Private Art and Crime Tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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New York, US
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New York, US
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Join us on a fascinating journey into the world of art crime with our Private Art and Crime Tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Discover the hidden stories behind infamous art thefts and plundering, from ancient antiquities to Nazi looting. This exclusive tour takes you behind the scenes, revealing the untold history of the renowned museum institution. Explore the museum's "questionable" holdings and learn about the world's most "faked" artists, such as Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh. Delve into the methods used to determine the authenticity of artworks and hear captivating tales of stolen masterpieces being returned to their rightful owners. With a total duration of 150 minutes, this one-of-a-kind experience will leave you captivated by the mysterious and intriguing world of art crime. Don't miss this opportunity to uncover the secrets of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Suitable for 2-8 Participants
  • Private Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Explore "questionable" artworks in the Met's collection
  • Discover authentic works by famous "faked" artists
  • Learn how to determine if a work of art is authentic or a forgery
  • Hear fascinating stories of stolen or looted works
  • Uncover the unknown history of the famous museum
  • Entrance Fees
  • Duration 2.5 Hours
  • Professional Tour Guide (art historian)
  • Tour price does NOT include hotel pickup or drop-off
  • Tour price does NOT include gratuities (optional)

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More about this experience


Explore the captivating world of art crime and the mysteries hidden within the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the Private Art and Crime Tour. This exclusive tour offers a unique perspective on the renowned museum, delving into the fascinating stories of illicit activities that have taken place within its walls. From ancient looting to Nazi theft and daring heists, uncover the hidden history of the museum's collection like never before.

What to expect?

During this intriguing 150-minute tour, prepare to be immersed in a world of art crime and deception. Your expert guide will lead you through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, shedding light on the "questionable" holdings and exploring works by the world's most notorious "faked" artists, such as Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh. Discover the methods experts use to determine authenticity and the stories behind stolen or looted artworks that have found their way back to the museum or their rightful owners.

Who is this for?

This tour is perfect for art enthusiasts, history buffs, and those with a curiosity for the hidden stories behind famous artworks. Whether you're a seasoned traveler, an aspiring artist, or simply someone who loves untangling historical mysteries, this experience offers a captivating journey into the intriguing world of art crime.

Why book this?

Embark on a one-of-a-kind tour that unveils the secrets of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. By delving into the dark side of the art world, this experience offers a unique perspective that goes beyond the traditional narrative. Gain insights into the challenges faced by museums when dealing with counterfeit and stolen art, and expand your understanding of the complexities surrounding authentication. With an expert guide leading the way, this immersive tour promises a thought-provoking and unforgettable journey through the secrets of the art world.

Good to know

During the Private Art and Crime Tour, your meeting point will be in the main lobby, to the right of the information desk in front of the large seated Pharaoh. The tour has a duration of 150 minutes, allowing ample time to explore the museum's hidden stories. Be prepared to encounter works that have been called into question by experts, understanding how museums navigate the complexities of identifying fakes and forgeries. As you uncover the untold tales of stolen or looted art, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the efforts made to preserve and return these valuable artistic treasures.


Customers have been captivated by the Private Art and Crime Tour, praising its unique focus on the darker side of the art world. They have commended the knowledgeable guides who provide engaging and informative narratives that bring the stories of art crime to life. Travelers have left with a newfound understanding of the challenges museums face in curating authentic collections and have described the tour as a must-do for anyone interested in art, history, and the secrets hidden within one of the world's most famous museums.

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  • At least one adult or senior required per booking

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

During our tour, we will look at the museum's "questionable" holdings (the works of art in the Met's collection that some experts think might be inauthentic). We also explore authentic works by the world's most "faked" artists, including Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh. We will discuss how some fake objects previously entered the museum and what methods are used to determine whether a work of art is authentic or a forgery. You will hear stories of how stolen or looted works were returned to the museum or their rightful owners.



5 (1)


An unusual way to explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While you enjoy beautiful art, you learn many fascinating stories about these artworks. One of the most unique experiences I have had on a city tour! I loved it and recommended it to those who want to learn how museums operate behind the scene.
Collected by Evendo, Tripadvisor & Viator
2024-05-24 23:40