Classic Haleakala Sunrise Tour

4.5 (23)
Kahului, US
4.5 (23)
Kahului, US
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Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with the Classic Haleakala Sunrise Tour. Watch in awe as the sun illuminates the breathtaking landscape of Haleakalā National Park from its 10,000-foot summit. Expert NAI Certified Interpretive Guides will accompany you on this journey, providing fascinating insights into the geology, ecology, and local culture of Haleakalā. Immerse yourself in the captivating stories and rich history of Maui as you visit the charming towns of Makawao and Paʻia. Discover the enchanting Silversword plant and Hawaii's state bird, the Nene goose, in their natural habitat. Explore Kula and its lush Lavender, Protea, and Macadamia Nut farms. Uncover the spirit of the Hawaiian Cowboys in the town of Makawao, where the Paniolos' legacy lives on. Don't miss out on this remarkable experience that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • 8 hours
  • Suitable for 1-15 Participants
  • Small Group Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Unforgettable Haleakala sunrise experience
  • Insightful guided tour of Haleakala National Park
  • Encounter rare and endangered species of plants and animals
  • Learn about the fascinating history of Paia
  • Experience the rich farming and ranching heritage of Kula
  • Breakfast

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Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and rich history of Maui with the Classic Haleakala Sunrise Tour. This unforgettable excursion takes you on a journey to Haleakalā's 10,000-foot summit, where you'll witness one of the world's most awe-inspiring sunrises. But this tour is so much more than just a sunrise experience. With informative guided commentary from our NAI Certified Interpretive Guides, you'll gain fascinating insights into Haleakalā's geology, ecology, and the captivating stories of Maui's local culture and history.

What to expect?

During this tour, you can expect a total duration of 480 minutes filled with adventure and discovery. Begin at the Kahului Safeway and embark on a scenic drive to Haleakalā National Park. Marvel at the immense beauty of the 7-mile long, 2-mile wide, and 3,000-foot deep crater. Encounter rare and endangered species of plants and animals, including the elegant Silversword plant and Hawaii's state bird, the Nene goose. After immersing yourself in the wonders of Haleakalā, the tour continues to the historic towns of Makawao and Paʻia.

Who is this for?

The Classic Haleakala Sunrise Tour is perfect for nature enthusiasts, history buffs, and those seeking a unique cultural experience. Whether you're a solo traveler, a couple, or a family, this tour caters to all ages and interests. Nature lovers will be in awe of Haleakalā's breathtaking landscapes and rare wildlife. History enthusiasts will relish the chance to delve into the intriguing stories of Maui's past. And for those seeking a deeper connection to the local culture, this tour provides a truly immersive experience.

Why book this?

By booking the Classic Haleakala Sunrise Tour, you're not just witnessing a stunning sunrise, you're embarking on a journey of discovery and enlightenment. Our NAI Certified Interpretive Guides go beyond the surface, providing in-depth knowledge and stories that truly bring Haleakalā and Maui's history to life. You'll gain a deeper appreciation for the island's natural wonders, cultural heritage, and the interconnectedness of the land and its people. This tour offers a unique opportunity to create lifelong memories and connect with the true essence of Maui.

Good to know

It's important to note that the tour duration is approximately 8 hours and includes stops at various destinations, such as Paʻia, Kula, and Makawao. You'll have the chance to explore these charming towns, learning about their significance in Maui's past and present. The tour starts and ends at the Kahului Safeway, conveniently located for easy access. Comfortable clothing, sunscreen, and a camera are recommended for this adventure, allowing you to fully capture and embrace the stunning landscapes and cultural landmarks you'll encounter along the way.


Feedback from previous participants highlights the exceptional knowledge and passion of the tour guides. Travelers have praised the captivating storytelling and insightful information provided throughout the journey. Many have expressed their gratitude for the unique experiences and memories created during the tour. The combination of witnessing the mesmerizing Haleakalā sunrise and exploring the historic towns of Paʻia and Makawao has left visitors with a deep appreciation for Maui's natural beauty and cultural heritage. Overall, the Classic Haleakala Sunrise Tour receives rave reviews for its informative, engaging, and unforgettable experience.

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Haleakala National Park

Some call Haleakalā the Eighth Wonder of the World. Nowhere else can you climb from sea level to 10,023′ in less than an hour. At the summit, the 3,000′ deep crater you peer down into is 7 miles long, 2 miles wide, and 21 miles in circumference. Encounter the elegant Silversword plant, found nowhere else in the world as well as Hawaii’s state bird, the Nene goose. Haleakalā is home to hundreds of rare and endangered species of plants and animals. We are a licensed concessioner of Haleakala National Park and have direct access.


