Dolphin Watching & Conservation - Dolphins in the Gulf of Catania

4.8 (60)
Aci Castello, IT
4.8 (60)
Aci Castello, IT
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Experience the thrill of dolphin watching in the breathtaking Gulf of Catania. This eco-tourist activity allows you to observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat while respecting international codes of conduct for their conservation. With a crew of experienced marine biologists and skilled skippers, you can embark on a journey to spot dolphins while learning about their behavior and characteristics. As you sail through the beautiful waters of the Gulf, you'll also have the opportunity to admire the stunning coastal landscapes and geological sites, with the iconic Mount Etna as your backdrop. Capture unforgettable moments through photographs and videos as the experts introduce you to the dolphins by name and showcase their aerial behaviors. By booking this tour, you also contribute to the monitoring and conservation efforts for these vulnerable species. Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness the beauty of nature while supporting a meaningful cause.

About this experience

  • Non Refundable There is no return, refund or cancellation possible with this product
  • 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Suitable for 1-7 Participants
  • Small Group Tour, Private Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Spot dolphins in the wild
  • Guided by local marine biologists
  • Admire the Catania coast while sailing
  • Learn about dolphins and their behaviors
  • Contribute to the conservation of cetaceans
  • Binoculars and cetacean recognition cards
  • Skipper and guide on board
  • Dinghy or motor boat or sailboat rental of 7.20 m or 11 m depending on the number of passengers (with safety equipment and life jackets for all passengers)
  • Boat fuel
  • Informative briefing on cetaceans and the monitored area
  • Shuttle service

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More about this experience


Dolphin watching - In search of dolphins in the Gulf of Catania is an eco-tourism activity that offers a unique opportunity to observe and learn about these fascinating marine creatures in their natural habitat. This tour stands out as the only one in Sicily that follows the international code of good conduct for cetacean conservation and holds the prestigious "Friend of the Sea" certification for its low impact on the environment.

What to expect?

During this ecotour, participants can expect to embark on a captivating journey through the waters of the Gulf of Catania, guided by experienced local marine biologists. With the majestic Etna volcano as a backdrop, guests will have the chance to admire the geological and natural wonders of the Catania coast while sailing. The tour covers various points of interest, including Brucoli, Catania, Ognina, Aci Trezza, Santa Tecla, Santa Maria La Scala, Stazzo, Riposto, and Taormina. As the boat glides through the sea, guests will receive valuable information from the guides and keep a lookout for dolphins. With an 80% chance of sighting these magnificent creatures, the marine experts will introduce the cataloged dolphins by name and explain their remarkable aerial behaviors. Guests will have the opportunity to capture these unforgettable moments through photographs and videos. After enjoying the company of the dolphins, the tour will conclude with a return to the port of departure.

Who is this for?

This activity is suitable for nature enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, and anyone seeking a memorable and educational experience. It caters to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, including families, couples, and solo travelers. The tour's inclusive nature ensures that everyone can appreciate and enjoy the magical encounter with dolphins in the Gulf of Catania.

Why book this?

Booking this dolphin-watching tour is a must for those who value responsible tourism and have a deep appreciation for marine life. By choosing this activity, guests actively contribute to the monitoring and conservation of cetaceans in the Gulf, making a positive impact on their preservation. The professionalism and expertise of the crew, consisting of skilled skippers from the Italian motorboat federation and experienced marine biologists, ensure a safe and enriching experience. Moreover, the tour's affiliation with the prestigious ACCOBAMS brand reflects its commitment to minimizing disturbance to animals and adhering to international conservation standards.

Good to know

Participants in this tour will have the privilege of sailing on a 7.20m or 11m boat, depending on the number of passengers. The package includes the services of a skipper and marine biologist, who will provide informative briefings on cetaceans and the monitored area. Binoculars and cetacean recognition cards will be available for guests to enhance their observation experience. It is important to note that shuttle services are not included, and the itinerary may vary based on the number of participants and prevailing weather and sea conditions. The tour departs from either the Pier of the Catania Nautical Club or the Port of Aci Castello, both easily accessible locations.


Feedback from individuals who have experienced this dolphin-watching tour has been overwhelmingly positive. Guests praised the professionalism and knowledge of the crew, highlighting the informative and engaging commentary provided throughout the journey. Many expressed their awe at witnessing the dolphins' natural behaviors up close, capturing incredible photos and videos as treasured memories. The tour's commitment to cetacean conservation and its support of disadvantaged children in Catania struck a chord with customers, who appreciated the opportunity to contribute to meaningful causes while enjoying a remarkable adventure in the Gulf of Catania.

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4.8 (60)


This incredible trip has been the absolute highlight of our visit to Sicily. The crew were very knowledgeable and their care and close attention to ensuring we did not impact on the marine life was really appreciated. We were enthralled by being able to see dolphins up close, and being able to use the crew’s equipment to listen to the dolphins communicating to each other underwater made the trip all the more special. We would absolutely recommend this trip!


We had such high hopes for this tour, but sadly we were in the 20% who do not get to see anything. I know there is nothing the tour operators can do about this, but it was still understandably very disappointing. We did rescue lots of trash from the sea, at least. The team who took us out were lovely and knowledgeable. And it’s good to know that our money went to a charity not a company, especially under the circumstances. Warning though - there is NO SHADE on the boat, so be warned about that.


Best fun ever. The crew are friendly and the dolphins love to show off. The trip out is calm and you get plenty of time to greet the dolphins.


Really friendly knowledgeable guides, beautiful views and we saw loads of dolphins! A really magical experience and it all goes towards a great cause. 10/10, would definitely recommend you check it out!


The people from Marecamp were super friendly and passionate about their activities! We learned a lot about the marine life in the Gulf of Catania and their work to preserve and explore it further. The boat ride was nice and smooth, enjoyed a beautiful sunset. On top of it, we were lucky to see 2 different groups of dolphins and we stopped to enjoy the view of these magnificent animals!


Everything was perfect. The tour was nice, the people were awesome, i can only recommend it. And nevertheless we have seen tons of doplhins :)


Our trip was cancelled but we would book this again if we return as the communication and refund process were excellent. The trip was cancelled due to the sea state and this was the right decision as it was pretty rough with the onshore wind


We booked a private tour for 125 euros a person. Unfortunately we did not see any dolphins. The guide and the captain were really nice and showed us some special places at the coast. Everybody who gets aboard should know that it could just end in a little trip onto the water that might be garnished with sightings or not. Dolphins are wild animals and it is luck to see them. Everybody who books that trip I wish that luck, because seeing dolphins and whales in the wild is the best and a lifetime experience!


Lovely to see these beautiful creatures in their natural environment. I really loved the idea of contributing to their preservation by booking this tour. Tour guide Clara explained things well and the skipper maneuvered through the waves comfortably. We saw many dolphins. From a respectful distance, as we were guests in their habitat - well done!


Icredible experience! The dolphins in the Gulf of Catania are present in large groups and are beautiful, with nice colors. We observed the Stripped dolphins who socialised a couple of minutes with the boat. Just wonderful. It can tae a long time to observe them, but when you see them, you immediately forget about the waiting/searching time. The staff is very friendly and do all they can and take all the time needed to find the ceteceans. When you do the trip in the afternoon, you can furthermore enjoy a beautiful sunset with the Etna in the background. An adventure to recommend when going to Sicily!
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2024-07-14 14:05