Private Tour: Viña del Mar and Valparaíso Tour with Wine Tasting in Casablanca Valley

4 (103)
Valparaiso, CL
4 (103)
Valparaiso, CL
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Embark on a full-day private tour of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, two captivating coastal cities in central Chile. Discover the historical significance of Valparaíso, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and immerse yourself in its vibrant streets and stunning architecture. Explore the popular Plaza Sotomayor and the beautiful La Sebastiana house. Then, head to Viña del Mar, known as the Garden City, and indulge in its luxurious beach resort atmosphere. Don't miss the chance to visit the renowned Casablanca Valley and try its famous wines. Our knowledgeable guide will provide personalized information and insider tips, ensuring a tailored and unforgettable experience. Book now and let us reveal the cultural charm and natural beauty of these coastal gems.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Admission Not Included
  • 8 hours
  • Suitable for 1-15 Participants
  • Private Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Private tour
  • Professional guide
  • Live commentary on board
  • Wine and Food tasting (Azapa olives and cookies with olive oil)
  • Gratuities
  • Lunch (own expense)
  • Additional charge for luggage

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Experience the beauty and culture of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar in central Chile with the Private Tour: Viña del Mar and Valparaíso Tour with Wine Tasting in Casablanca Valley. This full-day private tour offers a unique opportunity to explore these vibrant coastal cities and discover their historical significance.

What to expect?

On this tour, you can expect to visit iconic landmarks such as La Sebastiana, a four-story home with panoramic views of the city, and Plaza Sotomayor, a popular plaza bordering the famous port in the center of Valparaíso. You'll also have the chance to explore the beautiful streets of Viña del Mar, visit

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  • You can book at any time before the event

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  • At least one adult or senior required per booking

Your Itinerary

La Sebastiana

This four-story home, offering 360 degree views of the city, is highlighted by "the jar of smoke," a round, post-modern fireplace designed by Neruda himself.

Playa Ancha Hill

(Pass by)

A beautiful lookout spot for aerial sightseeing.

Turri Clock Tower

(Pass by)

The wedge-shaped Turri Tower is one of the oldest clocks in the city.

Plaza Sotomayor

Bordering the famous port in the center of Valparaiso, this popular plaza contains the country's naval headquarters.

Parliament Building

(Pass by)

The impressive square-arched government building was moved from Santiago to protect it from socialist bombings in the 1970's.

Paseo Gervasoni

Many vintage chilean buildings line this hilly street, a popular site for a walking tour.

Palacio Baburizza

This turn-of-the-century palace pays homage to the city's 16th century roots and currently houses the Fine Arts Museum.

Admission Not Included

Navy Building

This impressive "fortress" is one of Valparaiso's most architecturally awe-inspiring military buildings.

Admission Not Included

Cerro Concepcion

The amazing eastern views provided by this magnificent hilltop are some of the best in the country

Monumento a Los Heroes

The War of the Pacific in the 1880's was a major punctuation point in the history of Chile. The Chilean armed forces, anchored by the Navy, eventually triumphed over Bolivia and Peru. Chile seized land in the north with valuable mineral resources (saltpeter and copper), trashed Lima, and pushed Bolivia back from the seacoast into land locked status. Anyone wondering about whether these successes are important and well-remembered should spend some time looking up this quite impressive monument to the victory and its leaders. The monument also serves as a focal point of Sotomayor Square and can be seen from many of the surrounding hills.

Wulff Castle

(Pass by)

This National Monument is a nineteenth century castle that currently serves as a cultural center.

Avenida Peru

(Pass by)

One of the main drags that hugs the ocean with breathtaking views.

Vina del Mar Casino

The first and largest casino in Chile offers games and entertainment for all ages.

Playa Renaca

Renaca is reached from Vina del Mar in the south by a coastal road. To the rear of the main town and ocean front the town rises quickly with many steep roads. Shops bars and restaurants aplenty. The beach sandy and clean with a nice promenade.

