Williamsburg East Ghost Tour

4.5 (146)
Williamsburg, US
4.5 (146)
Williamsburg, US
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Experience the thrilling and chilling Williamsburg East Ghost Tour, the only ghost tour in the world based on the first-ever photo study of ghosts! Follow your expert guides as they take you on a journey through the haunted streets of Colonial Williamsburg. Be captivated by real ghost photos featured in the books Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg Virginia with Breakthrough Ghost Photography. These eerie images will be displayed on a large computer notebook, allowing you to see the exact location where each photo was taken and even capture your own chilling snapshots. Immerse yourself in the rich history and haunting stories of this historic city as your guides share personal encounters and tales from interpreters and security guards. With multiple haunted stops to choose from, no two tours are ever the same. The tour concludes at Williamsburg's most haunted site, the infamous Peyton Randolph House. Are you ready for a spine-tingling adventure?

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • 1 hours - 1 hours 30 minutes
  • Suitable for 1-15 Participants
  • Private Tour, Small Group Tour
  • Guided Experience
  • Real ghost photos shown at each stop
  • Guides point out exact location of ghost photos
  • Travelers can take their own ghost photos
  • Choice of haunted stops based on interests
  • Tour ends at Williamsburg's most haunted site
  • Travelers will hear real ghost stories that may explain the ghost photos from each stop.
  • Travelers are encouraged to bring their own cameras; many have captured their own ghost photos!
  • Travelers will see real ghost photos at each stop along the tour on a large computer notebook!
  • Tour is based on the book haunted historic colonial williamsburg with breakthrough ghost photography

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More about this experience


The Williamsburg East Ghost Tour offers a unique and thrilling experience unlike any other ghost tour in the world. Based on the first-ever photo study of ghosts, this tour showcases real ghost photos that were featured in the renowned books, "Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg Virginia with Breakthrough Ghost Photography, Parts 1 & 2." As you explore the historic streets of Williamsburg, your expert guide will show you these eerie ghost photos on a large computer notebook, revealing the exact locations where they were taken. Be prepared to have your senses heightened as you delve into the haunted history of each site.

What to expect?

During the Williamsburg East Ghost Tour, you can expect a spine-chilling journey through the paranormal. The tour duration ranges from 60 to 90 minutes, immersing you in the mysterious world of ghosts and hauntings. Along Duke of Gloucester Street, one of Williamsburg's most historic roads, you'll have the opportunity to choose from multiple haunted stops. At each location, you'll witness the ghostly images captured in the photographs, while your guide shares the haunting stories and historical significance of the site. As you walk through the streets, be prepared for a hair-raising experience and keep your camera ready – you never know what spooky apparition you might capture.

Who is this for?

The Williamsburg East Ghost Tour is perfect for history enthusiasts, paranormal aficionados, and thrill-seekers alike. Whether you're visiting Williamsburg for the first time or you're a seasoned traveler, this tour offers a unique perspective on the city's haunted past. It appeals to those who are fascinated by ghostly encounters and enjoy exploring the supernatural side of history. Regardless of age or background, anyone captivated by the mysteries of the afterlife will find this tour both intriguing and spine-tingling.

Why book this?

Immerse yourself in the world of ghosts and discover the haunted history of colonial Williamsburg on this extraordinary tour. What sets the Williamsburg East Ghost Tour apart is its exclusive use of real ghost photos, offering a tangible connection to the paranormal. The expert guides not only showcase these chilling images but also provide deep insights into the hauntings, sharing personal encounters and historical details collected from interpreters and security guards. Unlike other ghost tours, this experience allows you to choose your own adventure, selecting stops based on your interests. With every step, you'll feel a thrill running down your spine as you uncover the haunting secrets of Williamsburg's most iconic locations.

