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Montmartre Self-Guided Audio Tour: More Than Meets the Eye

5 (13)
Paris, FR

Montmartre Self-Guided Audio Tour: More Than Meets the Eye

5 (13)
Paris, FR
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Experience the vibrant and artistic neighborhood of Montmartre at your own pace with this self-guided audio tour. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the area as you stroll through its charming streets. Discover the only vineyard left in Paris, where artists like Picasso and Modigliani found inspiration. The tour includes insightful commentary from Annie Sargent, a passionate tour guide and producer. With complete control over your start and finish times, you can take your time exploring the various stops along the way. Use the virtual tour option at home or download the VoiceMap app for an interactive experience. Whether you choose to complete the tour in an hour or take your time and linger at each stop, this Montmartre audio tour guarantees an unforgettable and immersive experience.

About this experience

  • Non Refundable There is no return, refund or cancellation possible with this product
  • 1 hours - 2 hours
  • Suitable for 1-15 Participants
  • Private Tour
  • & Audio GuidedSelf Guided Experience
  • Explore Montmartre at your own pace
  • See one of the only vineyards left in Paris
  • Discover where artists Picasso and Modigliani lived
  • Get unlimited use before and after your booking date
  • Use the virtual tour option at home
  • Lifetime access to this tour in English
  • VoiceMap app for Android and iOS
  • Offline access to audio, maps, and geodata
  • Smartphone and headphones
  • Transportation
  • Food and drink
  • Tickets or entrance fees to any museums or other attractions en route

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More about this experience


Experience the magic of Montmartre at your own pace with the Montmartre Self-Guided Audio Tour: More Than Meets the Eye. This affordable walking tour allows you to explore the charming streets and hidden gems of Montmartre while listening to engaging audio commentary. Discover the history, art, and culture of this iconic neighborhood as you wander through its streets, with complete control over when you start and finish.

What to expect?

During this self-guided tour, you can expect to see the highlights of Montmartre, including the only vineyard left in Paris and the famous landmarks associated with artists like Picasso and Modigliani. Marvel at the Wall of Love, adorned with "I love you" in 250 languages, and visit the workshop where Picasso once lived. Immerse yourself in the history of Montmartre as you pass by the ancient Eglise Saint-Pierre de Montmartre, the iconic windmill, and the vibrant Place du Tertre.

Who is this for?

The Montmartre Self-Guided Audio Tour is perfect for anyone who wants to delve into the rich history and artistic heritage of Montmartre. Whether you are a history enthusiast, an art lover, or simply a curious traveler, this tour offers something for everyone. It can be enjoyed by individuals, couples, families, and even groups of friends. No prior knowledge of Montmartre is required, making it accessible to both first-time visitors and those who already have a fondness for this enchanting neighborhood.

Why book this?

This self-guided tour stands out for the captivating storytelling and expertise of producer Annie Sargent. Inspired by her passion for France's history, Annie has crafted a tour that not only provides informative commentary but also immerses you in the soul of Montmartre. With the flexibility to start, pause, or restart the tour at your own pace, you can fully customize your experience. The VoiceMap app ensures an effortless and seamless audio playback, and it even works offline, allowing you to explore Montmartre without worrying about internet connectivity.

Good to know

Before embarking on this tour, keep in mind that it involves walking on hilly terrain. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for a delightful workout. The tour's total duration ranges from 60 to 120 minutes, depending on how much time you spend at each stop. Remember to install the VoiceMap app and enter the unique code provided on your ticket before starting the tour. This self-guided audio tour grants you the freedom to explore Montmartre on your own terms, ensuring a memorable and immersive experience.


Travelers who have embarked on the Montmartre Self-Guided Audio Tour have been captivated by its engaging storytelling and informative commentary. They praise the tour for its ability to uncover hidden gems and provide a deeper understanding of Montmartre's history and culture. Many reviewers appreciate the flexibility of being able to start and finish the tour at their own pace, allowing them to immerse themselves in the vibrant streets of Montmartre without feeling rushed. Overall, the tour receives high praise for its value, quality, and the unique insights it offers into this iconic neighborhood. Join the ranks of satisfied travelers and embark on this captivating journey through Montmartre.

How long before the event do I need to book?

  • You can book at any time before the event

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  • Mobile

Is an adult required for the booking?

  • At least one adult or senior required per booking

Your Itinerary


(Pass by)

This self-guided audio tour takes place in Montmartre.

