New York City Skyline Helicopter Tour from Kearny New Jersey

3.8 (35)
Kearny, US
3.8 (35)
Kearny, US
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Experience the exhilarating Kearny, NJ: NYC Skyline Tour and be awe-struck by the stunning sights that await you. Departing from Kearny NJ Heliport, you will embark on a journey like no other. First stop, the iconic Statue of Liberty, where you will witness its majestic glory up close. Then, get ready to be dazzled by the breathtaking Manhattan skyline as you soar above the city, catching glimpses of the Empire State Building and Central Park. Fly along the Hudson River and marvel at the Intrepid Air, Sea, and Space Museum. This 17 to 19-minute adventure will leave you with unforgettable memories and a new perspective on the grandeur of New York City. Don't miss your chance to embark on this remarkable tour. Book now and prepare to be amazed.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • 17 minutes - 19 minutes
  • Suitable for 1-15 Participants
  • Private Tour, Small Group Tour
  • & Audio GuidedSelf Guided Experience
  • Panoramic views of the NYC Skyline
  • Up close view of the Statue of Liberty
  • Fly by the Empire State Building
  • Aerial tour of Central Park
  • Cruise over the Intrepid Air, Sea, and Space Museum
  • Helicopter tour
  • $50.00 per person late fee for failing to arrive 45 minutes prior to scheduled flight time
  • $100.00 per person late fee for arriving 30 minutes or less prior to scheduled flight time
  • $50.00 heliport/fuel fee per person (must be paid on site on travel date)
  • $50.00 heliport/fuel fee for children under the age of 2 (must be paid on site on travel date)

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More about this experience


Welcome to the Kearny, NJ: NYC Skyline Tour! Get ready for an unforgettable adventure as you embark on a thrilling helicopter ride showcasing the iconic sights of New York City. Departing from Kearny NJ Heliport, this tour promises an awe-inspiring experience that will leave you breathless.

What to expect?

During this tour, you can anticipate a mesmerizing journey above the Big Apple's most famous landmarks. As you soar through the sky, you'll witness the majestic Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from a unique perspective. Fly by the towering Empire State Building and admire the sprawling beauty of Central Park. Along the way, you'll also have the chance to cruise over the Intrepid Air, Sea, and Space Museum and much more. This 17 to 19-minute adventure will provide you with incredible photo opportunities and an unrivaled bird's-eye view of the city's breathtaking skyline.

Who is this for?

This tour is perfect for anyone seeking an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. Whether you're a local New Yorker or a visitor from afar, this aerial adventure will leave you with incredible memories to cherish. It is a must-do for photography enthusiasts, couples looking for a romantic escapade, or simply those seeking a unique way to explore and appreciate the wonders of New York City.

Why book this?

Embarking on the Kearny, NJ: NYC Skyline Tour is your opportunity to witness the world's most iconic city from a whole new perspective. Unlike traditional sightseeing methods, this helicopter tour allows you to cover vast distances in minutes, enabling you to see more in less time. Experience the thrill of soaring through the sky and the freedom of witnessing New York's landmarks from above. It's an adventure that will undoubtedly give you a newfound appreciation for the city.

Good to know

This tour departs from Kearny NJ Heliport, conveniently located at 78 John Miller Way. To ensure a smooth experience, please call our shuttle bus (phone number provided on your ticket) upon arrival. Look for our light blue shuttle bus with a red and white helicopter logo in front of the Dry Dock Bistro. Remember to bring your camera and prepare to be amazed by the stunning views awaiting you.


Customers who have taken this tour have raved about their incredible experiences. They have praised the knowledgeable and friendly staff, as well as the breathtaking views that exceeded their expectations. Many have described it as a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" and highly recommend it to both locals and tourists. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of this unforgettable adventure.

How long before the event do I need to book?

  • You can book at any time before the event

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  • Mobile

Is an adult required for the booking?

