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Sea of Galilee, Capernaum and Nazareth Day Trip from Tel Aviv

3.8 (6)
Megiddo, IL

Sea of Galilee, Capernaum and Nazareth Day Trip from Tel Aviv

3.8 (6)
Megiddo, IL
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Embark on a biblical journey and explore the iconic sites of the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, and Nazareth on this captivating day trip from Tel Aviv. Begin your adventure by visiting Megiddo and the Valley of Armageddon, where you can soak in the stunning views before continuing to Nazareth. In Nazareth, wander through the bustling streets and discover the Church of the Annunciation and the Church of St Joseph, both significant religious landmarks. Next, travel along the shores of the picturesque Sea of Galilee, passing by the historical city of Kfar Cana. Marvel at the Mount of Beatitudes and explore the ancient ruins of Capernaum at the Kfar Nahum National Park. Lastly, have the opportunity to partake in a baptism ceremony at Yardenit, a sacred site on the Jordan River. With comfortable transportation, knowledgeable guides, and hotel pick-up and drop-off included, this comprehensive tour is a must for any traveler seeking to delve into the biblical history and spirituality of the region.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Admission Included
  • 10 hours
  • Suitable for 1-15 Participants
  • Private Tour, Small Group Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Visit the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth
  • Explore the Church of St Joseph in Nazareth
  • Travel along the beautiful shores of the Sea of Galilee
  • Experience the historical site of Capernaum
  • Have the opportunity for a baptism ceremony on the Jordan River
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Professional guide
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Includes all entrance fees
  • Food and drinks
  • Insurance.

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More about this experience


Immerse yourself in the biblical wonders of the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, and Nazareth on this captivating day trip from Tel Aviv. This adventure will take you on a remarkable journey through some of the most significant sites mentioned in the New Testament. Prepare to be amazed as you explore the historic city of Nazareth, the childhood home of Jesus, and uncover its sacred churches, including the renowned Church of the Annunciation and Church of St Joseph. As you travel around the Sea of Galilee, be transported back in time to witness the site of the feeding of the 5,000 and discover the captivating ruins of Capernaum. And for those seeking a truly spiritual experience, the opportunity to be baptized in the Jordan River awaits you.

What to Expect

Join this full day trip and prepare for an immersive experience that will introduce you to the rich biblical history of the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, and Nazareth. Throughout the tour, you will be guided by an expert, providing you with fascinating insights and stories about these revered sites. Marvel at the stunning architecture of the Church of the Annunciation and Church of St Joseph in Nazareth. Stand in awe at the beautiful Sea of Galilee and visit the location where Jesus performed miracles. The highlight of the tour awaits at the Jordan River, where you have the option to partake in a baptism ceremony. This day trip promises to be a spiritual and enlightening adventure, leaving you with a deep appreciation for the biblical significance of these holy places.

Who is this for?

This day trip is designed for both devout Christians and those with a general interest in biblical history. Whether you are a believer seeking a deeper connection to your faith or a curious traveler wanting to explore the roots of Christianity, this tour is perfect for you. The inclusiveness of this experience ensures that everyone, regardless of their religious or cultural background, will appreciate the historical and spiritual significance of these remarkable sites. So, whether you are traveling with friends, family, or on your own, embark on this journey and discover the wonders of the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, and Nazareth.

Why book this?

Unveil the secrets of biblical history as you embark on a unique adventure through the holy sites of the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, and Nazareth. This day trip offers a comprehensive itinerary, carefully crafted to showcase the most significant locations and landmarks associated with Jesus' life and teachings. With guided tours throughout the journey, you'll gain a deep understanding of the religious and historical context of these sites. The opportunity to be baptized in the Jordan River adds a profound and personal touch to this spiritual expedition. As you immerse yourself in the sacred atmosphere of each location, you'll feel a sense of awe and connection that will stay with you long after the tour concludes.

Good to Know

To make the most of this day trip, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for walking. Sunscreen and a hat are advised as you will spend time outdoors. It's also a good idea to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the journey. Don't forget your camera to capture the breathtaking landscapes and historic sites. The tour includes transportation by air-conditioned coach, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free experience. Hotel pick-up and drop-off in Tel Aviv are also included for your convenience. Prepare for a day filled with discovery, spirituality, and unforgettable memories.


Travelers who have embarked on this tour have consistently praised its comprehensive itinerary and knowledgeable guides. Many have expressed profound spiritual experiences, feeling an undeniable connection to their faith and a deeper appreciation for biblical history. The breathtaking views of the Sea of Galilee and the peacefulness of the Jordan River have left lasting impressions on visitors. Reviewers have also highlighted the convenience of hotel pick-up and drop-off, as well as the comfort of the air-conditioned coach. Overall, this day trip has received glowing reviews for its ability to provide an enriching and unforgettable journey through the biblical wonders of the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, and Nazareth.

