Private Scuba Diving in Kaanapali

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Lahaina, US
5 (54)
Lahaina, US
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Escape the crowds and dive into an unforgettable adventure with a Private Two Person Scuba Dive in Kaanapali. Whether you're a certified diver or a beginner, this Maui scuba diving experience is tailored to your comfort and experience levels. Your private PADI instructor will provide undivided attention, ensuring a personalized and safe dive. With top-notch equipment and the freedom to move at your own pace, you'll explore the vibrant underwater world of Lahaina like never before. This boutique dive experience is perfect for those seeking extra attention or looking to avoid crowded tours. So grab a buddy and dive into the crystal-clear waters of Kaanapali for a private scuba dive experience that will leave you breathless. Novice swimming ability is required, so get ready to make a splash!

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Suitable for 1-2 Participants
  • Private Tour, Small Group Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Private and personalized scuba diving experience
  • Tailored dive to your comfort and experience levels
  • Excellent dive equipment provided
  • Escape the crowds and enjoy a boutique dive experience
  • Undivided attention from your private guide
  • Use of scuba equipment
  • Snacks
  • Private scuba instructor/ guide
  • Private transportation
  • Gratuities
  • Bottled water

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Experience the thrill of exploring the underwater world with a Private Two Person Scuba Dive in Kaanapali. Whether you are a certified diver or a beginner, this Maui scuba diving adventure promises to be special and unforgettable. Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Lahaina and discover a vibrant marine ecosystem teeming with colorful fish and fascinating coral formations. This exclusive activity includes one scuba dive for two people, ensuring personalized attention from your private PADI instructor who will tailor the dive to your comfort and experience levels.

What to expect:

Prepare for an exhilarating underwater adventure as you embark on a private scuba dive in Kaanapali. Upon arrival, your instructor will greet you and guide you through the necessary paperwork, ensuring that you are ready for the dive ahead. If you are new to scuba diving, you will need to fill out a medical form and answer "NO" to each of the questions. Certified divers will sign a PADI liability release. After a thorough dive safety briefing, you will head to the water. Beginners will have the opportunity to practice essential skills in shallow water before embarking on an exciting dive.

Who is this for?

This private scuba dive experience caters to both novice and experienced divers. It is perfect for beginners who want extra attention and guidance to build their confidence underwater. Certified divers, on the other hand, will appreciate the freedom to explore at their own pace and escape the crowds often found on group dives. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a unique adventure, this private dive is suitable for anyone looking to create lasting memories in the beautiful waters of Maui.

Why book this?

By booking this Private Two Person Scuba Dive in Kaanapali, you are ensuring an exceptional diving experience tailored to your needs and preferences. Unlike crowded tours, this boutique dive offers privacy and undivided attention from your knowledgeable guide. You will benefit from top-quality dive equipment and the expertise of a PADI instructor who will focus solely on your group. From beginners eager to discover the wonders of the underwater world to experienced divers seeking a more personalized adventure, this private dive guarantees a memorable and fulfilling experience.

Good to know:

Before embarking on your scuba dive, it is essential to note a few important details. Firstly, basic swimming ability is required for this activity. Additionally, it is crucial to wait at least 18 hours after scuba diving before participating in activities such as flying, ziplining, or ascending to Haleakala. Prior to the dive, you will need to complete a medical form and answer "NO" to each question. If you have any medical conditions that may affect your ability to dive, contact Banyan Tree Divers to review the form and secure a doctor's clearance if necessary. Private transportation is not included, so please plan accordingly.


Customers who have experienced the Private Two Person Scuba Dive in Kaanapali have raved about the exceptional service and attention to detail. They have praised the knowledgeable and friendly instructors who made them feel safe and comfortable throughout the dive. Many have appreciated the personalized approach and the opportunity to explore the underwater world at their own pace. The top-quality dive equipment and the beautiful marine life encountered during the dive have also received high praise. Overall, customers have expressed their satisfaction with this unique and unforgettable scuba diving experience in Maui.

How long before the event do I need to book?