  • At least one adult or senior required per booking

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Manhattan Skyline

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Experience the sights that make New York famous with our NYC Skyline Tour. See the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from the sky, fly by the Empire State Building, and check out Central Park from above as you fly along the Hudson River. Plus, cruise over the Intrepid Air, Sea, and Space Museum and much more.



3.8 (35)


Don’t get me wrong the pilot and the flying experience was great. The people on the ground however, sloppy, unorganized, and rude. I was wrongfully charged a $100 per person late fee, money I can’t get back. When trying to explain why I wasn’t late, (and I promise I wasn’t) the “boss” yells at me. The other workers know I wasn’t late, but we’re too scared to say anything. Don’t give this guy any more money. I’m sure there are more deserving people and companie out there.


Memorable experience. Was expecting a tour guide pointing out places of interest but didn't get one.


First things first, there’s and extra $45 fee you pay when you arrive at the port which I was NEVER AWARE OF. If I would have known that I would’ve book else or my first option which was actually cheaper. Second everyone was rude when I said nasty a** attitudes I mean exactly that. From the White passengers to the Hispanic people who run the company. I enter the shuttle bus and speak TO EVERYONE (I’m Black my friend is Hispanic she just looks like a White girl) every single last person on there looks at me as if I don’t belong and don’t speak back, strike mf one (I have video proof of how disgusted their faces looked at me). Once we arrive to the port I was confused why my friend and I had to pay an extra $45 a piece for the actual airport fee no one told me about, mind you I spoke with them multiple times because I had to change my date from my actual birthday to Friday because it rained. Now here another thing they don’t think they should tell you, you’ll be sharing a helicopter with about 2-4 extra people. Yeah my friend and I paid $234 to sit with this racist rude ass French White couple. I voiced how uncomfortable I was riding with them and that if I had too I want my money back because they ruined my experience just by entering the shuttle bus (they even spoke French talking about my friend and I in a rude matter not knowing I speak Arabic and could tell they were). Now the Hispanic people that work for the company or whatever their attitudes were very off putting as well as if I should pay the extra fee and shut up. This one lady keeps telling me “you need to read the email. You need to read next time”. Miss thang I read EVERYTHING when I’m spending $100 or more NEVER did any email from this company tell me about a $45 extra fee upon arrival. Then this guy has his PERSONAL DOG not the companies dog but his own pet in the office where I’m to pay this surprise fee. I like animals so she’s not a problem however that very unprofessional especially if you’re gonna HIT your dog because she’s friendly and smells people. Mad weird right?! Now another thing the shuttle bus driver from Friday January 20th around 3pm yeah him! He invited his goddaughter (I know for a fact because I asked him he said she’s visiting him from Miami) to join the ride and has a hookup where she steals my seat to ride passenger with the pilot. One guy as I spoke to him as he escorted me and my friend to the helicopter (Chris) he said he would make sure I sat there since IT WAS FOR MY BIRTHDAY to make it extra special, this little girl has her godfather steal my seat and experience from me. Not to mention he was already there waiting for her to walk down and TOLD them to make sure she sits there. This girl was riding on ppls rides THE ENTIRE DAY! She’s not even 18 I can tell. She never was in the shuttle bus when we got picked up and NEVER did she enter with us to leave she went back to the airport to ride again and again until yours were over. How F*CKED UP is that? Yeah worse mf company EVER! Do not book with them unless you’re okay with all of this. Read the other reviews as well they are not lying Ik for a fact from my experience.


Absolutely stunning tour! The staff was beyond great. Can't wait to fly with them again in the future. Already recommended it to all my friends!


We were told that if we didn't arrive 45 minutes prior to our scheduled flight time, that we would be charged $50 per person and $100 per person if we arrived within less than 30 minutes of our scheduled flight time. Even still and after making sure we were on time, our flight did not take off until more than 30 minutes past our scheduled flight time, which caused us to be late for our other reservations that evening. It was my daughter's birthday and this delay caused problems for the rest of the evening. Very disappointing to her and her guests.

