Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House Admission

3.8 (71)
Chicago, US
3.8 (71)
Chicago, US
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Experience the iconic Frederick C. Robie House, a true masterpiece of American architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Immerse yourself in the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright as you explore both the interior and exterior of this breathtaking Prairie style home. Step into a world of innovation and beauty, where Wright's vision of blending nature with design comes to life. Marvel at the expansive vistas of the Midwest prairie that inspired this architectural gem. Discover why the Robie House is called "a cornerstone of modern architecture" and see for yourself why it is considered one of the most important buildings in American history. Don't miss this opportunity to delve into the mind of one of the greatest architects of all time. Book your guided tour now and be captivated by the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Admission Included
  • 1 hours
  • Suitable for 1-15 Participants
  • Small Group Tour
  • Guided Experience & Audio Guided
  • Explore an iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Guided tours of both the exterior and interior
  • Immerse yourself in the history of American architecture
  • Experience Frank Lloyd Wright's groundbreaking Prairie style
  • Save when you book directly through our website
  • Guide

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More about this experience


Step into the world of architectural brilliance and immerse yourself in the history of American architecture at the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House. Located on the scenic University of Chicago campus, this Prairie style masterpiece is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a testament to the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright. Considered one of the most important buildings in American architecture, the Robie House is a must-visit for design enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

What to expect?

During your visit to the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House, you can anticipate a captivating guided tour that delves into both the exterior and interior of the building. Marvel at the symphony of form and function as you explore the meticulously designed spaces that showcase Wright's signature Prairie style. Experience the immersive ambiance and organic integration with the Midwest prairie landscape that make the Robie House a true architectural gem. With a total duration of 60 minutes, this tour promises to provide a comprehensive understanding of this iconic residence and its historical significance.

Who is this for?

This tour is designed to cater to a wide range of visitors, including architecture aficionados, history buffs, and anyone with an appreciation for design. Whether you're a professional in the field or simply curious about Frank Lloyd Wright's renowned works, the Robie House offers an enriching experience for all. Additionally, if you're interested in exploring the roots of American architecture and the influential figures behind it, this tour is a must for you. The Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House welcomes visitors from around the world, inviting everyone to immerse themselves in the beauty and innovation of this iconic structure.

Why book this?

Booking a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House is an opportunity to witness the brilliance of one of the greatest architects in history. Wright himself described the Robie House as "a cornerstone of modern architecture," and this guided experience allows you to grasp the full magnitude of his vision. By exploring both the interior and exterior of the building, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the Prairie style and its influence on American architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality, combining artistry with purpose. By booking this tour, you'll be treated to an unforgettable journey through architectural history.

Good to know

Public tours of the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House are available from Thursday to Monday, providing ample opportunity to fit this experience into your itinerary. It's important to note that the museum is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. To start your tour, simply enter from the courtyard and make your way to the gift shop, where you can inquire about the guided experience. The total duration of the tour is approximately 60 minutes, giving you plenty of time to explore and absorb the beauty of this architectural gem. For more details and to book directly, visit flwright.org.


Visitors who have experienced the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House rave about the tour's ability to transport them to another era. They applaud the knowledgeable guides who bring the history of the house to life and provide fascinating insights into Wright's design philosophy. Guests also express how awe-inspiring it is to witness the seamless integration of the Robie House within the surrounding landscape. The attention to detail and preservation of this architectural marvel receive high praise from reviewers, who universally recommend this tour as a captivating experience for all.

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Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House

The Frederick C. Robie House on the University of Chicago campus is considered one of the most important buildings in the history of American architecture. This Prairie style masterpiece is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the 20th Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright List. Discover the residence Wright described as “a cornerstone of modern architecture” on guided tours that take in both the exterior and interior of the building. Inspired by the expansive landscape of the Midwest prairie, Wright’s Robie House is the most famous of the architect’s groundbreaking Prairie houses. Public tours are available Thursday - Monday. The museum is closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Visit flwright.org to learn more.

