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Bahia Noite - Folkloric Show and Dinner, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

5 (3)
Salvador, BR

Bahia Noite - Folkloric Show and Dinner, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

5 (3)
Salvador, BR
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Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Bahia, Brazil with the Bahia Noite - Folkloric Show and Dinner. This tour offers an unforgettable evening filled with the sights, sounds, and flavors of this enchanting region. Indulge in a delicious dinner at the Colosseum restaurant while being entertained by captivating performances showcasing the network pull, Afro dance, and capoeira. As you dine, you'll be transported to the heart of Bahia, experiencing its most important cultural manifestations firsthand. From the rhythmic beats of the Afro dance to the impressive acrobatics of capoeira, this folkloric show will leave you in awe. Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and lively rhythms of Bahia with this truly unique experience.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Admission Included
  • 4 hours - 5 hours
  • Suitable for 1-15 Participants
  • Private Tour, Small Group Tour
  • Self Guided Experience
  • Live cultural manifestations in Bahia
  • Folkloric show and dinner experience
  • Afro dance and capoeira performances
  • Immerse in the vibrant Bahian culture
  • Dinner at the Colosseum restaurant with cultural performances
  • Included food
  • Alcoholic beverages

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and traditions of Bahia with the Bahia Noite - Folkloric Show and Dinner in Salvador, Brazil. This one-of-a-kind tour allows you to experience the essence of Bahian culture through captivating performances of the hammock, Afro dance, and capoeira. By joining this tour, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the rich history and heritage that make Bahia so unique.

What to expect?

During this unforgettable experience, you can anticipate a truly immersive and entertaining evening. The tour lasts between 240 to 300 minutes, providing ample time to enjoy the cultural performances and savor a delicious dinner. The highlight of the evening is the Folk Show, where talented performers showcase their skills in the hammock, Afro dance, and capoeira, captivating you with their energy and precision.

Who is this for?

This tour is designed for anyone who yearns to explore and appreciate different cultures. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or someone seeking authentic experiences, the Bahia Noite tour welcomes you with open arms. The performances and activities cater to all ages and backgrounds, ensuring that everyone can enjoy this immersive cultural experience. It's an opportunity to discover the heart and soul of Bahia while making lasting memories.

Why book this?

By booking the Bahia Noite tour, you'll embark on an adventure filled with enchanting sights, sounds, and flavors. The unique selling points of this tour lie in its ability to transport you to the heart of Bahian culture. You'll witness awe-inspiring performances that represent the region's artistic and historical legacy. The immersive experience, combined with a delicious dinner, will ignite your senses and leave you with a profound appreciation for Bahian traditions.

Good to know

There are a few essential details to keep in mind as you plan your Bahia Noite experience. The total duration of the tour is approximately 4 to 5 hours, providing ample time to fully immerse yourself in Bahian culture. The tour includes dinner at the Colosseum restaurant, where you'll enjoy culinary delights while being entertained by cultural performances. However, it's important to note that drinks are not included in the package. Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing talents of the performers as you indulge in an authentic Bahian evening.


Visitors who have previously experienced the Bahia Noite tour consistently rave about its immersive qualities and engaging performances. Many have praised the talented artists who showcase their skills in the hammock, Afro dance, and capoeira. Travelers have remarked on the authenticity of the experience and their newfound appreciation for Bahian culture. Overall, guests have left with a sense of awe and satisfaction, making the Bahia Noite tour a must-try for those seeking an unforgettable cultural adventure.

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  • You can book at any time before the event

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Come and have dinner at the Colosseum restaurant with cultural performances such as the hammock, Afro dance and capoeira. Dinner Included. Dinner and Folk Show included. Drinks not included.

Admission Included



5 (3)


El Show fue increíble!!! Una experiencia única con amigas Sin dudar volvería alguna vez. Salvador de Bahía es una hermosa ciudad con mucha historia, fue la primera capital del Brasil.


Muy bueno. Breve y efectivo. Comida variada y rica. Servicio muy bueno. Pocas palabras sobran .&zzzzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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