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Old Delhi through the Hidden Alleys Walking Tour

5 (18)
Delhi, IN

Old Delhi through the Hidden Alleys Walking Tour

5 (18)
Delhi, IN
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Experience the vibrant chaos and rich history of Old Delhi on this captivating walking tour. Immerse yourself in the winding alleys of Shahjahanabad, the former Mughal capital that was tragically transformed by British rule. Visit the magnificent Jama Masjid, the second largest mosque in India and a symbol of the emperors' power. Explore the bustling bazaars of Chandni Chowk, lined with vibrant shops and vendors, until you reach Khari Baoli, the famous spice market. Wander through narrow lanes that offer a glimpse into the past and feel the pulse of everyday life in this fascinating city. Led by a knowledgeable and passionate guide, this 4-hour tour is a truly immersive experience that will engage all your senses. Come and discover the captivating chaos of Old Delhi for yourself!

About this experience

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  • Suitable for 1-6 Participants
  • Private Tour, Small Group Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Bottled water
  • A taste of street food
  • Private transportation
  • Entry fee to Jama Masjid (Rs 300 per person - In case you wish to visit)

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Explore the hidden alleys of Old Delhi on a captivating walking tour that delves deep into the city's rich history and vibrant culture. This tour offers a unique opportunity to uncover the fascinating stories and secrets that have shaped Delhi into the bustling metropolis it is today.

What to expect?

During this immersive experience, you can expect to wander through the narrow alleys of Shahjahanabad, also known as Old Delhi. Marvel at the magnificent Jama Masjid, the second largest mosque in India and witness the historical significance it holds. Stroll through the bustling bazaars of Chandni Chowk, soak in the vibrant atmosphere, and catch a glimpse of local life. The tour also takes you to Khari Baoli, the famous spice market, where you can indulge your senses with the aromatic fragrances.

Who is this for?

This walking tour is perfect for those who crave an authentic and off-the-beaten-path experience in Delhi. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a culture lover, or simply a curious traveler, this tour offers a unique perspective on the city. It is designed for individuals of all ages and backgrounds, welcoming anyone with a sense of adventure and a desire to truly immerse themselves in the local culture.

Why book this?

Embark on this walking tour to gain a deeper understanding of Delhi's past and present. Our experienced guide, a knowledgeable local, will take you on a journey through time, sharing captivating stories and insights that you won't find in guidebooks. By exploring the hidden alleys of Old Delhi, you'll witness the fascinating blend of Mughal and British influences that have shaped the city's architecture, cuisine, and way of life. This is not just a tour, but a chance to connect with the heart and soul of Delhi, immersing yourself in its chaos, energy, and vibrant spirit.

Good to know

The duration of the tour is approximately 240 minutes, allowing you ample time to absorb the sights, sounds, and flavors of Old Delhi. Our meeting point is conveniently located near the old stone gate, which you can easily locate using the provided link. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and dress modestly, as you'll be exploring the bustling streets and religious sites. Don't forget your camera to capture the vibrant colors and unique moments along the way.


Previous travelers rave about this walking tour, praising the knowledgeable and friendly guide who brought Delhi's history to life. Many were impressed with the immersive experience, feeling like they were stepping back in time as they meandered through the hidden alleys and witnessed the daily life of the locals. Overall, participants express their satisfaction with the tour's organization, the opportunity to explore lesser-known areas, and the chance to truly understand the heart and soul of Old Delhi.

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5 (18)


I contacted Elena because I had little time between one flight and another and I was afraid of not being able to move well in the big city alone. Elena showed me several of her proposals and on that basis I personalized my tour, also including the first necessary procedures (exchange of money and Sim card) In a few hours I saw the neighborhoods and monuments that interested me, a musical parade and we also had a laugh in the park. Elena explains the story well but also everyday life. I had a great time, I recommend it!


We had a very stimulating tour around Old Delhi and the way people lives the Yamuna River. Elena is really prepared and she knows very well the city and the History. Moreover, she advised me some beautiful ideas to celebrate my husband's birthday and she organized a very interesting tailor made tour according to our interests (we both are architects!). Thank you so much for everything! :)


I visited Delhi with Elena two times since I started living in India. Her communication and interpersonal skills are wonderful and she is very professional in handling international tourists. Her knowledge of the history of Delhi, the architecture and local traditions, art and recent development is very impressive ! Also, when I was visiting with my father (who is 86 years old) she never rushed, provided us space and flexibility in making a tour program of our interest and she could make us feel the living history of the city. She is a person full of energy, very polite and always smiling ! Based on my experience, I would strongly recommend Elena as a tour guide in Delhi to all the national and international guests planning to visit the Capital of India.


