Canyonlands National Park Self-Guided Driving Audio Tour

4.8 (38)
Moab, US
4.8 (38)
Moab, US
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Experience the breathtaking beauty of Canyonlands National Park with this self-guided driving audio tour. Immerse yourself in the sweeping canyons, towering mesas, and rugged landscapes as you explore at your own pace. Witness the iconic sunrise at Mesa Arch, take in the stunning views from the White Rim Trail, and discover the fascinating history of the cowboys who once roamed this wild frontier. With the Tour Guide App by Action, you'll have access to a full itinerary, travel tips, professionally narrated stories, videos, and hidden gems. No need to worry about cell signal or wifi, as the app works offline with its own GPS map and route. This tour offers maximum flexibility, allowing you to take breaks for photos, snacks, and hikes whenever you please. Don't miss out on this unforgettable adventure in one of America's most awe-inspiring national parks.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Admission Not Included
  • 2 hours - 3 hours
  • Suitable for 1-4 Participants
  • Private Tour
  • & Audio GuidedSelf Guided Experience
  • Easy to use: Stories play automatically by GPS. Hands-free.
  • Don't miss a thing: Full itinerary, travel tips, professionally narrated, videos, text, hidden gems.
  • Offline use: No cell signal or wifi required. Offline GPS Map & route. Stop-to-stop direction.
  • Private tour in your/rental car: No group. Take breaks for photos/ snacks/hikes. Go at your own pace.
  • Flexible schedule: Use any day, any time. Travel over multiple days or on next trip. Never expires.
  • Easy-to-use app: download Action’s Tour Guide App onto your phone
  • Great value: purchase per car, not per person. More affordable than bus or guided tours!
  • Engaging storytelling: Uncover unique tales and thrilling history for a memorable journey!
  • Perfect narrator: nothing can beat listening to a great voice. Proven with tons of rave reviews!
  • Offline maps: no signal, no problem! Works perfectly without cellular or wifi.
  • Comprehensive route and stops: See it all, miss nothing, leave no stone unturned!
  • Go at your own pace: Start anytime, pause anywhere, enjoy breaks for snacks and photos freely!
  • Hands-free: audio stories play on their own based on your location. Easy to use!
  • Attraction passes, entry tickets, or reservations

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More about this experience


Welcome to Canyonlands National Park, a breathtaking natural wonder that will leave you in awe of its sweeping canyons, majestic mesas, and deep valleys. This self-guided driving tour is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the beauty and history of this incredible park. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure as you explore iconic sites like Mesa Arch, drive along the White Rim Trail, and discover the stories of the brave cowboys who once roamed these lands. With maximum flexibility and value, this tour allows you to experience the wonders of Canyonlands at your own pace.

What to expect?

During your self-guided driving tour of Canyonlands National Park, you can expect a truly immersive experience. As you navigate the park, the Tour Guide App by Action will automatically play stories and provide informative narration based on your GPS location. With hands-free functionality, you can fully enjoy the stunning scenery without any distractions. The tour also includes a full itinerary, travel tips, hidden gems, videos, and text, ensuring that you don't miss a thing. Plus, you can use the app offline, so you won't need a cell signal or Wi-Fi. The app also provides an offline GPS map and stop-to-stop directions, making it easy to navigate the park's trails and roads.

Who is this for?

This self-guided driving tour of Canyonlands National Park is perfect for anyone looking to explore the park at their own pace. Whether you're a solo traveler, a couple, a family, or a group of friends, this tour offers flexibility and freedom. You can take breaks for photos, snacks, or hikes whenever you like, without being tied to a strict schedule. The tour is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, allowing everyone to enjoy the wonders of Canyonlands. Don't worry if you're not familiar with the park or its history – the tour provides all the information you need to fully appreciate your surroundings.

Why book this?

Booking this self-guided driving tour of Canyonlands National Park is the best way to experience the park's beauty and history. Unlike a bus tour, you'll have the freedom to explore at your own pace and make stops whenever you please. The flexibility of this tour allows you to fully immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes, take breathtaking photos, and go on rewarding hikes. The Tour Guide App by Action provides all the necessary information, ensuring you don't miss any important details or hidden gems. Plus, purchasing just one tour per car is a great value compared to paying for each person on a bus tour. Embark on this unforgettable adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Good to know

Before your visit to Canyonlands National Park, it's important to note that this self-guided driving tour is not an entrance ticket. Make sure to check the park's opening hours and any additional requirements before planning your visit. The tour comes with lifetime validity, so you can use it on multiple days or even on your next trip. The Tour Guide App by Action is easy to use, with stories playing automatically based on GPS, ensuring a hassle-free experience. If you have any questions or need assistance during your tour, you can easily reach out to the tour provider through call, chat, or email. Enjoy the flexibility, convenience, and value of this self-guided driving tour as you discover the wonders of Canyonlands National Park.