  • You can book at any time before the event

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Kahekili Beach Park



5 (54)


Caitlin was a pro and made me feel safe and comfortable doing something I’ve never done before. Here teaching skills were amazing and all in all it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in Maui. Highly recommend this company!

Anthony L

Can’t say enough great things about our whole experience! From booking with Kevin to the extreme patience of our instructor Micheal. We had 2 spectacular dives. Take it from someone who swore off diving several years ago- these guys will make it an enjoyable experience no matter how much or little experience you have.


Dave was awesome! We had a great time. We paid a little extra and went to two locations. Saw about 8 sharks.


David with Banyan Tree Divers was awesome . He made sure we had a great time with clear instructions (our first dive) and a great personality. He made sure we spent every moment we could InThe water engaged with our surroundings. We highly recommend Banyan Tree Divers and David after our great experience.


Cant say WOW enough. DO NOT SKIP the second dive! The private dive allowed us to learn and go at our pace without the worry of slowing people down. Our guide was patient, intentional, attentive and learned who we were in order to make our experience memorable. We are not small people and they had gear that fit us! Once we got comfortable we went and saw and spent relaxed time with some beautiful sea-life! And NOT JUST FOR COUPLES. I recommend taking other family members with you on the private dive as there was another small friend group on a private dive with another guide from Banyan Tree.


I was looking to plan a dive for myself and three of my kids on our Maui trip. My kids are 21, 17, and 13. Myself and the two older ones are certified, but inexperienced. My youngest basically had never dived before. I was wanting to set something up where all of us could have a cool experience together and not be limited by our varying degrees of training and experience. I also didn’t want to spend time in a swimming pool reviewing basics. To get the ball rolling I sent a bunch of emails to different dive shops with basically the same outline of what I wanted to do. Caitlin at Banyan Tree Divers stood out because she responded quickly to my initial email, and she was the only provider who seemed willing and able to work with my semi-unique situation. She was patient with my questions and always quick to reply. In the end I went with a private dive (with an additional dive), and she assured me that we’d be in the ocean (no swimming pools or PowerPoints!) after a short dryland briefing. On the day of the dive we arrived at their base. We were met by Abby, our instructor/guide and she immediately got us started. I was struck by how clean and organized the operation was. The gear was all tidy, clean, and in great shape. Abby is one of those folks who is highly experienced in her field but carries no pretention or attitude. She was very professional, approachable, and (most importantly) very safety oriented. I was reassured from the start. I especially liked how, during our dryland orientation she was able to speak to all of us on our own level – a bit of a trick given the range of ages and experience. Logistics were easy. We had a short drive from their base to the first dive site. Even though the first dive was a bit of a test-flight, it was interesting – not just an expansive sandy bottom! Lots of corals and marine life. Abby took good care to make sure we were all comfortable and ready to go. And once in the water she was very attentive to making sure everyone was moving well, comfortably, and safely. Our second dive was at a different location about a 10 minute drive away. This dive stepped up the progression a bit more. Reef sharks, more turtles than I can count, eels, and plenty of interesting underwater terrain. Anyway, I know this is a bit long-winded. But I wanted to paint a bit of a picture. I don’t think there is anything more that Banyan Tree Divers could have done to make this experience. It was fantastic from start to finish. They were professional, organized, able to work accommodate specific requests, and (maybe most important on a Maui holiday), relaxed and easy going! I’d recommend them without hesitation. I’ll definitely look them up next time I’m in Maui for some diving.


Our dive instructor Shane made it such a great time. Dive conditions weren’t the best because there was a storm off-shore but he took us to a nice beach we’re we still were able to see a lot. Also a great photographer. The photos from the dive were fantastic!


Amazing experience! Abby was a fantastic dive instructor, I would recommend a thousand times over. This was a great experience.


Very nice experience and the instructors were supporting us all the time and they were lovely, it was the first time and we felt very safe


Wow this was a great dive with my son who’s 16. Shane our instructor was very good and went over everything we needed for a successful dive. Turtles, fish and the coral reef was great. If you want to dive having a private dive 2-4 people is well worth it.
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2024-06-15 16:25