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Chocolate hills Bohol Nature tour

5 (31)
Tagbilaran City, PH

Chocolate hills Bohol Nature tour

5 (31)
Tagbilaran City, PH
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Embark on a truly immersive adventure with the Chocolate Hills Bohol Nature tour. This exclusive tour takes you off the beaten path and brings you closer to the heart of the island. With our knowledgeable local guides, you'll discover hidden gems and experience the beauty of nature like never before. From tasting a delicious Filipino breakfast to visiting the Tarsier Conservation Area and marveling at the Chocolate Hills Natural Monument, every moment of this tour is filled with excitement and wonder. Indulge in a traditional Filipino-style lunch by the scenic Loboc River, making unforgettable memories along the way. Escape the crowds and explore the untouched beauty of Bohol with this extraordinary tour.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Admission Included
  • 8 hours - 10 hours
  • Suitable for 1-9 Participants
  • Private Tour, Small Group Tour
  • Self Guided Experience
  • Exclusive nature tour with locals
  • Visit the Tarsier Conservation Area
  • Explore the hidden gem of Little Baguio
  • Marvel at the wonders of Chocolate Hills
  • Enjoy a traditional Filipino-style lunch on Loboc River
  • Lunch
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • All fees and taxes

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More about this experience


The Chocolate Hills Bohol Nature Tour offers a unique and exclusive experience, taking travelers off the beaten path and allowing them to explore the hidden gems of the island. Unlike regular tours, this nature tour is done exclusively with locals, giving you an authentic and immersive experience of Bohol's natural wonders.

What to Expect?

During the Chocolate Hills Bohol Nature Tour, you can anticipate stunning landscapes, breathtaking viewpoints, and a deep connection with nature. The highlight of the tour is, of course, the famous Chocolate Hills, a series of perfectly cone-shaped hills that turn brown during the dry season, resembling giant chocolate kisses. You'll have the opportunity to witness this incredible natural phenomenon up close and capture stunning photos to cherish forever. In addition to the Chocolate Hills, the tour takes you to other non-crowded spots, allowing you to truly appreciate the beauty and serenity of the island. You'll explore hidden trails, encounter unique flora and fauna, and be captivated by the untouched beauty of Bohol's nature.

Who is this for?

This nature tour is perfect for anyone seeking an authentic and immersive experience of Bohol's natural wonders. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a photography lover, or simply someone who wants to escape the crowds and explore off-the-beaten-path destinations, this tour is for you. It is inclusive and suitable for all ages and fitness levels, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the beauty of Bohol's nature.

Why Book This?

What sets the Chocolate Hills Bohol Nature Tour apart is the opportunity to explore the island with locals. This means you'll not only get to visit the well-known attractions, but also discover hidden spots and gain insider knowledge about the island's culture and history. The exclusivity of the tour ensures a more personalized experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Bohol's nature.

Good to Know

During the tour, lunch will be provided in a Filipino-style setting, giving you the chance to savor delicious local cuisine and experience the flavors of the island. The tour also includes an air-conditioned vehicle for your comfort, as well as all fees and taxes. Please note that ATV rides and zipline rides are not included in the package.


Travelers who have experienced the Chocolate Hills Bohol Nature Tour rave about the unique perspective it offers. They appreciate the opportunity to explore non-crowded spots and witness the beauty of Bohol's nature in a more intimate setting. The tour guides, who are locals themselves, are highly praised for their knowledge, friendliness, and ability to provide a truly immersive experience. Overall, customers express high satisfaction with the tour and recommend it for those looking to discover the depth of the island and create unforgettable memories.

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  • You can book at any time before the event

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Tagbilaran City Sea Port

A taste of Filipino Breakfast

Admission Included

Tarsier Conservation Area

little monkeys as they said

Admission Included

Bilar Man-Made Forest

(Pass by)

little baguio in PH

Chocolate Hills Natural Monument

wonders and nature

Admission Included

Loboc River

lunch on a filipino style

Admission Included



5 (31)


This tour exceeded our expectations. Our guide Fronie went out of his way to tailor our day to our interests. It’s exactly what you’d hope when you hire a local tour guide. I can’t recommend this company enough. I had hesitation about spending one of our entire precious days on a tour but I am so glad we did! Wow wow wow. These will be lifetime memories for my daughter and me.


We had the most wonderful day exploring Bohol with Fronie! An amazing tour which avoided all the packed spots and allowed us to soak in all the beauty of Bohol. From our pick up at our hotel to a Chocolate hills hike, local market tour (with tastings!), waterfall swim, floating cruise lunch, coconut wine tasting, and stop to see Tarsiers at the conservation center - we were taken care of and had all our questions answered by Fronie. We left having seen so much and learned so much about Bohol and the Philipines in general. We loved this tour and would highly recommend for anyone in the Panglao or Bohol area (: be sure to request Fronie and Friedi for the tour - they are simply the best!