It was a super interesting visit. The guide is really catching and precise in the descriptions she gives. She shows you the most important things in a short time. Definitely the best Italian guide I have had during my trip!


We visited old Delhi with Elena and had a really great experience Elena is an expert Italian guide who has lived and settled in Delhi for many years and who with passion and competence has shown us, in a truly complete tour, corners of the city, hidden alleys, monuments most hidden from traditional tourism. We also entered private homes, spoke with local people who know her and showed us the activities and situations of ordinary people. A rich experience that could not be missed in our India tour I recommend Elena to tourists who are in Delhi to experience true situations and atmospheres of the city Thanks so much Elena you are a very nice and kind person Claudio


I was looking for an italian speaking guide given that my dad can only speak Italian. Elena was very kind from the beginning and tailored us a great tour through Old Delhi showing us hidden parts of the city and telling us history facts as well as curiosities about people and places of Delhi. My dad was lovely excited and moved, he is still telling people in Italy what he experienced in Delhi with Elena. I really recommend her for all her knowledge of the city, her kindness and passion she put in her job. Hope to see you soon, Elena :)


On a recent trip to Delhi my wife and I wanted to experience Old Delhi but we really had no idea where to begin. We contacted Elena because we knew she was a very popular and experienced tour guide and would be able to safely take us around point out the sites we shouldn’t miss. Well I have to say the walk through the narrow alleys and byways was so much more than we could have done on our own! We started at the one of the traditional gates to Old Delhi and proceeded from there. As we went so many of the locals waved or said hi to Elena as they clearly knew her and considered her a good friend. The experience itself was endlessly fascinating and I felt transported to a different century for much of the walk. I remember telling my wife that we never would have made it through the labyrinthine passages without the help of such an experienced guide. The sights, local markets and shops, a property associated with Gandhi, the Jama Masjid, an elegant and unexpected top-tier restaurant, and of course our warm & encyclopedic guide—all these things I will remember for a lifetime! If you are able to book a tour with Elena I highly recommend it.

Veronica G

Nonostante non fosse la prima volta in India, Delhi è una città che può lasciare un attimo con il fiato sospeso, tutto sembra troppo caotico e folle. Ho deciso di affidarmi ad Elena per conoscere Delhi e non avrei potuto fare una scelta migliore perché attraverso i suoi occhi e la sua esperienza ho imparato a conoscere e amare profondamente questa città. Non è una semplice guida ma è una persona che trasmette l’amore e il rispetto per i lunghi e per le persone che si incontrano, entrando nel complesso tessuto sociale che caratterizza una megalopoli come Delhi e da architetto con passione per l’urbanistica mi sono trovata con una persona estremamente competente in ogni argomento . Elena ha dato un quadro esaustivo e appassionato di come si è sviluppata la città, come convivono al suo interno le tante correnti religiose e grazie a lei ho conosciuto luoghi e persone, storie di vita che mi rimarranno sempre nel cuore. Grazie Elena!


Non credo esista una guida più competente di Elena Tommaseo. Non solo ti conduce nei luoghi meno convenzionali di Delhi, ma ti porta all’interno del tessuto sociale e culturale della città, facendola vivere e vibrare. Al termine del tour sembra di esserci sempre stato e di conoscere tutto ciò che c’è da conoscere. Straordinaria.

fabiola v

Elena è stata anzitutto un’amica. Il nostro porto sicuro in un mondo nuovo, complesso e affascinante quale l’India. Il viaggio con lei è iniziato parecchi mesi prima del nostro arrivo a Delhi, pensando e progettando un itinerario che ci permettesse di vivere il più possibile le varie sfaccettature della cultura Indiana. Arrivati a Delhi, Elena ci ha accompagnato nei luoghi più caratteristici e genuini facendoci vivere un’esperienza reale, spiegandoci molti modi di fare e usanze di una cultura molto diversa da quella italiana. La differenza tra il suo tour e quello fatto nei giorni successivi con altre guide è stata il modo in cui ci ha fatto sentire: degli ospiti anziché dei turisti. Grazie Elena! Eleonora e Alberto
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2024-04-13 16:14