Le Mur des Je t'aime

(Pass by)

You briefly stop in front of an art piece called "Mur des je t'aime" which literally means Wall of I Love Yous but is generally called Wall of Love in English and was created in 2000 by Frederic Baron and Claire Kito. The tiles represent 311 ways to say "I love you" in 250 languages.

Eglise Saint-Pierre de Montmartre

(Pass by)

There are written records of this church dating back to the year 885 which makes this one of the oldest Christian sites in Paris.

Le Bateau-Lavoir

(Pass by)

Visit the workshop where Picasso lived between 1904 and 1909, where Modigliani also lived and worked here. So did Renoir, Juan Gris, Max Jacob, le Douanier Rousseau, and many others who are not as famous today.

Place Émile Goudeau

(Pass by)

The tour passes through place Émile-Goudeau.

Picasso First Studio

(Pass by)

The tour passes by Picasso First Studio.

La Maison de Dalida

(Pass by)

The tour passes by La maison de Dalida.

Le Passe-Muraille

(Pass by)

The tour passes by Le Passe-Muraille.

Statue of Saint-Denis

(Pass by)

The tour passes by the Statue of Saint-Denis.

La Maison Rose

(Pass by)

The second pink house where it says "Maison Rose" was made famous by a local painter named Utrillo, making it one of the most iconic scenes of Montmartre. Then it was bought by someone who was friends with famous singers and so they often patronized it. Singers like Edith Piaf, Aznavour and Jacques Brel came here frequently. Before them author Albert Camus was also a fan.

Vigne du Clos Montmartre

(Pass by)

Paris used to have a lot of vineyards, this is one of the few that's left. It is so small that one person can take care of the whole thing, and keep it pretty for all the visitors, tour guides, the mayor, TV crews, etc.

Au Lapin Agile

(Pass by)

The Lapin Agile first opened as a cabaret and drinking establishment in 1795. At first it was named "Rendez-vous of Thieves", then "Cabaret of the Assassins" before caricaturist André Gill was commissioned to create a new look for the place in 1880 and he came up with the rabbit drawing.

Place du Tertre

(Pass by)

The tour passes by Place du Tertre.

La Bonne Franquette

(Pass by)

The restaurant is a classic here in Montmartre. It's name means simple and without ceremony. There has been a restaurant here since the 1500s, it has been rebuilt and renamed many times. May painters and poets came here for a drink and a meal. Degas, Renoir, Monet, Cézanne, Sisley, Toulouse-Lautrec, all patronized this restaurant. In 1886 Van Gogh painted his famous La Guinguette à Montmartre here.

2nd Statue du Chevalier de la Barre

(Pass by)

The tour passes by the 2nd Statue du Chevalier de la Barre.

Basilique du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre

(Pass by)

The tour ends with a peep inside the Basilica Sacre Coeur.



5 (13)


A lot of backtracking in the tour. But the content was entertaining and good. Just hard to navigate where it was telling you to go next.


Beautiful self guided tour that takes you off the beaten path of the tourist traps (just a brief walk though them). We could not believe how well done this was. So reasonably priced and a must do to learn about montmartre while walking through!


Exceptional views and a great experience. We would do this again. Thanks for making this easy to experience.


Highly recommend! I had a great time exploring Montmarte listening to this tour and going at my own pace! Great details and stories of so many special places that I would have never known or just missed by just walking through the streets without listening to the guide!


We enjoyed listening to the narrator on this well planned tour. We would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who would like to explore Montmartre at their own pace.


Easy to follow navigation and great narration. Loved being able to explore this lovely area of Paris at our own pace and with a knowledgable guide. The information was informative and entertaining — highly recommend this tour.


The tour was easy to follow, informative and insightful. I'm sure that I would have passed by 90% of the hidden gems the guide pointed out. The stories were also fun. Highly recommended.


Great audio tour!! Nice voice, easy to stop and love the reminder when you get off track . It took me to all the special spots of montrmatre


Loved this self guided audio tour. It was easy to download, easy to follow. The narrator was easy to understand and she made the tour fun and interesting. This was a great experience. Much better than having to walk in a group tour. I hate those! Please keep making more!


Going to the churches, vineyard, and La Mason Rose, Picasso home. Tour guide was awesome! Her directions were very easy to follow. She spoke slow and clearly.
Collected by Evendo, Tripadvisor & Viator
2024-04-23 05:18