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Scavenger Hunt Adventure in Fort McMurray by Zombie Scavengers

Fort McMurray, CA

Scavenger Hunt Adventure in Fort McMurray by Zombie Scavengers

Fort McMurray, CA
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Embark on a thrilling adventure in Fort McMurray with Zombie Scavengers! Survive the zombie apocalypse by using our app and strategic thinking to find a list of survival items scattered around the city. The best part? You can collect the items in any order you prefer. Along the way, engage in fun zombie-themed challenges to earn additional points. With a remote host providing virtual support, you'll have the guidance you need to outsmart the undead. Compete against other teams nationwide and see your score on the app. Can you survive the zombie apocalypse in Fort McMurray? Book your Scavenger Hunt Adventure today and put your survival skills to the test!

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Suitable for 1-10 Participants
  • Private Tour
  • Self Guided Experience
  • Survive the zombie apocalypse in Fort McMurray
  • Explore Fort McMurray with Zombie Scavengers
  • Find items needed to survive in any order
  • Complete fun zombie themed challenges for points
  • Compete with other teams around the country
  • GST (goods and services tax)
  • 1 hour with a remote interactive survival guide
  • Self-Guided walking activity
  • All Activities
  • Private transportation
  • Use of Activity-owned smartphone

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More about this experience


Scavenger Hunt Adventure in Fort McMurray by Zombie Scavengers is an exhilarating activity that takes you on a thrilling journey through the city, testing your survival skills in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. With the help of our interactive app and a remote host, you'll embark on a quest to find essential survival items scattered throughout Fort McMurray. This immersive experience will challenge your strategy, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork as you race against time to gather the necessary items to stay alive.

What to expect?

During this scavenger hunt, you can anticipate an exciting adventure filled with suspense and surprises. Armed with your smartphone and the Zombie Scavengers app, you'll navigate the city streets, decipher clues, and uncover hidden locations. The items you need to find are crucial for your survival, and each one will earn you valuable points. Additionally, you'll encounter thrilling zombie-themed challenges that will put your skills to the test. The more points you accumulate, the better your chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse and securing your place at the top of the leaderboard.

Who is this for?

This experience is designed for thrill-seekers, adventure enthusiasts, and fans of the zombie genre. Whether you're a group of friends looking for an exciting bonding activity or a family seeking a unique and immersive adventure, Zombie Scavengers is suitable for all. No prior knowledge or experience is required, making it accessible to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Bring your friends, family, or colleagues and join forces to outsmart the zombies and emerge victorious.

Why book this?

Zombie Scavengers offers an unparalleled experience that combines the thrill of a scavenger hunt with the excitement of a zombie apocalypse. By participating in this activity, you'll not only have a blast, but also enhance your problem-solving skills, teamwork, and strategic thinking. The interactive app and remote host provide guidance and support throughout the game, ensuring an immersive and engaging experience. Moreover, the competitive element adds an extra layer of excitement as you strive to achieve the highest score and secure your survival. With Zombie Scavengers, you'll create unforgettable memories, enjoy a unique adventure, and test your survival instincts in a thrilling and safe environment.

Good to know

To fully enjoy the Zombie Scavengers experience, make sure to bring your own smartphone to access the app. The activity is self-guided and can be completed at your own pace, allowing you to explore Fort McMurray freely. A remote interactive survival guide will be available for one hour to provide assistance and answer any questions you may have. The activity includes all necessary equipment and is subject to GST (goods and services tax). Please note that the use of the activity-owned smartphone and private transportation are not included.


Participants who have embarked on the Zombie Scavengers adventure rave about the excitement and immersive nature of the experience. They praise the well-designed app, the challenging clues, and the overall thrill of navigating the city while evading zombies. Many highlight the enjoyment they derived from the zombie-themed challenges and the sense of accomplishment when finding the survival items. Reviewers also appreciate the remote host's support and guidance, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. Overall, customers express high satisfaction with Zombie Scavengers, describing it as a unique and adrenaline-pumping activity that surpasses their expectations.

How long before the event do I need to book?

  • You can book at any time before the event

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2024-04-15 10:54