Knowledge, passion and love for the earth Walk through the vineyards taste the wines

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Torino di Sangro, IT
5 (3)
Torino di Sangro, IT
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Experience the essence of Italy's passion for winemaking with a visit to the Mucci family winery. Immerse yourself in a tradition that dates back to 1895 as you explore the vineyards and learn about the family's history of winemaking. Accompanied by the winemaker, you'll gain insight into the wine production process and how the Mucci company combines quality with efficiency. The highlight of the tour is a tasting of a selection of fine wines, where you'll learn to evaluate them with your sight, smell, and taste. Indulge in the flavors of Abruzzo while enjoying the picturesque surroundings of the vineyard. Complete your experience with a sampling of cold cuts, cheeses, and other delectable local products. This is your opportunity to discover the true taste of Italy in every sip.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • 3 hours
  • Suitable for 1-5 Participants
  • Private Tour, Small Group Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Unforgettable tour of the family winery
  • Walk through the vineyard
  • Learn about the family history of the winery
  • Tasting a selection of fine wines
  • Evaluation of wines with sight, smell and taste
  • Snacks
  • Alcoholic beverages

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Experience the rich tradition and passion for winemaking with Knowledge, Passion and Love for the Earth Walk through the Vineyards Taste the Wines. Since 1895, the Mucci family winery in Abruzzo has dedicated themselves to producing exceptional quality wines that perfectly reflect the region's environment. Combining traditional methods with innovative techniques, the Mucci company has established itself as a symbol of excellence in the industry.

What to expect?

Embark on an unforgettable tour of the family winery alongside the knowledgeable winemaker. Begin with a scenic walk through the picturesque vineyards, where you'll learn about the winery's fascinating history and the estates that have been cultivated for generations. Feel the connection to the land as the winemaker shares their insights and passion for winemaking. After the captivating walk, indulge in a tasting experience unlike any other. Sample a selection of the finest wines, immersing yourself in their complex aromas and flavors. Learn how to evaluate wines using your senses of sight, smell, and taste, gaining a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship behind each bottle.

Who is this for?

This experience is perfect for wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and anyone who appreciates the artistry of winemaking. Whether you're a seasoned wine lover or simply curious about the world of wine, this tour will provide an engaging and educational experience. Open to all levels of expertise, this tour is designed to be inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.

Why book this?

By booking Knowledge, Passion and Love for the Earth Walk through the Vineyards Taste the Wines, you'll be able to see firsthand the dedication and meticulous care that goes into each bottle. The Mucci family winery, with its long history and commitment to quality, offers a unique opportunity to learn about the winemaking process from experts in the field. This tour goes beyond a simple tasting, as it allows you to immerse yourself in the vineyards and experience the connection between the land and the wine. The winemaker's insights and stories will bring a personal touch to the tour, creating a truly memorable and authentic experience. By supporting this family winery, you are also contributing to the preservation of traditional winemaking methods and the sustainability of the environment.

Good to know

The duration of this tour is approximately 180 minutes, providing ample time to explore the vineyards, learn about the winery's history, and enjoy the tasting experience. Alongside the fine wines, you'll also have the opportunity to savor a selection of cold cuts, cheeses, and other typical local products, enhancing your culinary journey. Please note that transportation to the winery is not included, so plan your arrangements accordingly. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for walking in the vineyards. Don't forget your camera, as the picturesque landscape and vineyard views are perfect for capturing beautiful moments.


Customers who have participated in Knowledge, Passion and Love for the Earth Walk through the Vineyards Taste the Wines have praised the tour for its informative and engaging nature. They have commended the winemaker's knowledge and enthusiasm, as well as the opportunity to learn about the winery's history and the winemaking process. Participants were especially impressed with the selection of wines and how they were guided through the evaluation process, enhancing their tasting experience. Overall, customers have expressed their satisfaction and left with a deeper understanding and appreciation for wine. This tour has been highly recommended for wine enthusiasts looking for an immersive and educational experience in the heart of Abruzzo's winemaking region.

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