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Waimea, US
Waimea, US
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Start your vacation with a Yearly Reset 3 Hour massage, a truly transformative experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer your Hawaiian adventure. Hands Down Massage offers a range of techniques tailored to your body's specific needs, releasing tension and creating a sense of deep relaxation. The skilled therapist will assess both your old and new stresses, creating space throughout your body and reminding you of what it feels like to be fully relaxed. And the benefits don't end there - you'll be given personalized homework to extend your Yearly Reset beyond the massage table. Plus, spouses are welcome to join and learn techniques to practice regularly. Don't just reset your vacation, reset your whole year with this incredible massage experience. Book now and unlock a world of relaxation and newfound knowledge to take home with you.

About this experience

  • Free Cancellation For a full refund cancel at least before the start of your booking
  • Suitable for 1-1 Participants
  • Private Tour
  • Self Guided Experience
  • Relax your body, mind, and spirit
  • Address your body's specific needs
  • Experience a variety of massage modalities
  • Learn trades to do regularly at home
  • Reset your new year with more options and knowledge
  • Time and expertise of licensed massage specialist

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More about this experience


The Yearly Reset 3 Hours is a truly indulgent experience that combines various massage techniques to provide ultimate relaxation and release tension from your body. This rejuvenating massage aims to create a harmonious balance throughout your body and mind. Whether you're seeking a reprieve from stress or looking to enhance your vacation experience, this massage is the perfect way to start your journey to ultimate relaxation and self-care.

What to expect?

During the Yearly Reset 3 Hours experience, you can expect a comprehensive massage that addresses your body's unique needs. The skilled therapist utilizes a variety of modalities tailored to your specific concerns, ensuring a fully personalized and satisfying session. You'll be immersed in a calming environment that allows you to completely unwind, resetting your body, mind, and spirit for an enriching experience. By the end of this 3-hour massage, you'll feel rejuvenated, with stress and tension melted away.

Who is this for?

The Yearly Reset 3 Hours experience is designed for anyone seeking deep relaxation, stress relief, and a fresh start. Whether you're a weary traveler in need of a break or someone looking to focus on self-care, this massage is suitable for all individuals. It caters to a diverse audience, including individuals looking to enhance their vacation experience or anyone simply seeking a luxurious escape from their daily routines. Everyone can benefit from the soothing effect of this tailored massage.

Why book this?

This experience goes beyond a regular massage session. The Yearly Reset 3 Hours provides a unique opportunity to reset and rejuvenate not just your body, but also your mind and spirit. The skilled therapist will carefully assess the areas of tension in your body and customize the session to address your specific needs. With a 3-hour duration, you'll have ample time to fully relax, unwind, and let go of any built-up stress. This massage is not only a treat for yourself but also an investment in your well-being, leaving you feeling recharged and ready to take on anything.

Good to know

Before indulging in the Yearly Reset 3 Hours massage, it's important to note that this experience goes beyond a regular massage. The therapist will guide you through techniques that can be practiced at home, allowing you to extend the benefits of the massage into your daily life. Additionally, spouses are welcome to attend and learn the trade, ensuring you can continue the self-care routine regularly. By booking this massage, you're not only giving yourself a much-needed reset, but you're also gaining valuable knowledge and tools to take home with you after your Hawaiian experience.


Customers who have experienced the Yearly Reset 3 Hours massage rave about the profound relaxation and rejuvenation they felt. Many reviewers appreciated the personalized approach, where the therapist specifically tailored the massage to their needs. They describe the experience as a truly indulgent retreat, allowing them to escape from the demands of everyday life. Customers were impressed by the therapist's expertise and knowledge, as well as the calming and inviting atmosphere. Overall, the Yearly Reset 3 Hours massage has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with customers praising its ability to promote deep relaxation and provide a reset for the body and mind.

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