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Experience the breathtaking beauty of southern California with a guided hiking adventure. This customizable experience allows you to explore the stunning landscapes of Malibu, Santa Monica Mountains, and Mount San Jacinto, among others. Whether you're up for a challenging climb or a leisurely stroll, our knowledgeable guides will teach you about the local history, plant life, and wildlife along the way. Expect jaw-dropping views, tough inclines, and the opportunity to capture stunning photographs. Our experts are here to answer all your questions and provide an educational and exhilarating experience. With comprehensive knowledge of the area, they can tailor the hike to your preferences, ensuring an unforgettable adventure. So lace up your hiking boots and join us for an incredible journey through the natural wonders of southern California.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • 4 hours
  • Suitable for 1-4 Participants
  • Private Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Learn about local history, flora, and wildlife
  • Expert guides with comprehensive knowledge of the area
  • Gorgeous views and challenging inclines
  • Opportunity for beautiful photography
  • Headlamps if necessary and group safety stores

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Experience the breathtaking beauty of southern California with Guided Hiking in Southern California. This customizable hiking adventure will take you through some of the most stunning landscapes in the United States, including Malibu, the Santa Monica Mountains, and Mount San Jacinto. Led by local experts who are passionate about the region, you'll not only enjoy the exhilaration of hiking but also gain a wealth of knowledge about the area's flora, history, and wildlife. Whether you prefer challenging inclines or leisurely hikes along the bluffs, Guided Hiking in Southern California has something to offer for everyone. Plus, you'll have plenty of opportunities to capture remarkable photographs that will impress your friends and make lasting memories.

What to expect?

During your journey with Guided Hiking in Southern California, expect to immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the region. The landscapes you'll explore are renowned for their stunning beauty, offering breathtaking views that will leave you in awe. Whether you choose to conquer Mount Baldy, traverse through Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, or venture into Topanga State Park, each hike promises a unique experience. As you hike, your knowledgeable guide will provide insight into the local history, plant flora, and wildlife, enriching your adventure and deepening your appreciation for the surrounding environment. Feel free to ask questions and delve into the expertise of your guide, who will gladly share their comprehensive knowledge of the area.

Who is this for?

Guided Hiking in Southern California caters to outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels and ages. Whether you're an experienced hiker seeking new challenges or a beginner looking to embark on your first hiking adventure, this experience is perfect for you. The customizable nature of the hikes allows for various difficulty levels, ensuring that even novice hikers can participate. Families, friends, or solo travelers will all find joy in exploring the natural wonders of southern California while learning about the region's history and wildlife. This hiking tour aims to be inclusive and welcomes anyone with a sense of adventure and a desire to discover the beauty of this remarkable landscape.

Why book this?

What sets Guided Hiking in Southern California apart is the combination of breathtaking scenery, expert guidance, and the opportunity to expand your knowledge. The local guides are passionate experts who will not only lead you through the captivating trails but also educate you about the environment, making your hike an immersive learning experience. The customizable aspect of the tour allows you to tailor your adventure to your preferences, ensuring that your hike is tailored to your fitness level and interests. Additionally, the chance to capture stunning photographs along the way will provide you with lasting memories of your trip. By choosing Guided Hiking in Southern California, you'll embark on an enriching journey filled with thrilling challenges, natural beauty, and fascinating insights.

Good to know

When joining Guided Hiking in Southern California, make sure to wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the outdoors. Dress in layers to accommodate changes in temperature and pack sun protection. It is also advisable to bring a backpack with water and snacks to keep you energized throughout the hike. The duration of the tour is approximately 240 minutes, allowing ample time to explore the chosen destination and soak in the stunning surroundings. Take advantage of the comprehensive knowledge of your guide and ask questions, as they are eager to share their expertise. Prepare yourself for an adventure that will not only challenge your physical abilities but also ignite a deeper connection with nature and the rich history of southern California.


Customers who have embarked on Guided Hiking in Southern California have consistently praised the experience. They highlight the impeccable knowledge of the guides, who are passionate about sharing their love for the region. Travelers appreciate the diversity of hiking options, allowing them to explore the most beautiful landscapes in southern California. The breathtaking views, combined with the opportunity to learn about local flora and fauna, have left participants in awe. Adventurers also value the flexibility of the tour, as it caters to hikers of all levels. Overall, the reviews reflect immense satisfaction with the experience, making Guided Hiking in Southern California a must-try for those seeking an unforgettable outdoor adventure.

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