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Walking Tour: Civil Rights History -The Church, Children & Community

5 (21)
Birmingham, US

Walking Tour: Civil Rights History -The Church, Children & Community

5 (21)
Birmingham, US
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Discover the powerful and moving history of the Civil Rights Movement on the Walking Tour: Civil Rights History - The Church, Children & Community in Birmingham, AL. This tour takes you on a journey through the poignant stories of the brave children who marched for a better future and the pivotal role of the church and business community in the fight for equality. Explore the church that was bombed, a heartbreaking symbol of the struggle, and learn about the significance of Kelly Ingram Park as a battleground for equal rights. Walk through the thriving business district of the Jim Crow era, discovering its current attractions and the vital role of businesses in driving social change. Join this tour to experience the love, resilience, and triumph of the Civil Rights Movement and be inspired by the collective healing of our nation.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Admission Included
  • 2 hours
  • Suitable for 1-13 Participants
  • Small Group Tour
  • & Audio GuidedGuided Experience
  • Explore the history of the church in the Civil Rights Movement
  • Experience the interactive storytelling at Kelly Ingram Park
  • Discover the attractions of the thriving business district
  • Learn about the role of business communities in social change
  • Immerse yourself in the American story of courage and love
  • Birmingham Foot Soliders Discussion
  • Wi Fi
  • Private transportation

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More about this experience


Discover the powerful story of the Crusaders for Civil Rights - The Church, The Children, and The Community on a captivating walking tour in Birmingham, Alabama. This tour presents an unforgettable experience, sharing the historical impact of evangelistic support, the courageous actions of children, and the unity of the business community in the fight for civil rights. Immerse yourself in the narrative of love and resilience that led to the passing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, as our nation continues to heal together.

What to expect?

During this 120-minute tour, you can anticipate an enlightening and interactive journey through the key landmarks and pivotal events of the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham. Guided by knowledgeable storytellers, you will explore the role of the church in the movement and the tragic history of the beloved church that was bombed during the segregation era, claiming the lives of four young girls. Additionally, a walk through Kelly Ingram Park will transport you back to the epicenter of protests and riots for equal rights, where you will hear compelling narratives brought to life through audio. The tour will also reveal the significance of the business community in driving social change, as you visit notable attractions like the Mosaic Temple and the Jazz Hall of Fame.

Who is this for?

This tour welcomes all curious souls seeking a deeper understanding of the Civil Rights Movement and its impact on American history. It is an inclusive and enlightening experience suitable for individuals, families, students, and history enthusiasts eager to explore the stories of those who fought for justice, equality, and love.

Why book this?

By joining this tour, you will gain a profound insight into the transformative power of unity and perseverance. Walk in the footsteps of those who paved the way for equality and witness the resilience that shaped the course of history. Engage in thought-provoking conversations, listen to stirring narratives, and connect with the spirit of the Civil Rights Movement as you stand at these significant locations. This experience offers an opportunity to learn, grow, and reflect, contributing to a collective understanding of the ongoing journey towards a more just society.

Good to know

To ensure a seamless experience, please arrive at our facility located at 1525 4th Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203, 30 minutes before the tour begins. If you have any questions or require further assistance, our dedicated support team can be reached at 866-259-9691 ext. 1 or via email at


Previous participants have expressed deep appreciation for this tour, highlighting the emotional impact and educational value it provides. Visitors have been profoundly moved by the stories shared and the opportunity to witness the physical spaces where history unfolded. Many have praised the knowledgeable and passionate guides who bring the narratives to life. This tour truly touches hearts, offering a profound understanding of the Civil Rights Movement and its significance in our collective journey towards equality and justice.

How long before the event do I need to book?

  • You can book at any time before the event

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Your Itinerary

16th Street Baptist Church

(Pass by)

The beloved church that was bombed during the segregation era killing four little girls. We will explore the history of that era and examine the role of the church in the Civil Rights Movement.

Kelly Ingram Park

We provide a guided walk through the city park that was the epic center for protest and riots for equal rights. Our guides provide a storytelling time that's interactive for all to experience. *This portions includes audio*

4th Avenue Business District

Travelers will see the attractions that made the business district a thriving business community before and during the Jim Crow era. Some of the current attractions of the Mosaic Temple, the Jazz Hall of Fame, the Eddie Hendrix park and many more. The tour will revile the importance of the role of business communities in social change.

Admission Included



5 (21)


Very informative tour. I highly recommend this tour for history buffs and anyone else who’s interested in learning about Alabama’s murky history.


Visiting the churches that were important meeting places during the Civil Rights era, particularly the churches where Rev. Martin Luther King had pastored.


A powerful experience led by a very knowledgeable guide. Each day was filled with memorable activities. Authentic history lesson… glossing over.

Leon G

We didn't actually get to enjoy the tour because our guide suffered a family loss and the tour was cancelled. Antonia, who we dealt with, went out of her way to help us enjoy our day - sent us to the "right" places, made calls for us and even offered to pay for some of our touring (which we declined). So... while I can't comment on the tour, the people running the show deserve a shout out for being as helpful as could be under the circumstances. Of course, our fees were fully refunded.


We enjoyed the enthusiasm of our guide💝 we also enjoyed talking to several of her friends about the historical events that occurred.


Highly illuminating tour - very accessible. Good mix of history, current circumstances and local business people. All in all, great time! Taylor was excellent


The Tour Guide Taylor did a wonderful job during the tour. I would recommend the tour to everyone. Thank you.


Taylor was an amazing tour guide! I learned a lot coming from her guiding skills as far as the history and general information about the tour. She taught me black historical facts that weren’t taught to me in school. That there alone stood out to me! To see a young African American woman speak knowledgeably about her history shows how much she cares about her culture. I also enjoyed hearing Ms. Roby speak as we went into the foot soldier’s office. I highly recommend anyone to go and gain knowledge of the Civil Rights History!


Wow Taylor is so amazing. Her infectious energy and her knowledge of history is exquisite. I recommend anyone coming to get her as your tour guide I love her personality and humor!


My family and I were in Birmingham for the weekend and decided to book this tour. It was time well spent! Our tour guide, Taylor, was amazing! It is one thing to watch a documentary or read a book on the civil rights movement - it’s another to actually stand on the sacred ground of it all and to actually hear from the folks who were there. We visited several sites, but three highlights include: 16th Street Baptist Church (where four little girls died after a bombing by the KKK in the ‘60s), Kelly Ingram Park (site of the Children’s Crusade), and the Civil Rights Activist Committee Headquarters where we heard from a woman who was jailed as a child after marching in the Crusade. This experience allowed us to discuss issues as a family in a way we never had before. I highly recommend this tour!
Collected by Evendo, Tripadvisor & Viator
2024-04-17 06:54