Admission Included



3.8 (71)


We have visited multiple Frank Lloyd Wright sites from Fallingwater to Usonian Homes to Taliesen West, and many others. The Robie namesake of this house commissioned the building, but was only able to live here about a year after its completion in 1910. This is said to be one of the architect's favorites, with many of his signature elements. It is a World Heritage siteIt is well worth a visit. Unfortunately, the building was used as a dormitory for the nearby theological school and suffered more than a few bumps and scrapes. Virtually all of the original furniture is gone. Some is now owned by the Smart Museum about 4 blocks away, but is not currently (May, 2024) on display even there. At one point, the house was nearly torn down to make a larger dorm, but was saved through Wright's own efforts. They recently spent about $10 million renovating the site, so the building itself is in excellent shape. Most of the rooms are either empty or have modern chairs, presumably for some kind of functions. They have few photographs from when the Robies actually lived here. Thus, you are basically visiting the building rather (which is fine) but without Wright's signature furnishings. Still, the building is striking, with innovative design elements both in the building's configuration and in design elements in each of its rooms. You will likely love the original windows and light fixtures as well as the long horizontal lines throughout. We had a guided tour, which we would highly recommend as otherwise you might miss important elements. Our experience is that most of these guides, many of whom are likely volunteers, are enthusiastic and knowledge fans of Wright's work. There are several FLW buildings in the Chicago area. Downtown, in The Rookery, the building has a lobby designed by the architect when he was younger. It's free to visit - just walk right in. Wright's own home in Oak Park is great, and the furniture is still preserved. If you want to travel a bit further, the Dana Thomas House in Springfield, Illinois is magnificent and beautifully renovated. Another FLW home similar to this one is in Springfield, Ohio, and seems to have the kind of furniture this home is missing (Wescott House). This is a good site if you are interested in Wright's work, although we might recommend a tour of Wright's home and work in nearby Oak Park. If you are a serious Wright fan, this is a must-visit site.


Our guide Wayne was knowledgeable and explained the design ideas well. A must see for anyone interested in Frank Lloyd Wright.


Fantastic house by an amazing architect. The docent did a great job explaining the history of the house and the neighborhood, and pointing out all of the details of the house.


Well this was a total mix up. There was not visit to Robie house. What I reserved was a voucher to allow me to redeem a ticket after contacting the Frank Lloyd Wright organization. Somehow I also ended up with a similar situation but for the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio tour on Expedia.


Definitely worth visiting if you are a Frank Lloyd Wright completist. Our guide was keen to explain the architectural principles of the house, although we're not sure that his method of asking questions of the visitors was always easy to follow by those who did not have English as a first language. Unfortunately our travel plans did not allow us to do the neighbourhood walking tour, but I'm sure it would be worth adding on as we saw lots of interesting buildings as we approached the house, and the other audio tours we took in Oak Park were excellent.


The tour operator was wonderful. We have used Viator before. BUT this time we were lucky to be able to take the tour. Viator did NOT explain to us that we needed to request a tour time with the Robie house. We were there at 10 a m and fortunately they had two spaces available for the 2 p m tour ( if they had no availability we would have just been out of luck). This is something Viator needs to explain to purchasers when they make their purchase

Kathy M

Guide was great very experienced and one of the longest serving guides who not only knowledgeable but was passionate about Crank Lloyd Wright. Loved Robie house and definitely learnt a lot. Bonus was the additional audio your of the neighbourhood. Loved walking through the Chicago campus. Recommend the tour 100%


The house is beautifully designed. One of the most iconic designs by Frank Lloyd Wright. Our guide Bryan is exceptional. He's very knowledgeable about the house, the architect and the original owner of this remarkable house.


I arrived before the closing time but they had no tour booked and Saud this was normal fir Viatir si I didn't receive what I purchased and would appreciate a refund


Our ticket was not valid. We could not get in. Robie doesn't book with third parties. Expense transportation for a ticket that was bogus.
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