Paseo 21 de Mayo

Great place for taking a amazing photo of your visit to Valparaiso. You get to see the whole city and the complete bay (including Viña and Reñaca). There are restaurants nearby and it's surrounded by beautiful and off-the-beaten-path streets of the Playa Ancha hill.

Palacio Presidencial

(Pass by)

This is the "president's summer house", you can appreciate that while walking in the "Peru Avenue". It's a nice place, It is on the top of Castle Hill. "Castillo Cerro".

Historic Quarter of the Seaport City of Valparaiso

(Pass by)

The buildings, street art and history all blend together to create an terrific experience. Wonder the streets, list local merchants, take the vehicular trams up and down steep hill sides. Walk streets with vista's of the sea.

Los Canones Beach

Vina del Mar boasts that it is Chile's most luxurious beach resort town, attracting visitors from all over the world. Even though it was off season.

El Arco Britanico

(Pass by)

The Arco Británico is a monument on Avenida Brasil. It was donated to the city in 1910 by the British community to mark the centenary of the Independence of Chile. The monument, covered in Italian marble, is surmounted by a British Victorian lion and is decorated with the images of four Britons who participated in the Chilean War of Independence.

Plaza de los Poetas

Nice square commemorating the important literary history of the city. Very nice architecture around and some lovely gardens. Nice stop-over point on the way to Pablo Neruda's house. Shake hands with a statue. Put your arm around another.

Paseo Yugoeslavo Ex Paseo Americano

This place is unique in many ways. The buildings are very european and the views are splendind. There are many stores and restaurants, aswell as lovely picture stops and lovely artcrafts sold all over the place.

Admission Not Included

Corporacion Museo de Arqueologia e Historia Francisco Fonck

The Museum of Archeology and History Francisco Fonck, founded in 1937, is a varied and complete museum that shows objects of the original peoples of Chile: highlighting its large collection of the Rapanui culture, the Atacameños, Diaguitas, Mapuches, inhabitants of the area central and extreme austral, in addition to a wide collection of Peruvian pre-Columbian vessels. In the area of ​​Natural Sciences there is a complete sample of arthropods and animals from different areas of the country.

Admission Not Included


This statue was brought in from Easter Island. It is extremely interesting. It is fun to take pictures standing by this statue. It makes you wonder about its original creators. It also entices people to want to visit Easter Island.

Mirador Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda's house is one of the talked about destinations at Valparaiso. Its a small house on top of Cerro Bellavista.. It houses a museum showing glimpses of Pablo Neruda's life & offers a vantage point to look out over the city. There are shops outside the house that one can pick up pretty magnets from, & a quaint plaza closeby which has steps with beautiful mosaic.

Muelle Prat

Enjoy the views from the boat and the culture within the port with local merchants and a big plaza to add to your experience of Valparaiso.

Cerro Alegre

It's the historical part of Valparaiso located on the hills. The place is an UNESCO World Heritage because of its house's architecture. You can enjoy also the view of Valparaiso's seaside and many restaurants and shops.

Muelle Vergara

(Pass by)

The Muelle Vergara is a great spot to catch some nice photos of the coastline on both sides. It is also a very popular fishing spot with the locals.

Flower Clock (Reloj de Flores)

Every visitor to the area should visit this iconic spot. Even on a not so sunny day its very picturesque.

Ascensor Artilleria

Artilleria appears to be the Valparaiso ascensor with the most reviews. It also probably has the best views from the top and the stroll back down is very nice too.

Admission Not Included

Ascensor El Peral

One of the many elevator lines that take folks up and down the hills. Very practical in this very vertical city.

Admission Not Included

Ascensor Concepcion

This is the oldest funicular in Valparaíso. The view is wonderful, even if you can see daylight through the floorboards. It is a real local experience!

