Kaimana Crafted Sunset Cruise

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Kailua-Kona, US
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Kailua-Kona, US
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Experience the sunset of your dreams on the Kaimana Crafted Sunset Cruise. Watch as the golden light dances on the crystal clear Kona waters, creating a breathtaking view. The setting is perfect for any special occasion, whether it's an engagement, anniversary, birthday, or simply a girls' trip. Before enjoying the stunning sunset, you'll have the opportunity to snorkel in the pristine waters. For an extra charge, treat yourself to a delicious custom cheese board made with locally sourced ingredients, minimizing the environmental impact. And if you want to capture these unforgettable moments, professional photography packages are available upon request. This intimate cruise is only available for private charters, ensuring an exclusive and unforgettable experience. Don't miss the chance to create lifelong memories as you soak in the beauty of Hawaii's sunsets. Book your Kaimana Crafted Sunset Cruise today.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Suitable for 1-6 Participants
  • Small Group Tour, Private Tour
  • Self Guided Experience
  • Watch the sunset on the Kona waters
  • Possibility to witness the mysterious green flash
  • Great location to capture special events
  • Snorkeling in crystal clear Kona waters
  • Option for a custom cheese board snack
  • Bottled water
  • Snacks
  • Use of snorkelling equipment
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Towels, sun protection

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Experience the ultimate sunset cruise on the breathtaking Kaimana Crafted Sunset Cruise. As the sun kisses the horizon, painting the skies with vibrant shades of orange and pink, you'll be sailing across the crystal clear waters of Kona, Hawaii. This enchanting setting is the perfect backdrop for capturing unforgettable memories and celebrating special moments.

What to expect?

Welcome to the sunset of your dreams! On the Kaimana Crafted Sunset Cruise, you can expect an intimate and luxurious experience like no other. Start off by snorkeling in the pristine Kona waters, immersing yourself in an underwater paradise filled with colorful marine life. Afterward, find your perfect spot to relax and soak in the mesmerizing golden light dancing on the water. Indulge in an optional custom cheese board, featuring locally sourced ingredients and designed to tantalize your taste buds. As the sun sets and paints the sky with its fiery colors, you'll witness the magical phenomenon known as the green flash, a sight that will leave you in awe.

Who is this for?

The Kaimana Crafted Sunset Cruise is perfect for anyone seeking a truly magical experience on the stunning Kona waters. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion like an engagement, anniversary, or birthday, or simply looking for a serene and romantic setting, this cruise is tailored for you. Gather your friends, plan a girls' trip, or enjoy a memorable outing with your loved ones. With a range of activities and options available, this cruise is designed to cater to diverse interests and preferences, ensuring everyone can create their own unforgettable moments.

Why book this?

Embark on the Kaimana Crafted Sunset Cruise and treat yourself to an extraordinary adventure. This cruise stands out from the rest with its commitment to sustainability and attention to detail. Indulge in a vegetarian custom cheese board, sourced locally and wrapped with minimal plastic to minimize environmental impact. For those seeking to capture their memories, professional photography packages are available upon request. With private charters only, you'll have the exclusivity and privacy to truly immerse yourself in the beauty of the ocean and the stunning sunset. So why wait? Book this unique experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Good to know

Before setting sail, ensure you arrive at the Honokohau Small Boat Harbor 15 minutes prior to departure. If you have any concerns or questions regarding directions, feel free to contact the tour organizers, who are dedicated to ensuring your safe navigation to the harbor. Take advantage of the opportunity to snorkel in the crystal-clear Kona waters and immerse yourself in a vibrant underwater world. Don't miss the chance to capture the mesmerizing views and unique moments during the sunset cruise with optional professional photography packages. Prepare to be enchanted by the beauty of Hawaii and the unforgettable experience that awaits you aboard the Kaimana Crafted Sunset Cruise.


Passengers who have experienced the Kaimana Crafted Sunset Cruise have nothing but praise for the unforgettable adventure they embarked upon. They rave about the breath-taking sunset views, the crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling, and the luxurious atmosphere provided by the private charter experience. The commitment to sustainability, with locally sourced ingredients and minimal plastic usage, has also deeply impressed many guests. From engagements and anniversaries to girls' trips and birthdays, passengers have celebrated a range of special occasions aboard this cruise. They highly recommend it for anyone looking to create lasting memories in the stunning setting of the Kona waters.

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5 (1)


Kay and Cam did a great job making this boat trip wonderful. We booked the sunset time to remember a loved one that had passed. They did a great job communicating with us in advance so we could craft our own evening. They allowed us to play our own music and did a great job documenting the evening with both the GoPro and still photos. (an added bonus we hadn't even planned on!) Their love and knowledge of the ocean and its inhabitants is inspiring and we found dolphins twice, even though that wasn't the goal of the trip. Next time we are in Kona, we will definitely look them up for a "normal" ocean outing.
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2024-06-17 00:44