Private Jeep Tour of Yellowstone’s Winter Wonderland

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Experience the magic of Yellowstone's Winter Wonderland with a private tour that offers an intimate and personalized adventure. Your knowledgeable guide will put your needs first, allowing you to stop and explore at your own pace. Winter is the perfect time to visit as the park is less crowded, giving you the opportunity to see the animals in their natural habitat and capture breathtaking photos. This is not your average tour, as our guides have extensive knowledge of the park and will work with you to fulfill your desires during your visit. From the scenic drive through Paradise Valley to the chance to see wildlife in Lamar Valley, every moment of this tour is filled with wonder. Don't miss the chance to witness the geothermal wonders of Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces and indulge in local cuisine in Cooke City. Book now and embark on a journey you'll never forget.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Admission Included
  • 6 hours - 8 hours
  • Suitable for 1-4 Participants
  • Private Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Intimate and personalized private tours
  • Opportunity to see wildlife up close
  • Scenic drive through Paradise Valley
  • Capture picturesque views of Yellowstone River
  • Witness geothermal features at Mammoth Hot Springs
  • Private transportation
  • Bottled water
  • Snacks
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Gratuities
  • Park entrance fee
  • Binoculars and spotting scopes

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More about this experience

Introduction: A Private Tour of Yellowstone’s Winter Wonderland

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Yellowstone National Park on a private tour designed just for you. With our knowledgeable and friendly guide, you'll embark on an intimate winter adventure filled with breathtaking sights and unforgettable moments. Unlike basic tours, our personalized approach ensures that your wants and needs are prioritized throughout the journey. And the best part? Winter offers a quieter and more intimate experience, allowing you to witness the park's magnificent wildlife in their natural habitat. Get ready for spectacular photo opportunities as you explore Yellowstone like never before.

What to expect?

Prepare for a 360 to 480-minute journey through Yellowstone's winter wonderland. Our itinerary will take you to Paradise Valley, where you'll have a chance to spot majestic elk and other wildlife. As you enter the park through the historic Roosevelt Arch, take a quick stop to capture picturesque moments. Admire the breathtaking views from a 400ft tall bridge, and revel in the beauty of Undine Falls, just a few steps away from the road. Although the Petrified Tree may be closed during winter, fear not, as the area is home to Yellowstone's most common predators. Lamar Valley is the best spot for wildlife sightings, where you might encounter bison, elk, deer, antelope, and if you're lucky, even wolves and moose. Our adventure also includes scenic stops at Soda Butte and Cooke City, where you can enjoy lunch with the locals. Before concluding our day, witness the incredible geothermal features at Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces, from both the top and bottom. Reward yourself with some shopping or ice cream in Gardiner before we make our way back through Paradise Valley.

Who is this for?

This private tour of Yellowstone's winter wonderland is for anyone seeking an exclusive and personalized experience in one of the world's most iconic national parks. Whether you're a nature lover, wildlife enthusiast, or just someone yearning for a unique adventure, this tour is tailored to meet your desires. Couples seeking a romantic getaway will find bliss as they explore the park's serene landscapes together. Families with children will create cherished memories while observing diverse wildlife and learning about geothermal wonders. Solo travelers can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and find a sense of tranquility in the winter solitude. This tour is for those who appreciate the freedom to stop whenever and wherever they want, without the constraints of a large group. It's for the discerning traveler who seeks an intimate and unforgettable encounter with Yellowstone's natural wonders.

Why book this?

Embark on a journey where every step is tailored to your desires. By booking this private tour, you gain the luxury of personalization and flexibility. Our knowledgeable guide, prioritizing your needs throughout, ensures an exceptional experience. Witness the magic of winter in Yellowstone, when the park is less crowded, allowing for more intimate wildlife encounters and remarkable photo opportunities. Be captivated by herds of bison roaming through the snow, catch a glimpse of shy wolves, or be amazed by the grace of a moose. With our expert guides spending ample time in the park, they'll maximize your chances of witnessing incredible wildlife moments. You'll explore lesser-known spots, such as the beautiful Undine Falls and the hidden home of Yellowstone's predators. Our journey will take you to breathtaking viewpoints and provide ample opportunities to capture stunning scenes of nature's magnificence. Don't miss out on this exclusive experience, crafted to fulfill your desires and create memories to last a lifetime.