Customers who have embarked on this self-guided driving tour of Canyonlands National Park have been thrilled with their experiences. They praise the flexibility and freedom of exploring the park at their own pace, as well as the wealth of information provided by the Tour Guide App. Travelers appreciate the ability to take breaks for photos, snacks, and hikes whenever they like, without being constrained by a strict schedule. The offline functionality of the app is also highly praised, as it allows for a seamless and uninterrupted experience even without a cell signal or Wi-Fi. Overall, customers highly recommend this self-guided driving tour for anyone wanting to fully immerse themselves in the beauty and history of Canyonlands National Park.

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Your Itinerary

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park in southeastern Utah is known for its dramatic desert landscape carved by the Colorado River. Island in the Sky is a huge, flat-topped mesa with panoramic overlooks. Other notable areas include the towering rock pinnacles known as the Needles, the remote canyons of the Maze, and the Native American rock paintings in Horseshoe Canyon. Whitewater rapids flow through Cataract Canyon.

Cataract Canyon

(Pass by)

Cataract Canyon is a 46-mile-long canyon of the Colorado River located within Canyonlands National Park and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in southern Utah.

Green River Overlook

The Green River Overlook offers some of the most unique views of Canyonland’s Island in the Sky District. You’re able to see the Green River continuing its work on the canyon walls. The river is the largest stream in Utah at 730 miles. The name probably comes from the green soapstone that can be found along its banks.

Admission Not Included

Island in the Sky

Stop by the Visitor Center coming up ahead. It’s a great place to grab supplies, use the bathroom, and fill up your water bottles. As you’ve already seen, this park doesn’t have much infrastructure, and being dehydrated out here is no joke.

Admission Not Included

Dead Horse Point State Park

Dead Horse Point — it’s a creepy name, isn’t it? According to local legend, wild mustangs used to be corralled here to be broken in the early 1800s. Once all the desirable horses had been broken and claimed by the cowboys, the undesirables were left to go free.

Admission Not Included

Corona Arch

(Pass by)

Corona Arch is a natural sandstone arch near Moab. The arch is located within the same rock formation as Pinto Arch and Bowtie Arch.

Shafer Canyon Overlook

This overlook offers views from three sides. It may be a bit daunting if you're afraid of heights since there’s nothing between you and the Canyon. However, the incredible view is worth it.

Admission Not Included

Plateau Viewpoint

Coming up on your left is a turn out for Plateau Viewpoint. Pullover if you want photos of some spectacular views! There’s also a handicap accessible toilet and an information panel on anthropological work in the area.

Admission Not Included

White Rim

In such a beautiful landscape, you can’t escape the lure of exploring off the beaten path. But watch out! If you do go off the path, you might be trampling on soil that’s alive. You might think I’m joking, but throughout Canyonlands, Arches, and Moab is something called a biological soil crust.

Monitor and Merriamac Rock Formations

Look to the right. All you can see at the moment are tall rock walls. That’s because we’re near the floor of Sevenmile Canyon. As we continue to drive, we’ll emerge from the canyon and be able to see two very distinct features in the distance to the right -- the Merrimac and the Monitor.

Admission Not Included

The Neck

The area we’re traveling over is known as the Neck. Why? Well, remember that this Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands is a huge mesa surrounded by lowlands. Well, there’s a strip of land that connects this mesa to other mesas — just like a natural bridge!

Lathrop Canyon

A lot of natural landmarks and trails in Canyonlands are named by or after cowboys and ranchers. In fact, Ned Chaffin’s father and one of his brothers had a spring named after them.

Admission Not Included

Big Mesa Viewpoint

Coming up on your right is Big Mesa Viewpoint. Pause for a quick look at some stunning scenery. The enormous mesa looks like it was plonked down here by accident, and then forgotten.

Admission Not Included

Aztec Butte Trail

What makes this trail special? Simple: the granaries left here by Native peoples. They’re visible from the base of the last hill if you just keep your eyes open. These granaries are hundreds of years old, so be careful when approaching.

Admission Not Included

Whale Rock

In front of you is perhaps the world’s largest whale. Don’t see it? The whale’s head is on the left side of the rock. There’s an easy one-mile hike that takes you up along the whale’s back. When you get on top of this cetacean, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of the Upheaval Dome.