My wife and I went on the Bohol nature tour today and it was one of the highlights of our trip to the Philippines! We chose this tour because the itinerary, while including expected locations like the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier Sanctuary, included some interesting places which we didn’t see in other tours, like a public market and the Pangas waterfalls. The tour was even better than we expected, thanks in great part to our wonderful guide Jessie who introduced us to different aspects of life in Bohol throughout the trip. He even brought us to some surprise locations, like the workshop of a blacksmith who recycles metal from cars to create machetes. Special thanks also to our driver Jr, who drove us safely some very muddy roads on this rainy day. We would be happy to take another tour with Ecotravel on our next visit to the Philippines! Highly recommend this tour if you want to learn more about life in Bohol with an expert guide in addition to visiting different scenic locations.


Absolutely the best tours! Expectations were shattered! Did 2 tours with EcoTravel and tours - booked through our travel agency and they did not disappoint. Got so lucky to have Novie as our tour guide for both of our Bohol tours! Went to Pamilacan island and chocolate hills. Chocolate hills provided a tour of the Carmen Market where we were able to try get a view of what it’s like to be a local. We sincerely appreciated the experience and learned so much. Chocolate hills were amazing and tarsier sanctuary was awesome. Pamilacan island and dolphin watching was more than we could’ve asked for. Saw hundreds of dolphins, snorkeled, and ate like locals at Mary’s Place. Such a cool experience. Everyone made sure my 7 year old had an unforgettable experience. Thank you to Novie for 2 unforgettable days and a lifetime of memories!!!!!


My second outing with Ecotravelers this week & what an amazing day. Advertised as 8-10 hours & they are not wrong. A full day of non stop immersion into the local countryside. I’m so glad I did this tour. So worth it. Pick up from the hotel & off to a large local market where Jessie talked about how the local people worked from early in the morning catching their fish & then getting it to the market for sale during the day. Fish, meat & veg of many different colours & sizes. Has to be seen. Nothing like this in the UK. Off then to the Tarsier sanctuary to see the smallest primate. The guides search them out in the morning so know where they are to show you. Nocturnal so they tend to stay put during the day. Captured some wonderful photos here. Jessie is a super guide, constantly telling you about local culture, working practices & traditions. We had a not on the itinerary stop off to see rice being milled which was really interesting Next we saw machetes being made on the side of the road. Amazing to see the skills they showed. A stop off at the man made forest tipped off the morning. We also managed time to get in an additional ATV ride which was super fun. ( very small additional cost) but worth doing. Lunch was on a super boat tour. Fantastic buffet served whilst you tour down the river in some stunning scenery. Absolutely loved this. Saw the local dancers on the side of the river as we cruised down. Off then to the Chocolate Hills which are simply stunning. Fantastic scenery & choosing the nature route over the tourist route saw so much more. So interesting to hear from Jessie how they were formed I had an amazing day & can highly recommend doing this tour. I’d do it again any day. Thanks to Jessie & Exotravelers for a wonderful experience.


We loved our experience. As well as the main three attractions, there were a number of other experiences fitted in to the itinerary, including breakfast in and a tour around markets, a visit to a colonial era cathedral, and a visit to the cultural centre. We were not on the main tourist route, so it was not crowded. Jessie the guide was great, and informative and answered all our random questions- felt like we learned a lot about Bohol today! And we were 100% in good hands with the driver. Highly recommend!


Exclelent scenery. Very dinamic. Lots of amazing places to see and stop to enjoy The guide was great, always making sure we all has fun

Tahnu P

Our driver Jr and tour guide Jessie were absolute legends, giving us lots of history, and all round fun times for the entire day. We were taken to the best spots, with no crowds and incredible delicious local food at the markets and on the river cruise. Couldn't give it a higher recommendation!


Great guide, great tour, and just overall great communication and flexibility. I'd recommend them to anyone :)

Ghislain S

We had a wonderful time with Ecotravelers and especially Jessie. We booked our three private tours with them and they did not disappoint. On our Nature Tour we felt privileged as we went to uncrowded access of the chocolate hills, even though it was a muddy path, it was worth the effort. Spectacular view for just ourselves. Same story for the Tarsier sanctum which we visited a smaller location with few people, very nice and private. Then the cruise and lunch on Loboc River was fantastic. The food was plenty and delicious, and the singer was friend with our guide so we spent some good time. We chose the private tour, and Jessie made sure we were always comfortable, provided soft drinks, water and even fresh coconut. He made us feel like we had a friend in the Philippines, we earned each others trust very quickly. Highly recommended. Make sure to ask for Jessie.
Collected by Evendo, Tripadvisor & Viator
2024-04-17 17:59