Good to know

During this 360 to 480-minute tour, ensure you dress warmly and wear suitable footwear for the winter conditions. The weather in Yellowstone can be unpredictable, so layering your clothing is advised. Remember to bring your camera to capture the awe-inspiring beauty and wildlife encounters along the way. Our guide will provide engaging commentary throughout the tour, sharing insights into the park's history and wildlife. Keep in mind that some attractions, like the Petrified Tree, may be closed during the winter season. However, we promise to make up for it by showing you hidden gems and enhancing your wildlife viewing opportunities. Relax and enjoy the scenic drives through Paradise Valley and the breathtaking views of the Yellowstone River. This tour is crafted to create a perfect balance of relaxation, exploration, and observation, ensuring you have an unforgettable experience in Yellowstone's winter wonderland.


"This private tour exceeded our expectations! Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and made the experience memorable. We were lucky to see several bison herds up close and even spotted a pack of wolves in Lamar Valley. The scenery was breathtaking, especially the views from the top and bottom of Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces. If you want an intimate and personalized tour of Yellowstone, this is the one!" - Sarah, United States
"Traveling solo, I was looking for an adventure that would allow me to connect with nature. This private tour delivered just that. The experience of seeing Yellowstone's animals in their winter habitat was magical. Our guide's expertise and passion for the park made the journey even more enjoyable. I highly recommend this tour!" - Emma, United Kingdom
"We wanted a family trip that would create lasting memories, and this private tour of Yellowstone certainly did. Our children were captivated by the wildlife sightings and enjoyed every moment. The guide's enthusiasm and ability to engage everyone made the experience educational and fun. We can't wait to return!" - Alex, Australia

How long before the event do I need to book?

  • You can book at any time before the event

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Your Itinerary

Paradise Valley

After pick-up, you will enjoy a scenic drive through Paradise Valley. We will be driving alongside the Yellowstone River with the opportunity to see elk and other wildlife.

Roosevelt Arch

We will enter the park through it’s original entrance. Enjoy a quick stop for pictures within the historic archway.

Yellowstone River

We will drive across a 400ft tall bridge over the Yellowstone River. Capture views of the valley to the North.

Undine Falls

Undine Falls is beautiful in the Winter time. Just a few steps from the road to view the 3 tier waterfall.

Admission Included

Petrified Tree

While we won’t stop to view the Petrified Tree as it is closed during the winter, we hope to see something better. On the other side of the road is a home to one of Yellowstone’s most common predators.

Admission Included

Lamar Valley

While there is a good chance of seeing wildlife throughout the tour, Lamar Valley is going to be our best bet. Keep your eye out for bison, elk, deer, antelope, sheep, and maybe even wolves or moose.

Admission Included

Soda Butte

Let’s take a stop at Soda Butte for some scenic photos. While we are stopped, you will learn about the history of Wolves in Yellowstone National Park

Cooke City

We will exit the Park through it’s NE Entrance. Let’s stop for lunch with the locals before making our way back through the park.

Lamar Valley

If we missed our opportunity to see wildlife, we will get the chance again. It doesn’t lose it’s beauty the second time around!

Admission Included

Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces

Ending our day inside the park, we will get to witness some geothermal features that Yellowstone is famous for. We will view them from the top, and the bottom.

Admission Included


After exiting the park, you have the option to some gift shopping, grab some ice cream, or take care of any other business before our drive back.

Paradise Valley

Take in the views of the Yellowstone River once more! Feel free to kick back and relax on the drive back after a long day.



5 (6)


Our trip was amazing! Our guide Sadie was very knowledgeable and patient with us as we wanted to stop and see everything. I would highly recommend this private trip.


What a day!! It was a wonderful tour. Mimi was very knowledgeable of the area, in the park and out. She spotted the wildlife. She brought snacks, coffee and hot chocolate. She asked about food preferences and allergies before the tour and had the snacks we needed.


Great Private Tour of Yellowstone. Sadie is knowledgeable, fun, friendly and outgoing and knows where to go and what to see! Can’t wait to return for a summer tour!!


Sadie was professional and knowledgeable about the animals and history of Yellowstone. We saw bison, elk, deer, coyotes and even a baby grizzly bear.


Our tour guide SADIE was excellent. She was friendly and knowledgeable and we really enjoyed our private tour. She was so approachable and made us feel like we were taking a road trip with an old friend. Thank you, Sadie. ❤️


Yellowstone in the winter was truly magical! We saw bison, elk, mountain goat, eagles and even two moose. Our experience with Sadie as our guide was absolutely perfect. She was went out of her way to accommodate us and she was very knowledgeable. We highly recommend this tour with her as we know you will have a wonderful day!
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2024-06-22 10:49