Aurora Viewing at Aurora Camp North Pole

4.5 (13)
4.5 (13)
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Experience the magic of the Northern Lights on a small-group tour in Alaska. Stay at the Aurora Camp North Pole and witness the breathtaking beauty of the Aurora Borealis from the comfort of Lodge/Modern Igloos/Airstream Motorhome. With pickup from your Fairbanks hotel, you'll be transported in a climate-controlled vehicle to the best viewing spots, where you'll have ample time to marvel at the dancing lights in the sky. Your knowledgeable guide will provide commentary and answer any questions you may have. Enjoy snacks and hot beverages while waiting for the lights to appear. This tour is perfect for nature lovers and first-time visitors to Alaska. Don't miss this chance to witness the awe-inspiring Aurora in all its glory. Round-trip transportation from Fairbanks hotels is included.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • 1 hours - 5 hours
  • Suitable for 1-15 Participants
  • Small Group Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • View the Northern Lights from an Aurora Lodge
  • Enjoy easy transportation in a climate-controlled van
  • A tour with special appeal for nature lovers
  • Plenty of time to ask questions
  • Round-trip transport from Fairbanks hotels included
  • Snacks
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Coffee and/or tea
  • Gratuities

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Welcome to the enchanting world of Aurora Viewing at Aurora Camp North Pole in Alaska. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the Northern Lights while staying in a cozy lodge, modern igloos, or an Airstream motorhome. This small-group tour offers a unique opportunity to witness the breathtaking spectacle of the Aurora Borealis, guaranteed to leave you in awe.

What to expect?

Prepare to be captivated by the stunning display of colors dancing across the night sky as you witness the Northern Lights in all their glory. With pickup from your hotel in Fairbanks, you'll embark on a comfortable and climate-controlled journey to the best viewing spots. Expert guides will accompany you, providing insightful commentary and answering any questions you may have.

Who is this for?

This experience is perfect for nature lovers and first-time visitors who seek a magical encounter with the Northern Lights. Whether you're a solo traveler, a couple, or a group of friends, this tour welcomes all who wish to witness this natural phenomenon. The small-group setting ensures an intimate and personalized experience for everyone.

Why book this?

By booking this tour, you'll be treated to an unforgettable adventure that combines awe-inspiring natural beauty with comfort and convenience. The opportunity to view the Northern Lights from the cozy confines of a lodge, modern igloos, or an Airstream motorhome adds a touch of luxury to your experience. With round-trip transportation from Fairbanks hotels included, you can relax and immerse yourself in the magic of the Aurora Borealis without any worries.

Good to know:

During the tour, you'll be provided with snacks and have access to an air-conditioned vehicle, ensuring your comfort throughout the journey. Sip on a cup of coffee or tea to keep warm as you await the appearance of the Northern Lights. It's important to note that gratuities are not included, so it's customary to show your appreciation for the guides' exceptional service.


Travelers who have experienced this tour have raved about the incredible beauty of the Northern Lights. They were impressed by the knowledgeable guides who provided interesting insights into this natural phenomenon. The small-group setting allowed for a more personalized experience, and the transportation provided was comfortable and convenient. Overall, guests were highly satisfied with their journey to witness the Northern Lights at Aurora Camp North Pole.

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  • You can book at any time before the event

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  • At least one adult or senior required per booking

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Cleary Summit Aurora Viewing Area or Chandalar Ranch Lodge



4.5 (13)


This was a wonderful camp! It was so nice to see the Aurora here - Was one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you RV Trip for your camp and great staff !


Very nice aurora viewing experience at Fairbanks. We were welcomed by friendly staff member. Our guide is extremely knowledgeable. He shared many funny stories with us while he was in Alaska. It is generally a tour worth going to.


The tour guide came on time which was good. But overall it was more of a pick up and drop taxi service. The tour bus driver spoke English but was only talking in some Asian language with other Asian travelers. After picking us up he did not tell us where he was taking us. We had no idea unless I had to specifically ask if he is going to up other riders or if he was taking us to the Cleary Summit. This was a little uncomfortable experience. The number mentioned for RV Trip LLC on the viator website was incorrect and I had to figure out a different number. They need to improve on the customer experience. The good thing was they picked us up and dropped back to the hotel on time.


Amazing experience. Lucky we got to see a little bit of the Aurora especially when there’s a bright moon and cloudy skies. The cabin was warm and cute and full of snacks! There’s a mini projector upstairs where you can watch movies. There’s a karaoke machine downstairs and boardgames. Everything is as pictured. Bonfire area outside. Mini tents are for decor only. My biggest issue is there is no indoor restroom. porta potty is outside. For land that size, I would have hoped they built a bathroom inside, but nope! There were three guides, but I only caught one name - Tommy. He was nice and talkative and shared his experiences. They grilled some lamb and fish for us to snack on. I did the self drive option (cheaper) and was honestly scared because I rarely drive in snow. The road was honestly scary and not plowed for a long section, but we made it! There was another group who brought their own food to grill and alcohol to drink. I wish I knew so I could bring stuff too. I guess better communication would have been appreciated. I know there’s a bit of a language barrier since it’s Chinese operated. There was also an option where one of the guides can take you to a different location in the RV if you wanted to switch. Overall, would do it again in a heartbeat with the price I paid!

mooz l

The cabin was warm enough to sing karaoke while waiting for the aurora or watch a movie upstairs. Someone announce us when the aurora came which was very thoughtful. The aurora was fantastic and beautiful.


The place is awesome, as we got to see northern lights. The cabin was far away from city lights.We had an amazing time waiting for northern lights in this cabin,We enjoyed a lot of drinks,snacks and BBQ! We stayed at there until 1 am and Elijah took us back to our hotel. The entire experience was very good,It was a wonderful evening. Recommending this tour to everyone for northern lights…


No BBQ at all. It is baked sweet potato and two persons have to share one. The so-called ramen is just the cheapest brand instant noodle cups, some of them are even opened/used before. No outside camp fire. No theme at all. Guests are either sitting there playing their own mobile phone or talking to their own friends.


Wonderful experience. Nice and cozy cabin. Good enough decoration for northern light. BBQ, soup, snack, coffee... more enough. They even bring to you when we're busy taking pictures. The staffs also kindly check us to make sure we knew how to take Aurora. The road was little challenge. But worth it. Highly recommend.


This was first on our bucket list. Had a great showing last night. Cabin experience was great, great snacks, great beverages, great people, and great lights. 5 stars from us!!!


Spectacular experience of Lady Aurora Our hearts are full of awesomeness and indescribable happiness when Lady Aurora danced before our very eyes against the pitch black night sky! Some family friends went 2 nights before us but saw nothing. Was it sheer luck? Elijah, our camp host was excellent! We are senior citizens who travelled far from Los Angeles, California and Palm Coast, Florida. Elijah was very helpful to set our iPhones properly so we can get great shorts of the Northern Lights. He cooked lamb barbecue for us to celebrating our successful agenda! Lots of food and drinks are available for all to enjoy! Five stars! I will do this again with Aurora Camp and kudos to Elijah, you are simply the best host! Thank you for playing your guitar and singing for us as well! You are the best host Elijah!
Collected by Evendo, Tripadvisor & Viator
2024-05-24 23:04