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Discover Japan Tour: 15-day Small Group Immerse yourself in the real Japan and uncover its hidden treasures on this 15-day small group tour. Step off the beaten path and dive into the heart of Japanese culture, exploring bustling streets and indulging in local delicacies. The adventure begins with a thrilling ride on the iconic bullet train, whisking you away to vibrant cities and idyllic countryside. From ancient temples to futuristic technology, this tour covers it all. The best part? Each tour is tailor-made to suit the group's preferences, ensuring an unforgettable and personalized experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover the authentic essence of Japan.

About this experience

  • Non Refundable There is no return, refund or cancellation possible with this product
  • Suitable for 1-4 Participants
  • Small Group Tour
  • Self Guided Experience
  • Explore bustling cities and traditional towns
  • Ride the famous bullet train across Japan
  • Immerse yourself in the rich Japanese culture
  • Sample delicious local cuisine
  • Customize your tour to match your preferences
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast

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Get ready to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey as you discover the enchanting land of Japan. Introducing the captivating and immersive Discover Japan Tour! This 15-day small group adventure will take you off the beaten path to uncover the hidden gems and rich cultural heritage of this extraordinary destination. Unlike the usual tourist excursions, this tour is designed to offer an authentic experience, immersing you in the heart and soul of Japan.

What to expect?

Prepare to be amazed as you delve into Japan's vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and bustling cityscapes. This tour will allow you to witness the real Japan, beyond the typical tourist sites. From strolling through bustling streets to gliding on the exhilarating bullet train, every moment of this journey promises excitement, thrills, and lifelong memories.

Who is this for?

The Discover Japan Tour is perfect for adventurous souls seeking a deeper understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a food lover, or simply someone eager to explore new horizons, this tour caters to all interests. Embrace the opportunity to connect with like-minded travelers, forming lifelong friendships while discovering the wonders of Japan.

Why book this?

What sets the Discover Japan Tour apart from the rest is its tailor-made approach. A dedicated team of experts customizes each tour to suit the preferences of the group, ensuring a truly personalized experience. Immerse yourself in authentic cultural encounters, savor local delicacies, and embrace the warmth and hospitality of the locals. As you journey through Japan, you'll be enchanted by its history, captivated by its traditions, and left in awe of its natural beauty.

Good to know

During this 15-day small group tour, you'll enjoy a wide range of inclusions. From comfortable accommodations to transportation throughout the trip, you'll be well taken care of. However, please note that some meals and attractions are excluded to allow for individual preferences and spontaneity. Prepare to be flexible and open-minded as you immerse yourself in this captivating adventure.


Travelers who have embarked on the Discover Japan Tour have praised it for its immersive nature and unique experiences. They have raved about the personalized touches, exceptional guides, and the chance to explore Japan beyond the tourist traps. From witnessing the serene beauty of ancient temples to indulging in mouthwatering local cuisines, every aspect of the tour has exceeded expectations. Previous explorers have unanimously agreed that this tour provides an unforgettable insight into Japan's fascinating culture and leaves a lasting impression.

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5 (12)


Our trip to Japan was simply the best! We thought we would miss the chance to see Japan. We didn’t think we could travel independently, but were tired of big-group tour-bus travel. Japan and More’s 15 day Discover Japan Tour was made for travelers like us. We got the benefit of Becki and Shawn’s planning and guidance with no worries, and a size limit of 8 people. They tailored the activities to our interests. We had a lot of fun on the trip and enjoyed everyone’s company. Becki and Shawn explained the history of the Buddhist Temples, Shinto Shrines and other World Heritage Sites and places we visited. We were impressed with the elaborate included-dinners that were nothing like we had experienced on a tour before. We especially liked the private dinner with a Geisha, the Kaiseki dinner at the Ryokan, the Yakiniku Farewell Dinner, the Korakuen Garden and Okayama Castle, Hiroshima and the tea ceremony. Our hotels were excellent. We would highly recommend Japan and More.