Good to know

The Williamsburg East Ghost Tour begins by meeting across the street from 430 in front of the Capital building. Free parking is conveniently available at the Tavern Parking Lot on Francis Street. The tour duration is approximately 90 minutes, offering ample time to explore the haunted sites along Duke of Gloucester Street. As you embark on this adventure, it is recommended to bring your own camera to capture any ghostly anomalies that may manifest during the tour. Delve into the chilling history of Williamsburg's paranormal past and prepare to be captivated by the supernatural occurrences that lie behind the city's historic facades.


Guests who have experienced the Williamsburg East Ghost Tour have been intrigued and thrilled by the paranormal encounters and historical insights. Many have praised the expert guides for their captivating storytelling and in-depth knowledge of the haunted sites. Visitors have left with their own intriguing ghost photos, adding to the mystical allure of the tour. Overall, guests have expressed high satisfaction with the Williamsburg East Ghost Tour, recommending it as a must-do experience for those seeking an unforgettable adventure in Williamsburg's haunted past.

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  • You can book at any time before the event

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  • At least one adult or senior required per booking

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Colonial Williamsburg

Travelers will get to pick from multiple different haunted stops along the Duke of Gloucester Street, where they will stop to see the ghosts photographed at the house or tavern they've chosen and listen to the haunted legacy and/or history of the site. Ghost photos will be shown on a large computer notebook (Samsung Galaxy), and the guides will point out the exact window or location where the photo was taken, as well possibilities about the identity of the ghost in question. Travelers are encouraged to bring their own cameras too; many have walked away with their own intriguing ghost photos.



4.5 (146)


The night was very informative and interesting. We heard some interesting stories and saw photos of possible ghosts. Took photos ourselves. One of the best tours we have taken for night walks and “ghosts”. We hss as be taken many this was also not crowded like the others going on at the same time. You will enjoy your time for sure.


I really enjoyed this! Mr. Scullion was an entertaining guide, and it was fun to wander the streets of Colonial Williamsburg at night while listening to his stories and seeing his photos (which he displayed on his laptop). Even if you're a skeptic, just hearing the tales & legends helped bring old Williamsburg to life. Highly recommended! And one of his books is available at the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center, if you're interested.


Awesome tour. Lots of real world historical facts mixed with ghost lore while walking around colonial Williamsburg at night really set the mood.


Tim did an amazing job! We learned a lot about the history and people back in those days. Tim’s pictures were very interesting and educational. We will do this tour again soon. Thank you again, Tim.


We did the night tour and it set the stage for a scary atmosphere. Our guide was good and made our imagination run wild! The photos he shared with us really upped the tour and made the experience that much eerier. Only downside was that we almost didn’t make it on time for the tour as the directions took us to a road that was closed till 10 pm. After making a no. of wrong turns we arrived in front of a parking area that said only private parking, was not made clear to us that we were allowed to park there.


This tour was different than other ghost tours because it was more than just stories. We got to see real photos of ghosts and apparitions taken by both the trout guide and past guests. We were able to take our own photos and have him help us identify if we had captured any ghosts in our own photos. The stories we heard were historically accurate and not just fiction for the tour. It was also very affordable as compared to other tours and it was longer in duration without having to pay extra for “bonus” locations. I did this tour with my husband and my 2 kids (age 11 and 13) and we all enjoyed it.

Sandy E

The photographs were the icing on the cake to the tour. Love the stories and walking around tne historic town at night.


Great tour! Tim was extremely knowledgeable. He kept us (including my 8 y/o son) intrigued while telling stories and showing fascinating pics. We loved the tour so much that we found, and listened to several podcasts featuring Tim on the way home. If you want to see creepy convincing images ,with equally intriguing stories, this is the tour for you. Best ghost tour I’ve been on and fun experience for my family.


We had so much fun on this ghost tour! Tim was a great story teller. Even though my 9 year old was scared by the end, she ended up saying it was her favorite part of our trip to Williamsburg (better than Busch Gardens?!). We all enjoyed taking pictures and looking for ghosts.


Had a great time and enjoyed all the stories. My favorite was the paranormal experience. Also the story about Eve.
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2024-07-13 19:03