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fes to marrakech 3 days desert tour


fes to marrakech 3 days desert tour

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Embark on a thrilling adventure with the Fez to Marrakech 3 Days Desert tour. Journey through breathtaking landscapes, from lush Cedar forests to the mesmerizing dunes of Erg Chebbi. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Morocco as you visit ancient kasbahs and witness the stunning sunset over the desert. Experience the thrill of camel trekking through the golden sands and spend a magical night in a traditional Berber camp. This unforgettable tour offers a mesmerizing blend of natural beauty, cultural immersion, and thrilling experiences. With all the inclusions taken care of, you can simply relax and enjoy the journey. Explore the wonders of Morocco on this epic desert adventure.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Suitable for 1-7 Participants
  • Private Tour, Small Group Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Drive through Cedar forests
  • Experience Camel Trekking on Erg Chebbi Dunes
  • See the magnificent sunset on the desert
  • Stay in Berber camps
  • Visit Ait Benhaddou kasbahs
  • Private transportation
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Dinner
  • 1 overnight at the Hotel
  • 1 overnight at the Camp
  • Bottled water
  • Breakfast
  • Professional driver
  • All fees and taxes
  • Lunch

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Embark on a remarkable journey through the enchanting landscapes of Morocco with the Fez to Marrakesh 3 Days Desert Tour. This captivating expedition promises an unforgettable experience as you traverse the mesmerizing vistas of Cedar forests, venture into the heart of the Middle Atlas, and discover the breathtaking beauty of Merzouga. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage as you explore ancient kasbahs and witness the stunning sunset over the majestic Erg Chebbi Dunes. This tour offers a perfect blend of natural wonders and cultural immersion, making it an ideal choice for adventure seekers and culture enthusiasts alike.

What to Expect:

The Fez to Marrakesh 3 Days Desert Tour offers a kaleidoscope of awe-inspiring experiences. Prepare to be captivated by the beauty of Cedar forests as you drive through lush landscapes and breathe in the invigorating fresh air. Journey into the Middle Atlas and witness the splendor of snow-capped peaks and picturesque valleys that will leave you in awe. Experience the thrill of camel trekking through the golden dunes of Erg Chebbi and be mesmerized by the magical sunset that blankets the desert in a captivating glow. Spend a night in traditional Berber camps and immerse yourself in the warmth and hospitality of the local culture. This tour promises unforgettable memories and the opportunity to witness the natural wonders and cultural treasures of Morocco.

Who is this for?

The Fez to Marrakesh 3 Days Desert Tour caters to those seeking an authentic and immersive travel experience. This tour is perfect for adventure enthusiasts who are eager to explore the diverse landscapes of Morocco, from lush forests to vast desert dunes. It is also ideal for culture aficionados who wish to delve into the rich heritage of Morocco, as you will have the opportunity to visit ancient kasbahs and engage with the local Berber communities. Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, or a group of friends, this tour welcomes all who seek an intimate and meaningful connection with the beauty and culture of Morocco.

Why Book This?

Uncover the hidden gems of Morocco with the Fez to Marrakesh 3 Days Desert Tour. This exceptional journey offers a unique blend of breathtaking landscapes and immersive cultural experiences. From the majestic Cedar forests to the golden Erg Chebbi Dunes, every moment will leave you in awe. Get ready to ride camels through the desert, witness mesmerizing sunsets, and spend a night under the glittering stars in traditional Berber camps. With knowledgeable guides and comfortable transportation, this tour ensures a hassle-free and enriching experience. Immerse yourself in the warm hospitality and vibrant culture of Morocco as you uncover the secrets of this captivating land.

Good to Know:

During the Fez to Marrakesh 3 Days Desert Tour, you will be provided with everything you need for a comfortable and memorable journey. The inclusive package covers transportation, experienced guides, and accommodation in traditional Berber camps, offering a chance to immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of Morocco. It is recommended to bring comfortable clothing, sunscreen, and a sense of adventure. Prepare to disconnect from the digital world and embrace the simplicity and tranquility of the desert. This tour promises an authentic and immersive experience that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.


Customers who have embarked on the Fez to Marrakesh 3 Days Desert Tour have been swept away by the beauty and authenticity of the journey. They have marveled at the stunning landscapes, from the picturesque Middle Atlas to the breathtaking Erg Chebbi Dunes. Travelers have praised the knowledgeable and friendly guides who have shared fascinating insights into the local culture and history. The camel trekking experience and the sunset over the desert have been described as truly magical moments. Many have expressed their gratitude for the warm hospitality of the Berber community and the chance to immerse themselves in their traditions. Overall, the Fez to Marrakesh 3 Days Desert Tour has received glowing reviews, highlighting its ability to create unforgettable and enriching travel experiences.

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