Lesley M

We were completely ripped off!!! Charged $150 extra because we were apparently late. However the truth was we arrived on time but there was no signage or indicator of where to go, there was no sign of a pick up point and so we had to ask around and try making phone calls. Then when the bus arrived we were accused of being late and charged!!! The helicopter ride was amazing so definitely worth doing but not with this company!!!

Megan W

Was an unbelievable experience, would recommend! We got so lucky to have the helicopter to ourselves as a young couple we really enjoyed it

Sirine C

Additional 10 mn will be great Staff was great pilot also was funny Next time I would personally select the option with open door


We bought this experience on the day of the flight. We completed the online form with everyone’s weight as requested, made the payment and received confirmation. On arrival at the pick up point, the contact telephone number provided did not work. After multiple attempts without success, I emailed the company to say we’d been trying to contact them to arrange pick up. The response I received said, you’re late and will need to pay an additional $50 per person. They did not ask me what time we arrived at the pick up. While awaiting a response my daughter approached a young man to ask if he could try the number on his phone, just in case there was a problem with my phone. The guy said he’d been trying since he arrived and got the same couldn’t connect message. He was later charged $50 per person for his group (3 people $150). Another young couple also arrived at the pick up - they were 10th a late and were also charged $50 each even though the driver just arrived at the same time as them! When the driver arrived, he didn’t have our names in the list, but he said to come along anyway. When we arrived at the hanger, there was a sign on the wall stating if you are about the maximum weight, you would need to purchase an additional seat - I fell into this weight bracket. The office manager called my party into her office and said I was over the weight and would need to pay an additional $185 as well as the helipad fee of $35 per person if I wanted to fly. I explained I couldn’t afford that and would have to sit out the flight and asked for a refund. I was told there would be no refund. My daughter asked if she could forfeit her seat to allow me to go as I was the one who actually wanted to go. The manager said if she didn’t fly we would lose her money too! She was quite rude because I challenged their rule, I said if all 4 of my party could be allowed to be the maximum weight, why couldn’t the combined weight be taken into consideration? She proceeded to show me a 3 page document of the “small print”. I explained I only booked it 5 hours earlier and hadn’t read the document. I asked why the website allowed me to put my weight in and didn’t flag I was over the allowed weight, she just said that’s the rules! She then told me I needed to pay the $50 per person late fee as well. I refused to pay this as I’d been trying their number without success. I’m sure they switched the phone off to prevent people being able to make contact on time. I would not recommend this company to anyone, even the staff seem embarrassed by their late coming rules and charges. Why is the pick up driver not their at your pick up time? If they were expecting 9 people at 4.15 why have everyone try to phone at the same time, why not just have your driver there waiting on us? As stated I refused to pay the late fee, but the other 5 people all paid it - that was an additional $250 and while sitting in the waiting room another couple arrived and were charged an additional $200. Far be it for me to say, but it’s like a very lucrative scam!

Sarah S

We enjoyed the helicopter portion of the tour, however their van transfer driver from the meeting point to the heliport was too rude and scamming to overlook. She accused us of being late and argued spiritedly about it for an extended time. We were, in fact not just on time but early, with the phone call log on my phone to prove it. This tour charges a LOT of money if you are late to call for the driver and state that you have arrived within their allowed time frame. Come to find out she made the same accusations and scene with the family arriving directly after us (they asked us in the waiting room if we had a weird run in with the driver and we compared “notes”). I heard her making the exact same comments again to the family waiting outside the van before we exited it there where she returned us to the checkpoint. Again she said she saw them go into the Bistro when she was looking for them and they didn’t call in time and they indignantly demanded that they did call with plenty of time to spare. I tipped that group off that she seems to say that to everyone as they were trying to defend themselves for at which point she began yelling at me. She yelled on and on including the questions, “Why would I do that? What would it benefit me!?” Agreed- I have no idea unless the management puts her up to it with rewards or she’s just crazy. Either way… So unprofessional and down right baffling. Do people not care about their customers’ impressions or pending reviews? I’m not hard to please nor do I ever take the time to make a negative review. But this was just wrong.
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2024-06-15 04:08