From Abano Montegrotto Tour to Arquà Petrarca medieval village

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Montegrotto Terme, IT
5 (13)
Montegrotto Terme, IT
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Discover the enchanting medieval village of Arquà Petrarca on this captivating tour. Immerse yourself in the beauty and history of this hidden gem, once home to the renowned Italian poet, Francesco Petrarca. Explore Petrarch's house, a precious pearl nestled within the village's timeless streets. Marvel at the picturesque Euganean Hills, a backdrop of sinuous landscapes. Begin your journey with a visit to a renowned olive oil mill, where you'll learn about the production process and indulge in a guided tasting of exquisite oils. Continue your adventure with a tasting of liqueurs, marmalades, and other Venetian delights at a local producer's boutique enterprise. This experiential tour will ignite your senses, transporting you to a bygone era of charm and elegance. Uncover the essence of medieval Italy and create unforgettable memories in Arquà Petrarca.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Admission Included
  • 3 hours - 6 hours
  • Suitable for 1-8 Participants
  • Small Group Tour, Private Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Visit to Petrarch's house in Arquà Petrarca
  • Exploring the beauty of the medieval village
  • Guided visit to an olive oil mill
  • Tasting of olive oil from the Euganean Hills
  • Tasting of liqueurs, marmalades, and Brodo di Giuggiole
  • Insurance and technical organization of a certified travel agency
  • Visit of a producer of preserves and liquors of the euganean hills and tasting of typical delights
  • Guided tour of the euganean region
  • Roundtrip transportation to the place of departure, in the options you select
  • Walk in the medieval village of arquà petrarca and visit the house of francesco petrarca
  • Traditional italian life with your local guide
  • Visit of an olive oil mill and tasting of olive oil
  • The price does not include what is not indicated.

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More about this experience


Experience the enchanting beauty of the Venetian region with the From Abano Montegrotto Tour to Arquà Petrarca medieval village. This immersive tour takes you back in time as you explore the captivating medieval village of Arquà Petrarca. Discover the home of Francesco Petrarca, one of Italy's most renowned poets, and delve into the rich history and charm of this hidden gem nestled in the Euganean Hills. Prepare to be transported to a world where time seems to stand still and every corner holds a story waiting to unfold.

What to expect?

During this tour, you can expect a total duration of 180 to 360 minutes filled with awe-inspiring sights and unforgettable experiences. The day begins at the Euganean Spas of Abano Montegrotto, a world-renowned destination for relaxation and wellness. From there, embark on a journey through the picturesque Euganean Hills, a volcanic wonderland with heights ranging from 300 to 600 meters. Immerse yourself in the medieval ambiance of Arquà Petrarca, the second most beautiful medieval village in Italy, as you explore its cobblestone streets and visit Petrarch's house. Indulge in a guided tasting of the renowned olive oil from the Euganean Hills and savor the exquisite flavors of venetian delights, including liqueurs, marmalades, and Brodo di Giuggiole.

Who is this for?

This captivating tour is suitable for travelers of all ages who seek a unique and immersive experience in the Venetian region. History enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to explore a medieval village and visit the home of one of Italy's greatest poets, Francesco Petrarca. Nature lovers will be captivated by the stunning landscapes of the Euganean Hills, offering panoramic views and a tranquil ambiance. Food and wine connoisseurs will delight in the guided tasting experiences, discovering the flavors that define the region. Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, or a family, this tour promises an unforgettable journey filled with culture, history, and natural beauty.

Why book this?

Discover the magic of Arquà Petrarca, an enchanting medieval village that has preserved its timeless beauty. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this hidden gem and be captivated by its romantic scenery. From the moment you set foot in this picturesque village, you'll be transported to a bygone era, where medieval architecture and cobblestone streets create a whimsical atmosphere. Explore Petrarch's house, the residence of a literary legend, and gain insight into the life and works of Francesco Petrarca. Indulge in the flavors of the Euganean Hills, sampling the acclaimed olive oil and the irresistible delicacies produced by local artisans. This tour offers a perfect blend of history, nature, and gastronomy, providing a truly authentic experience that will leave you with treasured memories.

Good to know

As you embark on this tour, it's important to note that the total duration of the experience can range from 180 to 360 minutes, ensuring ample time to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Arquà Petrarca and the Euganean Hills. The meeting point will be in front of your hotel in Abano Montegrotto or at the Terme Euganee train station in Montegrotto Terme, where your experienced local tour leader will greet you with the Lovivo branded blue minivan. Prepare to be enchanted by the rolling landscapes of the Euganean Hills, a natural paradise offering a peaceful escape from the bustling cities. Don't forget to bring your curiosity and sense of adventure as you embark on a journey through history, nature, and delectable flavors.


Feedback from previous guests reflects the enchantment and satisfaction they experienced during this tour. Travelers expressed their awe at the beauty of Arquà Petrarca and the Euganean Hills, describing it as a hidden treasure of Italy. Many praised the knowledgeable tour leader who provided insightful information and made the experience truly immersive. The guided tasting of olive oil and other local delights received rave reviews, with guests savoring the authentic flavors and discovering new culinary favorites. Overall, travelers were delighted with the blend of history, culture, and gastronomy, allowing them to truly connect with the essence of the Venetian region.