Admission Not Included

Mesa Arch

Ahead, pull over for Mesa Arch. This is a must-do at Canyonlands. Once you’ve parked, walk along the short trail to the arch. As you walk, notice the juniper and pinyon trees around you. These are popular in Canyonlands so keep an eye out for them elsewhere too.

Admission Not Included

Candlestick Tower Overlook

In the distance, do you see three giant candles sticking out of the landscape? That’s Candlestick Tower! Doesn’t this sandstone formation look like a layered birthday cake, topped with candles? * The bottom layer is white, the middle a reddish-brown, and the top is red.

Admission Not Included

Basin Overlook Parking

Despite being relatively small, there’s a lot to do here. First, what might catch your eye is the overlook itself, which has a view of the Colorado River. There’s also a cafe to reenergize.

Admission Not Included

Buck Canyon Overlook

Here you’ll see spectacular views of Buck Canyon and the La Sal mountains. The short trail is paved, making it one of the most accessible places in the park. There’s also a rail that stands between you and the canyon, so if you are scared of heights, this overlook is perfect for you.

Admission Not Included

White Rim Overlook Trail

This is a great place to rest and enjoy a quick meal! There are only eight tables, so be sure to claim one if there are any available.

Admission Not Included

Orange Cliffs Overlook

The cowboys used the Orange Cliffs extensively. They called a part of these cliffs “Under the Ledge” — since it was a distinct area that sorta appeared to be underneath a huge, rocky ledge.

Admission Not Included

Grand View Point Overlook

We’re now at the end of the Canyonlands National Park tour. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey! If you enjoyed the tour, check out our other tours of nearby Arches, Bryce, Zion, and more!

Admission Not Included

Upheaval Dome

Remember how the park’s rocks have been formed in layers? In most of the park, these layers haven’t been disrupted since their formation. What you see is what was deposited, all those hundreds of millions of years ago.

Admission Not Included

Murphy Point Trail

The trail that leads to Murphy Point Overlook is quite easy, adding up to 3.5 miles roundtrip. While the hike itself doesn’t offer much in the way of scenery, the overlook provides a stunning view of Stillwater Canyon and the Green River.

Admission Not Included



4.8 (38)

Sam B

The audio tour let us see the park in our own leisurely pace with points of interest and history. Very awesome scenery with stops for hiking trails if you were interested.


Hard to pick a “best” part, as the whole park was amazing! The descriptions given by the audio tour were spot on.


The audio tour was great. Very happy we gave it a try. The narrator has a pleasant voice and told interesting and amusing stories about the park and early settlers between stops. The app worked as described and would start and stop automatically. He would tell us about each stop and how long and difficult each hike is. He even gave us “must see” vs “could skip if short on time” advice. We came back and bought the audio tours for several other parks we’re getting ready to visit.


We had a great day in the Islands in the Sky section of Canyonlands National Park using the self-guided audio tour. We are not tech savvy but found it easy to use. The narrators voice was pleasant and he told fun stories about the history of the park and tips about each stop. The tips were very important such as details about the length and difficulty of trails, what to look for at stops, and which stops were “must see” vs “could be skipped if you’re short on time”.There was even a lovely Native American musical piece along a longer drive section. The app worked exactly as promised. We could track our location on the map and the audio would initiate on its own based on our location. My only complaint is that a few times the instructions to turn came as we were already passing the turn off or street and we’d have to turn around. It was well worth the $17 price tag. We’re going to visit several more national parks in the next few weeks and intend to purchase more tours from Travel with Action.


We visited this beautiful park in September. Lots of amazing walking trails, spectacular views and many stops on the main road to take great pictures.


I never used a self guiding tour before. It was very easy to download and figure out how to pause and start. It was very informative and told you exactly where to look for the sights and where to turn. Friends of ours had done a 4x4 tour in Canyonlands and that night the sights they said they saw were exactly the same that my husband and I had seen.


Grandview pointe. nice easy hike about 2 mi. there are staircases but doable. Nice to know ahead of time where to pull off and see special sites that are recommended

Tammy H

Enjoyed! Worked (except we didn’t start at the starting point) & did not have service. But well done! Learned a lot! Hooray!


We absolutely loved the audio tour of Canyon Lands National Park. We had a very limited time in the park and wanted to make the most of it, and the audio was perfect. It was easy to use and remarkable in its ability to navigate and deliver information. The historical info was awesome. We did a 4 hour hike and it picked back up once in the car. A must have for anyone needing a driving tour. We will use again at other places in US!!


The views and the narratives were simply amazing. We had Sumer trouble getting the narrative started then was good.
Collected by Evendo, Tripadvisor & Viator
2024-05-29 20:57