Today Pa’ia is a popular surf destination, however, Pa’ia’s history is as intriguing as it is fascinating. Learn about how the Sugar Plantations shaped this town and the culture of the island, and how this small north shore town was once a gathering place for entertainment and fun.


Maui’s rich farming and ranching history is still evident by the vast pastures that line the side of the mountain. Kula’s cool weather and rich volcanic soil make the area an ideal spot for a number of Lavender, Protea, and Macadamia Nut farms.


The Hawaiian Cowboys or Paniolos have roots set deep in the town of Makawao. This small town still has hitching rails at storefronts just as the locals once used to tie up their horses.



4.5 (23)


Don’t book this tour. The hotel pickup was by some lady who kept changing the music loud and soft non stop (cuz she wanted it loud but knew it was too loud for 2:30am), and we were just driving round and round Safeway not knowing how many people we should be picking up or their names (we just drove around until no more cars were lit up). There is an unnecessary second bus transfer at their shop, which was 30 minutes waiting for another type of tour group which had to get bike equipment. On the summit, it’s not that cold but extremely windy. The jackets (windbreakers) we were given were not enough and stinky. Returning for breakfast, we still had to wait another 20 minutes even though we pre-ordered. This whole tour could have been one hour shorter (matters if it starts at 2:30am) and not having to sit through endless dad jokes on the bus ride.


A must do in Maui despite early wake-up time. Stunning views of the sunrise and the flora at 10,000 ft. The guides are phenomenal. Next time I will likely do the bike tour as well. Dress warm (temp is in the high 30s to low 40s in the morning in April).


Our tour guide/driver Michael is friendly and very informative and made it a point to connect with each and every one of his "Ohana" during our tour. He shared the history of the islands with us, and even though it was a long drive to the visitor center and back down,he remained calm and energized to keep us entertained. Mahalo!


Michael our tour guide was great. We had a delicious breakfast and the sunrise was spectacular. I would recommend this tour.


We went on the Haleakala Sunrise tour, that picks you up at your hotel. The driver Mike was right on time at 2:30 am. After stopping at 6 hotels quickly for other pickups we stopped at their bike shop base to get jackets and pants wind breakers. Mike was extremely friendly and informative with stories and rest times as needed. He got us to the Summit at dark so we could still see stars and then waited an hr for the sunrise l, which was spectacular. Then we made a few scenic stops on the way down and went to a delicious breakfast At Paia Bay Coffee shop. The tour was overall really great and highly recommended and especially Mike the driver.


Absolutely gorgeous event so worth getting up for. Bus was clean and comfortable, Cory was entertaining as well as informative, pick up was quick and very convenient. Lots of great stops, adequate time given at each, an abundance of information shared by Cory and breakfast was spectacular! I plan to do this tour again on a future trip (with a better camera). *** highly recommend dressing very warm, it’s not just cold, but the damp wind makes it feel colder than if was just at 40 degrees.


Great tour!! Awesome tour guide. Beautiful views. It’s very cold, but so worth it!! The meal at the end was very good.


The tour I participated in was well narrated, precisely timed, and expertly guided by Michael Reed. It was well worth the investment.


Michael Reed was great! Knowledgeable and a great driver! The entire operation is professional and leaves nothing to chance except weather, which no one can control.


Our tour guide Michael was 5/5! He was funny, super informative and friendly ( took photos for us, and dropped us at our hotel first ). Even though the tour said hotel pick up, we still had to drive to the shop location because they were only doing pick up in Kihei and Lahaina that day. We stayed In Kula and the shuttle bus actually pass our hotel on the way to Haleakala. When we got the shop location, we found it disorganized and confusing. There was also a busy bike tour at 2am that morning. I felt that the shop could have provided hot coffee or tea because we had to be there at 3am and it's very cold in that area. They didn't tell us about the free rain jackets and pants so we very cold and wet when we got to top of the mountain. We still had to wait for an 1 hour on the bus because it was still very cloudy. By the time sunrise came, we weren't able to see anything. Apparently 3 times out of the year, it's so cloudy/misty that you arent able to see anything. We were quite disappointed. The breakfast restaurant they took us after was great. The tour guide and ride itself was very smooth. But we paid 250$ each person for this tour, had to wake up very early at 2am and end up seeing no sunrise. I feel like if this only happens 3 times a year, the company should have least given a discount or partial refund. We saw better sunrise from our hotel to be honest.
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2024-07-23 21:27