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Photography Tour of Galway with an Instagram Influencer

5 (33)
Galway, IE

Photography Tour of Galway with an Instagram Influencer

5 (33)
Galway, IE
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Embark on an unforgettable journey through the picturesque city of Galway with our Photography Tour led by a local Instagram influencer and expert photographer. Discover 5-7 Instagrammable spots and learn simple yet effective photography techniques to capture the essence of Galway in the most captivating way. From the iconic Galway Cathedral to the hidden murals and secret backstreets, each location offers a unique opportunity to enhance your photography skills and Instagram prowess. Along the way, you'll hear fascinating stories about Galway while taking in breathtaking sights. By the end of the 90-minute tour, you'll have a collection of stunning photos and newfound confidence to unleash your photography and Instagram skills wherever you go. Join us and unleash your inner photographer in the enchanting city of Galway.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • 1 hours 30 minutes
  • Suitable for 1-15 Participants
  • Private Tour, Small Group Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Shoot amazing Instagrams
  • Visit the most Instagrammable spots of Galway
  • Learn photography techniques from an influencer
  • Discover secret spots for unique pictures
  • Capture the perfect angle and lighting for your photos
  • Photoguide
  • Camera equipment

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More about this experience


Get ready to capture the essence of Galway like never before with the Photography Tour of Galway with an Instagram Influencer. This unique tour offers you the opportunity to explore Galway's most Instagrammable spots while learning photography techniques and Instagram skills from a local Instagram influencer and expert photographer. Over the course of 90 minutes, you'll discover both hidden gems and well-known locations, all while hearing fascinating stories about Galway.

What to Expect?

During the Photography Tour of Galway, you can expect to enhance your photography skills and capture stunning Instagram-worthy shots. With the guidance of the Instagram influencer, you'll learn simple yet effective techniques to bring out the best in your pictures. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer, this tour caters to all skill levels and provides valuable insights into creating captivating images for social media.

Who is This For?

This tour is perfect for photography enthusiasts, Instagram influencers, or anyone looking to improve their photography and Instagram skills. Whether you're a solo traveler, a group of friends, or a couple seeking unique experiences, this tour welcomes everyone. The inclusive nature of the tour ensures that no one is excluded, making it accessible and enjoyable for all.

Why Book This?

The Photography Tour of Galway stands out from other tours due to its combination of expert guidance, scenic locations, and the opportunity to learn from a local Instagram influencer. By joining this tour, you'll gain insider knowledge about Galway's best photo spots and receive personalized tips from a renowned photographer. Not only will you leave with incredible memories, but you'll also have the skills to create stunning photos and grow your Instagram presence.

Good to Know

It is essential to bring your camera equipment, as camera equipment is not provided. However, a photoguide will be included to enhance your photography experience. The tour will conclude at the starting point, and no transportation will be provided. Make sure to dress comfortably and be prepared to explore Galway on foot.


Participants of the Photography Tour of Galway have praised the tour for its informative and engaging experience. Many have expressed their satisfaction with the expert guidance provided by the Instagram influencer, noting that their photography skills improved significantly. The tour's blend of cultural stories, hidden locations, and photography tips has left participants feeling inspired and excited to explore new destinations. Overall, the tour has received glowing reviews, with participants describing it as a must-do experience for photography enthusiasts and Instagram lovers alike.

How long before the event do I need to book?

  • You can book at any time before the event

Vouchers accepted in the following formats

  • Mobile

Is an adult required for the booking?

  • At least one adult or senior required per booking

Your Itinerary

Galway Cathedral

You will be shown the best spot in Galway to master the shot of Galway Cathedral. You will be shown your second Instagram photography tip around leading lines, also you will learn your first tip on how to maximise your Instagram usage.

Salmon Weir Bridge

You will go go back over another bridge of Galway to capture a shot of the local Corrib river. You will learn about how to best get water in your picture and a tip on Instagram posting.

The Spanish Arch

You will learn about framing in your picture at this iconic spot in Galway, the location where Christopher Columbus supposably visited before his voyage to the New World.

Kirwan's Lane

You will be lead through the intricate maze of Galway's back streets to find the best spots to get secret pictures of Galway. At this stop, you'll be shown your first photography technique to get the best Instagram picture.

Roisin Dubh

You will see the secret murals of Galway and how to capture the best angle and lighting to create the perfect picture. You will also learn about hashtags on Instagram.


You will go to a last extra location that is dependent on the season.



5 (33)


The guy came all the way from Dublin because the Galway guy had Covid. Appreciate the not cancelling. He also taught us a cool trick to get a mirror image.


An amazingly sunny day, a rare thing in Galway, made the tour even better. The guide was so lovely and likeable as a person which really worked in the tour’s favor. Some of my minor complaints would be that when we went into Eyre square to meet up with the tour group it was hard to find where everyone was, as there was no sign indicating exactly where the tour starts. As Eyre square is quite big and always busy, it was difficult to find the tour with us just resorting to talking to random people till we found the group, which I feel could have been easily avoided. I would also just like a little bit more information about the places we visited, such as the history, but that might be a personal preference as it was more a photography tour. Overall the tour is thoroughly enjoyable and greatly helped by the natural beauty of the city that everyone should come and experience at least once.


Very friendly tour guide, tour was fantastic & captured some stunning pictures, would definitely recommend to anybody visiting galway!


Perfect way to see sights of Galway - informative host who helped with angles to get the best snaps.


My favourite part of the whole experience for the CUSTOMER SERVICE. CUSTOMER SERVICE were very informative, quick and easy to talk to. It’s the CUSTOMER experience is what makes me use the service repetitive of times.


It was really an amazing trip. Explored many photographic places which were somehow getting skipped by me. I would really recommend Insta Tours for future trips. And worth mentioning - the tour guide was very friendly and supportive all the time throughout the trip.


It was an amazing experience to see the places in Galway through Insta Tours. The guide is so friendly. We where able to find few new spots which we have not seen earlier. Thanks to our tour guide Jillian who was warm, friendly and also motivated us to take more pictures. I recommend Insta tours for future.


A free hand has shown spectacular views starting from Eyresquare, passing through the shopping streets, mesmerized with the eye catchy corrib river flow between the Spanish Arch and Claddagh initiated an excitement inside me to walk along the tiny routes along the river giving us a visual treat to finish the tour with Cathedral and beautiful Nuns Island. Highly recommended tour to those who are in search of brain refreshing moments and photography beginners because of the expressive beauty across the Galway city.

Adam E

Had a great time on this tour today with Jillian as our guide. Really benefited from seeing all the great spots around Galway with Jillian offering enthusiastic insight to each.


It was an amazing experience to see the places in Galway through Insta Tours. The guide is so friendly. I recommend Insta tours for future trips.
Collected by Evendo, Tripadvisor & Viator
2024-04-13 16:47