The 15 day tour was a wonderful experience, Becki and Shawn were the perfect guides that obviously love everything about Japan. With the years of experience they have, the tour was perfectly tuned for the group. The information they provide through their website helped us prepare for the trip, everything from what to take, guide to food, language, culture and more. Every one of the 15 days was memorable, Becki and Shawn took care of everything so that we could enjoy the experience, the people, the culture and travelling with a small group was perfect. We were with a group but Becki and Shawn always had time in the itinerary for us to wander on our own if we wanted to, the blend of group activity and time for us to explore on our own was just right. As we visited each site Becki and Shawn educated us but did not overload us, we often peppered them with questions which they were more than happy to answer and equipped to do so. We were excited to try the Japanese cuisine and boy did we try it, Becki and Shawn knew the local specialties and had lists of restaurants to try. We had several set dinners and a cooking class, if you love food then you're in for a treat! Thank you Shawn and Becki for the experience and education, we had such a wonderful time. We had great travel companions, we had allot of fun and will forever love Japan. If you are looking to travel to Japan, I would recommend Japan and more every time.


Our 15-day tour with Japan and More was worth every penny. Becki and Shawn clearly love Japan, its people and its culture, and are passionate about sharing that love with others. The pre-trip consultation and the many educational videos available on the website helped us know exactly what to expect. The small-group experience was absolutely perfect. We had great travel partners, and Becki and Shawn were always upbeat, friendly and fun. They took care of all hotel reservations and transportation arrangements. This allowed us to relax, enjoy, and simply soak in all that Japan has to offer. They were able to educate us about the significance of each of the sites we visited, and answer our questions, but we never felt overloaded with information. We truly appreciated their efforts to educate us about the people of Japan and its cultural traditions, the aim being that we would make a good impression as visitors to this beautiful country. We loved the cooking class, and the opportunity to have dinner with a local family. Although most of each day was spent with the group, there were also opportunities for us to experience Japan on our own, shopping, eating out and exploring the area. We took so many wonderful memories home with us, and we’re so thankful to Becki and Shawn for making it all possible.


I have just returned from what is undoubtedly one of the most immersive and best travel experiences I have ever had. As a very seasoned solo traveller, I was a bit hesitant to join a tour, but thanks to a suggestion by my friends in Minnesota, I took the plunge and we booked our tour in January 2020, then Covid hit. We finally managed to do this trip in November 2023. Due to the plummeting South African rand, I initially felt that the cost was quite high. Now I completely endorse the fact that it is the best value for money I could ever have invested in my travel experience. I arrived for the tour 4 days before the start and navigated myself around Tokyo transport and food. It was overwhelming to say the least. Too many social faux pas’ and epic bathroom failures to try and explain. Then Becki and Shawn stepped in with their meticulous planning and organizing skills. Their passion for Japan, its culture, food, people , countryside and heritage. This is not a follow the leader tour. Becki and Shawn give so much information on the social etiquettes, the transport systems, the food, religions, history and they guided each of us through this experience, to make it our own. The HOW and WHY behind so much, you just would not get as a tourist on your own. I loved the fact that if they did not have the answer to some of the obscure questions we asked, they would research and come back to you. Nothing was ever too much trouble. I really appreciated the effort they put into getting the group fit right, ours was perfect and good friendships were made. The relaxed and informal approach, the teasing and humor created a fun experience. The hotel accommodations chosen were perfect in terms of comfort, luxury and accessibility to the stations. The included dinners and lunches were well selected and off the beaten track, no tour group buffets!! The itinerary and sights selected were incredible. At the end of our tour we stayed on and did a few extra days, locals we interacted with could not believe how much we had seen and done in the 2 weeks. A caution is that this tour is physical, you do need to be fit. But there can be no better way to really experience these beautiful country. I have no hesitation in recommending Becki and Shawn and any of their well thought out itineraries. If you have read this far, I am happy to answer any questions on my personal experience that I may not have covered.


