Self-Guided Breckenridge Scavenger Hunt: Breckenridge Adventure

3 (12)
Breckenridge, US
3 (12)
Breckenridge, US
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Experience the thrill of a real-life treasure hunt with the Breckenridge Adventure scavenger hunt! Let's Roam, the #1 app-led scavenger hunt company, will take you on a journey through the historic landmarks and hidden gems of Breckenridge. As you roam the city streets, you'll answer trivia questions, solve challenges, and discover fascinating facts about the Gold Rush era. Whether you're a tourist, a local, or new to town, this small group activity is perfect for everyone. Lace up your walking shoes, download the Let's Roam app, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure. There are no reservations or tour guides required, allowing you to explore the city at your own pace. So gather your friends, family, or colleagues and embark on this exhilarating scavenger hunt in Breckenridge.

About this experience

  • Non Refundable There is no return, refund or cancellation possible with this product
  • 2 hours
  • Suitable for 1-10 Participants
  • Private Tour, Small Group Tour
  • Self Guided Experience
  • Explore Breckenridge's 1850's Gold Rush landmarks and points of interest
  • Download the Let's Roam scavenger hunt app and start exploring today
  • Lively small group activity for tourists, locals, or newbies
  • Race against the clock and put your navigation skills to the test
  • Fun for all ages, no reservations or tour guides needed
  • All taxes, fees and handling charges
  • Digital copies of your adventure hunt photos
  • Individual role for each player
  • Phone, email, or chat support
  • Photo challenges for each player - choose between braniac, photographer, mapper
  • Let's roam app access for maps, photo challenges, riddles and leaderboards
  • Self-guided breckenridge adventure hunt
  • Private transport
  • Attraction fees
  • Food & drinks not included
  • Tour guide

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More about this experience


Discover the historic charm of Breckenridge while embarking on an exciting adventure with the Breckenridge Scavenger Hunt: Breckenridge Adventure. Let's Roam, the leading app-led scavenger hunt company, invites you to delve into Breckenridge's 1850s Gold Rush era as you explore the city's notable landmarks and hidden gems. This immersive experience combines teamwork, trivia questions, and unique challenges to create unforgettable memories. Whether you're a tourist, a local, or new in town, this small group activity is perfect for everyone, offering a lively and interactive way to discover the city. Get ready to lace up your walking shoes, snap incredible pictures, and put your navigation skills to the test as you uncover fascinating stories about Breckenridge's past.

What to expect?

The Breckenridge Scavenger Hunt promises an engaging and educational experience as you roam the city with your team or compete against them. With the Let's Roam scavenger hunt app as your guide, you'll unravel the captivating history of Breckenridge while solving clues, answering trivia questions, and completing challenges. As you explore the city at your own pace, you'll visit remarkable landmarks such as the Breckenridge Alpine Garden, the Barney Ford Museum, the Breckenridge Welcome Center, and the Edwin Carter Museum. Capture unforgettable moments, race against the clock, and embark on an adventure that combines entertainment and exploration in a unique way.

Who is this for?

Designed for both locals and travelers alike, the Breckenridge Scavenger Hunt is a must-do activity for anyone seeking an immersive and fun-filled way to experience the city. Whether you're visiting as part of a bachelorette party, a birthday celebration, a corporate team-building event, or simply looking for an entertaining everyday activity, this scavenger hunt welcomes all. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, it offers an inclusive experience that caters to various preferences and interests. Embrace the spirit of adventure and join the vibrant community of scavenger hunt enthusiasts in Breckenridge.

Why book this?

Booking the Breckenridge Scavenger Hunt guarantees an unforgettable and distinctive experience. Let's Roam has revolutionized traditional scavenger hunts by integrating technology and interactive challenges into an engaging adventure. Through this immersive activity, you'll not only discover the hidden treasures of Breckenridge but also bond with your teammates and create lasting memories. With no reservations or tour guides required, you have the freedom to explore at your own pace and embrace the thrill of discovery. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a puzzle lover, or simply seeking a unique way to explore the city, this scavenger hunt promises an exhilarating and captivating journey.

Good to know

The Breckenridge Scavenger Hunt is a 120-minute activity that begins at the Breckenridge Welcome Center on South Main Street. As an app-led experience, all you need is your smartphone and your sense of adventure. The scavenger hunt celebrates Breckenridge's rich history and takes you to various landmarks and points of interest, allowing you to appreciate the city's heritage while enjoying an active and entertaining experience. Lace up your walking shoes and delve into the captivating stories that shaped Breckenridge during its Gold Rush heyday. This inclusive activity ensures that individuals of all ages can participate and have an amazing time exploring the city's hidden gems.


Participants who have embarked on the Breckenridge Scavenger Hunt rave about the excitement and engagement this activity offers. They highlight the fun of solving clues, the joy of discovering lesser-known attractions, and the sense of accomplishment from completing challenges. Travelers appreciate the flexibility of exploring at their own pace and the freedom to snap incredible photos along the way. Overall, visitors are delighted by the opportunity to learn about Breckenridge's fascinating history while enjoying a dynamic and interactive adventure. Don't miss out on this exhilarating journey filled with laughter, discovery, and teamwork. Choose the Breckenridge Scavenger Hunt and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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  • You can book at any time before the event

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Breckenridge Welcome Center

Breckenridge Alpine Garden

Barney Ford Museum

Breckenridge Welcome Center

Edwin Carter Museum



3 (12)


Never could get connected to the app to start the game. There were lots of numbers to input and it seems like I never had the right one. I spent too much time trying to figure it out and I got nowhere. So disappointing. When I called for help I was told I bought it through a third party and basically they couldn’t help me. Waste of time and money and all it got me was frustration.


Super fun activity for the whole family! We bought one for the family and it was perfect. Don’t need to buy multiple unless each individual has a phone and competing against each other. Highly recommend!


My partner and I tackled this "challenge" as part of a birthday adventure. However, getting the experience to communicate properly with the Let's Roam App was a nightmare and a huge time suck. I was beyond frustrated. When we finally got it to work we couldn't get the system to identify we made it, so everything had to be over-ridden as complete. The hunt was listed as "challenging" but it was way to easy. We got through a third of it and ended up staying at the Gold Pan Saloon for a few drinks. After THAT, then we just laughed the rest of the scavenger hunt. So my recommendation is, unless you have kiddos (whom this would be awesome for), have some adult beverages (after you work your way through the APP fiasco) and THEN go do it. It will be lots of fun.


We downloaded the app as instructed but the app was not able to identify our reservation. It was a waste of money. And beware, they are very clear that no refunds are available.

Debbie M

The app was not user friendly. My guests could not fully access and join the team. The check in locations continued to say we weren't there.


We got to learn more about Breck, saw some beautiful spots we might not have seen otherwise. The challenges were fun. It was a bonding experience for our family!


It was pretty fun. I would have loved more puzzles/codes. We also had some service issues on one phone which made another phone on the team with good service not be able to move forward.


Have fun and give it a try!! Enjoyed learning about Breckenridge’s history and exploring the town. This was our first one- we will be doing more!!


Educational walk! Browsing Breck’s main area of town and seeing the sights was fun! Found a sweet shop or two along the way!


Awesome experience! Had a great time with the family. Great set up. Fun time that doesn’t take all day
Collected by Evendo & our supplier partners
2024-07-20 07:32