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  • You can book at any time before the event

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  • At least one adult or senior required per booking

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Terme Euganee di Abano e Montegrotto

(Pass by)

The Euganean Spas of Abano Montegrotto are one of the most famous spa destination in the world. Our tour will start from here.

Parco Regionale dei Colli Euganei

The Euganean Hills are a group of hills of volcanic origin that rise to heights of 300 to 600 m from the Padovan-Venetian plain a few km south of Venice.

Admission Included

Via Ventolone, 8

With this experiential tour to Arquà Petrarca we’ll discover the second most beautiful medieval villages in Italy, in the hearth of Euganean Hills.

Admission Included



5 (13)


Our guide, Cami, picked us up in a minivan at our hotel, Mioni Royal San and there were 4 total on the tour plus the guide. The tour was given in English, and luckily the other two guests were pretty fluent though Cami did fill in some details for one of the guests either in French or German, I'm not sure which. On our way to the olive orchards we stopped for a little information and picture opportunities at a few very old buildings that were in excellent condition were a little later period than the Medieval City. At the orchard, we went in the morning so we could get a tour of the state of the art machinery used to process the olives picked each day. Several large stainless steel processors that cleaned, pitted, pressed and prepared the olive oil that was then bottled by hand. There was a small shop that had all varieties of products related to olives, much of it done there at this facility. We did some tasting of different varieties of olive oil. After driving through the Euganean Hills, a lovely countryside we arrived at the Ancient City, Aqua Petrarca. We walked on the paving stone roads to the large home where the leading family in the area lived. It is preserved with its original walls and wooden parquet ceilings. Then a gentle walk down to the Holy Trinity church, during which the church bells rang loudly at noon. The Church is lovely inside and is still used by the community. There was an interesting building that had a huge old grape vine coming out of the wall in a couple of places and it spreads out on the exterior wall. The History, the guide and the whole experience was great.


It is hard to pick our favorite thing in this tour in that all of it was great. Our guide was Camilla, who was excellent. In addition to her native Italian, she speaks fluent English, French and German, but our particular tour was all in English. Arqua Petraca was a unique little medieval village. We particulary enjoyed a visit to the house of Petrarca, a famous Italian poet. There, Camilla gave us an interesting history of Petrarca, his loves and life. We also enjoyed a visit to Brodo di Arqua Petrarca where we tasted unique awesom liquors. We then went to Evo del Borgo and both learned about the making of olive oil and tasting several types of olive oil. Greatly increased our appriciation of olive oil. his trip was a wonderful break from the crowds and bustle of Venice and Padova.


The guide was very knowledgeable and so patient with the different needs of all guests. Loved the small size of the group


Today we explored the little Italian village of Arqua Petra with Camilla and it was such a wonderful experience. We wondered down winding alley ways filled with beauty and historic significance. Visited a famous Italian poet and were able to sample various artisanal products from the colli eugani hills. Such a great day made even better with a knowledgeable and professional guide committed to providing us an unforgettable tour. A ++++


We had a wonderful tour today with an expert who is happy to answer our questions and never made us feel rushed! So personable. The olive oil was amazing. The villa gorgeous! There are several other tours I want to do with this company after the wonderful experience today!


I was especially pleased with the staff at Lovivo, and our guide Camilla. Lovivo was very good about assisting us with setting a pickup location and being sure we would recognize it (by supplying a live photo). They were very patient with my limited access to communication. And, they did a great job of combining two language groups, each too small to schedule a tour, but providing each language group with its own guide. Camilla was extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant. I appreciated hearing about how she trained as part of the background she provided. It added authenticity to the tour and background information. Worth noting was the high quality of both the Olive Oil producer and the Giuggiole producer....I have found that level of quality is not typical on group tours and those visited speak well of the level of experience being offered by Lovivo. This specific tour is very low key and not at all demanding physically. While Petrarch's tomb and home were interesting, and a greatly appreciated the scenic stop before hand, I found the greatest interest in the two producers already mentioned, and in the great guide service provided by Camilla. This is a terrific tour, if you're looking for something low-key and easy paced. I would heartily recommend Lovivo and Camilla


Paese molto carino, a tutte le stagioni... la luce è bella a tutte le ore. Casa del Petrarca interessante, ci torno sempre volentieri.

Biancastella A

Il borgo è delizioso e la casa di Petrarca molto interessante e con buone didascalie. Purtroppo non c'è nessun servizio igienico per i numerosi turisti e questo crea notevoli disagi. Il comune dovrebbe provvedere, visto che si tratta di un sito pubblico per il quale si paga un biglietto d'ingresso.


Bellissimo borgo medioevale sui monti euganei , da visitare la casa del Petrarca , si respira con i polmoni area pulita , locali tipici per assaggi dei prodotti locali.

Luisa P

Arquà Petrarca è un borgo medievale suggestivo arrampicato sui pendii dei colli euganei, dal nome che ne sottolinea la tipica forma arcuata. Paese storico, ospita l’antica abitazione del poeta Francesco Petrarca , vissuto per un periodo in questo bel paese. Dai giardini, circondati da muretti di ardesia, spuntano verdeggianti alberi di giuggiole, prodotti tipici di questa zona con le quali si preparano liquori, composte e il famoso brodo di giuggiole, uno sciroppo calmante della tosse. Ottimi vini e olio particolarmente profumato caratterizzano questa terra generosa e suggestiva.
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2024-07-18 00:55