita Grotto, stepping into a world of breathtaking stone formations. Explore the ancient heart of Byblos, where modernity meets ancient traditions within its historic city walls. This tour offers a unique blend of nature, culture, and history, ensuring an immersive and unforgettable experience. Book now and let Lebanon's ancient cities and natural wonders captivate your soul.

Good to know

Before embarking on the Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Jeita Grotto and Byblos Tour, it's essential to keep a few things in mind. The total duration of the tour ranges from 480 to 540 minutes, allowing ample time to explore each destination thoroughly. Prepare for a moderate level of physical activity, as you'll be traversing natural landscapes and historic sites. Comfortable footwear and weather-appropriate clothing are highly recommended. This tour includes the mentioned attractions but excludes other expenses, ensuring you have the flexibility to customize your experience based on personal preferences. Prepare to be enchanted as you uncover the wonders of Lebanon's ancient cities, connecting with the rich history and natural beauty that surrounds you.


Feedback from individuals who have embarked on the Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Jeita Grotto and Byblos Tour speaks volumes about its unforgettable experience. Travelers have praised the knowledgeable guides who provided insightful commentary, enhancing their understanding of the sites visited. Many were particularly enthralled by the natural beauty of the Baatara Gorge Waterfall, mesmerized by its unique formation and the cave's mystical atmosphere. Visitors to Jeita Grotto have marveled at the stunning rock formations and appreciated the boat ride that revealed hidden wonders. Byblos, with its historical charm and archaeological remains, has left an indelible impression on those who explored its ancient streets. Overall, reviews highlight the tour's ability to provide a comprehensive and captivating exploration of Lebanon's most fascinating cities, making it a must-do for all curious adventurers.

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Baatara Gorge Waterfall

know as the cave of three bridges, turns into a waterfall when the winter snow melts. The waterfall drops 255 meters (837 ft.) into a cave and falls behind three natural bridges, which raise one above the other and overhang the chasm descending into Mount Lebanon.

Jeita Grotto

The grotto is split into two parts; the upper with a breathtaking view of extraordinary stone that forms curtains and columns, draperies and mushrooms. A boat ride is offered at the lower grotto. It also features ropeways, train, miniature zoo, gardens and many sculptures.

Admission Not Included


A thriving modern town with an ancient heart, Byblos is a mix of sophistication and tradition. The old harbor is sheltered from the sea by a rocky headland. Nearby are the excavated remains of the ancient city, the Crusader castle, St. Peter church and the old market area.



4.5 (6)


fadil is friendly and flexible and took me from baatara to byblos to jeita grotto. jeita grotto is very beautiful, too bad no photos allowed. byblos is also very charming.


Baatara Gorge and Jeita Grotto are one of the most beautiful natural wonders I have had the privilege to savour. Worth checking out. Our driver was also very patient and friendly.


It was a beautiful trip, one of my favorite day in Lebanon ! Fahid is friendly and professional, and really cares to show you the highlights of the tour. Byblos was really nice with its historical streets and monuments, Baatara Gorges were beautiful under the snow (but make sure the road is open if it's snowing), however Jeita Grotto was closed (open only friday / saturday / sunday) so I would advise you to check before booking during a weekday if it's open or not. Fahid also brought me to the airport the next day and he was on time and very efficient !


Ich empfehle niemandem da hinzugehen aufgrund der EXTREM unsicheren Verhältnisse. Man muss nur ein Mal ausrutschen oder stolpern und fällt direkt den Hang runter. Dieser Ort darf so ohne Geländer gar nicht zugänglich gemacht werden. Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit bis da etwas passiert was hätte vermieden werden können. Der Weg dorthin ist einfach extrem unsicher. Ich bitte die libanesische Regierung zu handeln und hier zu handeln. In Europa würde man so einen unsicheren Ort NIEMALS zulassen und sofort verbieten. Doe Frage ist nicht ob etwas passieren wird, sondern wann! Schade denn der Ort ist wunderschön. Aber wenn man ständig Angst hat herunterzufallen, kann man die Aussicht nicht geniessen


知識・経験・気遣い、全てにおいて最高のドライバー兼ガイドさんでした 楽しく旅ができて感謝です レバノンに行く人には是非オススメしたいです


Me ha encantado la experiencia. He hecho el tour con una chica majisima alemana y con un guia, Fady, excepcional. Las 3 visitas me han encantado y Fady que en todo momento ha sido super amable nos ha recomendado un restaurante para comer con vistas al puerto fabuloso. Hemos comido de cine por un precio muy economico. La gastronomia libanesa me ha encantado. No dudeis en reservar con esta empresa y si os toca Fady como guia estareis en las mejores manos, buen conductor y muy ameno nos ha dado buena conversación sobre Libano y sus gentes. Gracias Fady por hacer esta excursión tan amena y gracias Julia, he disfrutado mucho de tu compañia.
Collected by Evendo, Tripadvisor & Viator
2024-05-29 21:08