Pasta making private course with lunch and wine tasting

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Join us for an unforgettable culinary experience in Naples! Immerse yourself in a pasta making private course with lunch and wine tasting. Led by an expert old grandmother from a renowned family restaurant, you'll learn the secrets of making delicious homemade gnocchi. After mastering the art of pasta making, you'll have the opportunity to cook and indulge in your creations during a mouthwatering lunch. But that's not all - you'll also enjoy a delightful wine tasting, where you can savor the flavors of Italy's finest wines. This 180-minute experience is perfect for food lovers and those seeking a taste of authentic Neapolitan cuisine. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn, cook, and savor the flavors of Italy in the heart of Naples.

About this experience

  • Non Refundable There is no return, refund or cancellation possible with this product
  • 3 hours
  • Suitable for 1-15 Participants
  • Private Tour
  • Self Guided Experience
  • Learn how to make homemade pasta
  • Cook and enjoy a delicious lunch
  • Wine tasting with the meal
  • Expert guidance from an old grandmother
  • Experience authentic Neapolitan cuisine
  • Lunch

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Indulge in a culinary adventure like no other with the Pasta Making Private Course with Lunch and Wine Tasting. This activity offers a unique opportunity to learn the art of making homemade pasta while enjoying a delightful wine tasting experience. Led by an expert old grandmother, who has honed her skills in her family restaurant, this cooking class guarantees an authentic and immersive experience.

What to Expect?

During this cooking class, participants can anticipate a hands-on experience in mastering the art of making homemade pasta, specifically gnocchi. You will be guided by the seasoned expertise of an old grandmother, who will share her knowledge and techniques passed down through generations. As you knead, roll, and shape the dough, the aroma of freshly made pasta will fill the air, teasing your taste buds with anticipation. The experience also includes a wine tasting session, where you can savor a variety of fine wines accompanied by a delectable lunch. This combination of learning, indulgence, and conviviality creates a truly unforgettable experience.

Who is this for?

This pasta making course is perfect for food enthusiasts, cooking aficionados, and anyone who appreciates the art of Italian cuisine. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, this activity welcomes all skill levels. It is also an excellent choice for couples, friends, and families looking to bond over a shared culinary adventure. No matter your age or background, this experience promises to be a delightful journey into the heart of Italian gastronomy.

Why Book This?

Immerse yourself in the rich culinary traditions of Italy with this pasta making private course. Led by an expert old grandmother, whose expertise has been refined through years of experience in her family restaurant, this class offers a truly authentic and immersive experience. You'll not only learn the art of making homemade pasta but also have the opportunity to enjoy a wine tasting session and indulge in a delicious lunch. By booking this experience, you will not only gain valuable culinary skills but also create lasting memories. The warm and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with the expertise of your instructor, will leave you feeling inspired and empowered in the kitchen. Take home the knowledge of traditional Italian cooking techniques and impress your loved ones with your newfound skills.

Good to Know

Participants of this pasta making course will have the opportunity to taste their own creations as part of a delicious lunch. The homemade pasta, specifically gnocchi, will be the highlight of the meal, showcasing your newfound skills. The wine tasting session will provide a perfect complement to the meal, allowing you to discover the flavors and nuances of Italian wines. It is recommended to come with an appetite, as the lunch portion of this activity is substantial and satisfying. All ingredients and equipment will be provided, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable cooking experience. This course offers a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Italian culture, learn a new skill, and indulge in a memorable culinary adventure.


Previous participants have praised the Pasta Making Private Course with Lunch and Wine Tasting for its authenticity and educational value. They have raved about the expertise of the old grandmother instructor, who patiently guides and shares her culinary wisdom. Participants have also highlighted the deliciousness of the homemade pasta and the delightful wine tasting experience. Many reviewers have expressed their satisfaction with this activity, emphasizing that it not only offers a fun and interactive cooking class but also provides insights into the rich culinary traditions of Italy. Those who have taken part in this experience have left with newfound skills, cherished memories, and a deeper appreciation for Italian cuisine.

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