Admission Not Included

Paseo Atkinson

Paseo atkinson, use to be a living place in the past years, now is full of tourist that enjoy a nice view, from there you can see the bay, the hills and the plan of the city. Paseo atkinson is now a free access viewpoint located in Valparaíso, in the Concepción hill.

Piano Staircase

Piano Staircase.

Paseo Dimalow

A nice walk, different from the others in the sense that it does not have the same view, but it is surrounded by interesting buildings and commercial premises that have been preserved over time.

Ascensor Reina Victoria

The Queen Victoria funicular, built by the British in the late 1800’s, is an efficient and pleasant ride up the mountain in an eight-person box.

Admission Not Included


(Pass by)

Departure from Santiago city


(Pass by)

Valparaiso, The Jewel of the Pacific, offers a unique appeal. Initially encouraged by groups of artists and bohemians and then by the community, Valparaiso has gone through a transformation through improvement projects.

Vina del Mar

(Pass by)

The city, also known as the Garden City was founded on December 29th, 1874, by the engineer Jose Francisco Vergara Echevers, and has grown into Chile's most luxurious beach resort town, attracting visitors from all over the world. Some come for Vina Del Mar 's languid tropical atmosphere, its grand tree lined , its vast, soft stretches of white sand beach, and its sybaritic abundance of gourmet restaurants.



4 (103)


Great day out. Ignacio was a really helpful and knowledgeable guide. Would definitely recommend. Valparaiso was a fascinating city.


We had a memorable, fun time with our tour guide Alexis . He was funny, entertaining, spoke English & explained everything in detail . We asked many questions , he was always patient & answered us with details & ensuring that we understood. He created a great atmosphere on the trip & made it easy for us to interact with other tourists from across the globe . Alexis was the best tour guide we had so far. It was well worth the trip. We highly recommend this tour if Alexis is your tour guide. .


Had a great experience with Jaime, so knowledgeable, so friendly, and an excellent choice of stops along the way. Highly recommended !


The tour guide was very informative and explained the towns and stops clearly with the history background. It was not an easy task to master !


Had a wonderful tour with very friendly & joyful Jaime as Driver/Guide. He is very informative & kept the group updated with all the significance of the places visited. He walked with us & helped in taking photos introducing best angles for photo taking. Enjoyed the tour & beautiful places. Highly recommend.


We really enjoyed spending time with Alex, he was a great guy to talk with and enjoy time together. This tour has the potential to be great but unfortunately it did not meet our expectations. At the start of the day, Alex asked us what we were most excited to see and we said that we wanted to focus the tour on Valparaiso. However, it seemed the tour was designed with a lunch reservation at 2pm in mind so that the tour guides could receive kickbacks from a restaurant they clearly have a relationship with. What this meant in practice is that we spent most of our day in Viña del Mar as they tried to delay us moving on with the tour so they could meet this lunch reservation. We were given 45minutes to look at a clock made out of flowers, and no freedom to say we wanted to move on faster (as they drove off to the car park to try and slow us down). The delay tactics frustrated us and when we arrived at the restaurant it was clear to see it was designed for tour groups. The car park was full to the brim with tour busses. It had reached 2:15pm and we were yet to have eaten lunch or see any of Valparaiso. At this point we told them we did not want to have this lunch and we would be happy to pick up an empanada on the route. If we had honoured this reservation then we would have likely only had 10mins in Valparaiso by the time we needed to drive back to Santiago. We finally made it to Valparaiso just short of 3pm. It was disappointing to us that we only had 1h in the UNESCO world heritage site and about 2-3h in Vina del Mar, especially when we had explicitly said at the start of the day we wanted to see Valparaiso above everything else. It is also worth noting that the wine tasting in Casablanca valley is a service station offering free samples. This tour has the potential to be great, and the guys running it are super cool and nice. My advice if you book this tour is to be crystal clear at the start of the day that you do not want to go to the restaurant reservation, and you are happy to pick up something on route. This is also a totally reasonable expectation given lunch isn’t included in the tour price and there are plenty of cheap non-touristy options around. This also means that they won’t delay your tour schedule to suit the kick backs they get from the restaurant and you’ll get to spend more time seeing what you actually paid for in the tour description. I am sharing this honest feedback because we liked Alex so much and want to be constructive. Thanks again Alex for spending so much time with us and being a great guy!