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  • You can book at any time before the event

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  • At least one adult or senior required per booking

Your Itinerary


(Pass by)

Depart your central Tel Aviv hotel by air-conditioned coach and travel to the north of Israel we turn off towards the Valley of Armageddon from there we can see Megiddo.

Mt. of Precipice Lookout Point

We visit Mt. Precipice and arrive to Nazareth in the Galilee region.


Visit Nazareth the capital and largest city in the Northern District of Israel, also known as 'the Arab capital of Israel.' In the New Testament, Nazareth is described as the home of Mary and the childhood home of Jesus. On route, hear tales of the city, known as the childhood home of Jesus, and its important role in the Christian faith.

Church Of Annunciation

On arrival, visit some of Nazareth’s key religious sites. See the Church of the Annunciation, where the Angel Gabriel visited the Virgin Mary to tell her she would be the mother of Jesus and the Church of St Joseph.

St. Joseph's Church

Visit the Historical site of Church of St Joseph, believed to stand on the site of Joseph’s carpentry workshop.

Sea of Galilee

(Pass by)

Travel along the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

Kfar Cana

(Pass by)

Pass by Historical city Kfar Cana

Mount Of Beatitudes

(Pass by)

See the Mount of Beatitudes

Kfar Nahum National Park

Explore Capernaum on the shores of the Sea.

Admission Included

Church of the Multiplication

Pass the Church of the Multiplication - Tabgha, the believed location of the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000.


(Pass by)

Pass by Tiberias


Pass through the waterfront city of Tiberias and arrive in Yardenit – a sacred baptism site on the Jordan River. We have the time for Christian baptism ceremony on the Jordan River (Yardenit)

Mount Tabor

(Pass by)

On your return, enjoy beautiful views of Mt Tabor, known to Christians as the Mount of Transfiguration, before your tour ends in Tel Aviv.



3.8 (6)


Nazareth is the childhood home of Jesus. It adjoins the Sea of Galilee. It has many quaint houses. These days, the majority of the population are Muslims, but many Christians also live here. In nearby Capernaum, the ruins of the old synagogue are said to be built on the home of St Peter, of whom Christ said "on this rock I shall build my Church." The Sea of Galilee is in the northern section of Israel, we had a wonderful time, especially following in the Shoes of the Fisherman


We started our trip with Orion our tour guide, he had such a beautiful smile, very charming, very kind and gentle, approachable and friendly, gave us plenty of helpful advice. I feel bad though that I wasn’t able to give him some gratuities because I’ve been using my card to pay everything. I’d definitely recommend this trip. All parts of the tour was great but I especially enjoyed seeing the Sea of Galilee up close and personal, plus, the baptism at Jordan River. Just a bit of a reminder, You need to book someone who would baptize you in advance, it’s about 500 usd but if you weren’t able to book like me or on a tight budget, you can ask your fellow travelers to baptize you just like what I did. I rented for the tunic and towel, about 15 dollars, I didn’t have any shorts so I bought some shorts for 25 usd so I suggest you prepare ahead of time, bring a suit or something to cover your private parts because the tunic is very thin and once you arise from the water, it’s a show for all lol. We had lunch at a Kiboot not sure if I spelled it correctly. This is a very unique experience because not everyone can do this, you usually have to arrange it in advance and ask for their permission. The rest of the tour activities are good.


We paid $106 to go on this tour. We met others on the tour who paid less. Either way, the tour guide (Haya) passed an envelop around at the end of the tour, and I reluctantly gave 40 sheckles considering what I paid for this tour. Then before departing the bus, Haya asked for additional money for the bus driver. I nearly gagged! My friend refused to pay anything, and just thanked Haya, to which she replied: “Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you, but where is your money?” He was embarrassed and immediately stepped off the bus and began to walk away. I could not believe the behavior of these people where money was concerned! In fact, we were totally shocked at how many people in this country working in the transport sector were trying to unethically and unscrupulously get money out of us. It even happened in a seafood restaurant in the Tel Aviv port and with a taxi driver named Joseph Cohen. As soon as they heard our Western accents, they saw dollar and euro signs. This focus on scamming visitors out of their hard-earned money is a dealbreaker. All that praying they do on Friday and Saturday? Cho! Be ye warned!


I don’t think the tour guide has anything to do with the amount of places or time he has to spend in the presentation!! All do I think is really good but i strongly recommend the company to re arrange the time and places seen on this tour otherwise good experience just need to be more patient and understanding that we are on vacation. Suggest les rush more quality time

Peter Y

Our day in Galilee/Nazareth was fascinating, made more so by our guide Riki, who was also our guide on an earlier tour. What we saw was just amazing, but Riki brought depth to the experience with her knowledge and experience. Well organized, effortless for us. Great experience,well worth it.


We had a tour with Bein Harin to Nazareth, Galilee sea and Cafarnaun, the experience was not so pleased, our guide Dina, unfortunately didn't speak a good english, what made the tour bad, despiye that she spent more time in a local shop store instead to at the holy places.
Collected by Evendo, Tripadvisor & Viator
2024-04-12 19:49