My Wife, Kim, and I just completed the 15 Day Discover Japan November Tour and we could not have had a more enjoyable time. We consider ourselves independent travelers and really don't do tours. I was initially a little hesitant to book with a group that I didn't know, but was so glad that we did. We had a diverse group of individuals hailing from Massachusetts, Minnesota, Texas, California and South Africa. Shawn and Becki saw to everyone's need. They did a fantastic job keeping all of us moving in the same direction. I can’t imagine how much of a challenge it must be to keep everyone happy for a day or two, let alone two weeks. Our group became close friends - thanks to Shawn and Becki. It is incredibly obvious how much Shawn and Becki LOVE Japan. They care deeply about the culture and it shows. They wanted to make sure that we didn't just see the sites, but really learned and understood (as much as is possible in 2 weeks) about the remarkable people and their culture. We immersed ourselves in food, culture and day to day Japanese life. Shawn and Becki were with us every step of the way, sharing their knowledge and passion. Most people don’t get that on a normal “Tour”. This wasn’t a tour. This was a trip with friends. We highly recommend Japan and More. The sheer depth and breadth of experiences were remarkable. I can't imagine traveling to Japan in any other way.


We had the trip of a lifetime with Becki and Shawn from Japan and More. We spent months looking for the perfect fit for us and we had a checklist: small group (4 couples), curated experiences and first class accommodations. Becki and Shawn checked all of the boxes. We wanted to travel through Japan without having to worry about anything. Becki and Shawn have lived in Japan for many years and have made wonderful connections allowing us to experience unique activities. In 2 weeks we stayed in several 4 star hotels, a ryokan with our own onsen and a Buddhist temple. We ate incredible local specialties including ramen, gyoza, curry, tempura, Teppenyaki, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and Kobe beef. We experienced old Japan visiting shrines, temples and a castle and new Japan riding on the bullet train and walking through the streets and markets of Tokyo, Osaka and Hiroshima. We made dinner with 2 Japanese chefs, bought chef's knives from a 700 year old shop that once made Samurai swords and spent an evening with a real Geisha. Becki and Shawn brought us on an unforgettable journey! We cannot recommend or thank them enough.


My wife and I travel a lot . Japan is our favorite destination and Japan and more provides the best Japan travel experience. Shawn and Becki provide the necessary information, handle countless travel details and allow you to absorb a culture and a country in a unique way. They also allow each traveler many choices on experiences to be gained along the way. My high opinion of this company was shared by all the travelers in our group of 8.


We thoroughly enjoyed a comprehensive trip 15 day tour though a beautful, clean, and very different country. Becki and Shawn took care of all the logistics, hotels, and chose great locations and restaurants to visit. The time spent with our hosts enhanced our vacation. We cant imagine a better way to visit Japan. Leave it to Becki and Shawn.


I thoroughly enjoyed the 15-day Discover Japan Tour during the late cherry blossom season in 2023. Becki and Shawn guided our group through the logistically complex Japan rail system everywhere we went with ease. It was such a pleasure to take on each day’s adventures at a comfortable pace with highly knowledgeable, attentive, and cheerful travel specialists. As hoped, I gained a new appreciation for Japanese history, customs, cuisine, culture, and people through our experiences in both traditional and modern Japanese settings. Our journey included touring the major popular sites as well as less crowded attractions in smaller cities. We had some fun hands-on experiences in a cooking class, a tea ceremony, and dying our own Shibori scarf. Personal favorites included visiting a wasabi farm, sleeping on a futon again, soaking in my personal thermal bath on the ryokan balcony and using bidets. I highly recommend Japan and More tours for providing a thoughtful, meticulously planned, and perfectly executed journey.


Review 3 years ago. before covid, we planned our trip to Japan through Japan and more. Most things are not worth waiting that long for but this trip was. As my wife has told many people, our time in Japan was not a vacation but an adventure. Our guides and the company owners, Becki and Shawn planned this trip to a tee. They were knowlegable, helpful, concerned and fun. We have traveled on a number of small group trips all over the world and this was by far our best "adventure". We highly recommend it.
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2024-05-29 20:50