Disappointed. Driver shows up in very dirty small red car. We were nervous to get in as other tours at hotel were offering clean white vans. We still went since this was our only day we could schedule this tour. Not as advertised. The itinerary on website sounds great. We saw some of the sites. Our guide, although very pleasant, didn't educate us well on what we were seeing. He was a freelance tour guide for company so I don't think he was trained for this specific tour. We mostly drove by places and didn't go in. Would have been nice to go inside buildings we were allowed to go into. Description of tour says "admission not included" on certain buildings which suggests that we could have gone in. Missed opportunities.


Our much anticipated private tour was cancelled the night before with the excuse that the car which was booked for us "had mechanical issues". We had since learned that this has happened to others after reading reviews. My advice would be to look elsewhere. I feel that the demand for this tour was high and despite booking months in advance for this experience we got "bumped".


Our guide/driver Luis was very nice, was full of information and was continuously sharing it, but his English was not quite up to our expectation, and the tour was not as expected or described. We were spoiled the day before, having had a guide with excellent English. At the 09:00 pickup, we were told we would stop for the wine tasting in about an hour, on the way to Valparaiso. I mention that 10:00 seemed a bit early for a wine tasting, and asked if we could do it on the way back from Valparaiso. When told it would complicate the schedule if we changed it, I said to proceed as planned. The so-called wine tasting was a joke. We stopped at a wine supermarket (full of people off several tour buses parked in front) and were taken to a lady by a barrel, with a few wines we could sample. The samples were 10 ml or 1/3 ounce at most. I told Luis this was not what was described or expected. The description said "Wine and Food tasting", so we expected to be sitting at a table and be offered some finger food along with some glasses of different wines to sample, like many other wine tastings we have previously done. We showed Luis pictures from our previous Casablanca wine tasting in 2016. Instead we were now taken to a tourist trap where the tour operators are likely rewarded for bringing in customers. Luis said he was just doing as the tour operator he worked for had instructed, but would contact them. From hear, we went to Valparaiso. Lots of commentary from Luis on the way, but we were frustrated at not always understanding it. In Valparaiso, several sites were pointed our as we drove by. The bulk of the time went to an interesting walking tour through an older part of town with lots of murals on the buildings. We would never have gone there on our own, and enjoyed seeing the murals and the area. Luis was at his best explaining the meaning of these murals. After lunch at a restaurant with a wonderful view (and prices accordingly), we were told we would stop on the way back to Santiago for a (presumably) proper wine tasting and then were given the option of returning to the vehicle, or riding down the old funicular and being picked up at the bottom. We, of course, rode the funicular down rather than walk up to the vehicle. On the way back, we pulled into the same winery I had shown Luis pictures of in the morning. Luis said it was the only option without a previous reservation. When we got inside, things went sour again. Instead of being seated at at one of the many empty tables, after speaking to the staff, Luis asked us what type of wine we wanted and directed us to a couple of chairs off to the side, where we could drink a glass of wine - not a proper wine tasting, and again, no food. He said the tables were for eating customers. We were once again upset, refused the offer, and demanded to be taken back to Santiago.


The communication with valentina, the guide, was really smooth. Valentina was a brilliant guide with great local knowledge. She had just the right amount of friendliness with very clear directions and was very easy to understand. The walk around Valparaiso was the highlight of the tour and the suggestion for the lunch spot was brilliant. Jose was a very reliable driver. The backseat of the van was not designed for four adults: this was a very uncomfortable seat and the other three occupants also said that it was.
Collected by Evendo, Tripadvisor & Viator
2024-05-18 10:30