10 amazing team challenges

10 amazing team challenges

Here are our favorite challenges to test your team

Feb 18, 2020, 2:31:40 PM

‌1. Do you do have the driving skills to get involved go-kart sprint racing? You’ll have to compete against your rivals for the fastest lap time. Create your whole day around go-karting and watch as your team comes together in an event of thrill, speed, and competition. Will you make the podium?

2. Try a teamwork challenge. Solve puzzles, mysteries and engage in highly interactive group challenges designed to test your mental and physical abilities. Your team will get to test their skills – but watch out, the clock is counting down...
3. Enjoy an experience like no other. Survival challenges made famous by such TV shows such as “I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here”.  Expect to be led on a journey of testing team challenges. You’ll be put to the test, but awarded with an unforgettable experience that might surprise you.

4. Try an outdoor escape game where you'll work together as a team to solve puzzles, uncover city secrets and outsmart your opponents before time runs out. There are clues and challenges across the city for your team to solve, do you have what it takes?

5. Look for an escape room that is guaranteed to get your brain working. This is one of the best ways to practice efficient teamwork. Escape rooms come in many themes including historical rooms based on Da Vinci, Prison cell challenges, Game of Thrones and even Harry Potter. You'll need to work together under timed conditions in order to be successful and escape them all.

6. Perhaps a game of corporate espionage? Where your team have to work together to stop a group of trained computer hackers from stealing all your company information. Can be hosted in any venue, and suitable for small and large groups

7. Find your inner James Bond and use your skills to become the top team of spies. The intriguing undercover world of spying has been with us since ancient times with the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks all being experts in their field. There is no time for error in this spy game!

8. An immersive team experience will make you feel like you’re on an episode of CSI: Miam. Being a detective requires skill, attention to detail and dedication to solving the crime. Does your team have what it takes?

9. Experience time travel in this mobile live escape game and see if you can solve the case with the clues given. Different from an escape room, there’s an element of crime-solving and one of your teammates might be guilty...
10. An army camp is sure to test your team skills to the limit. You and your group will feel as if you jumped straight into an action movie. You’re armed with a weapon, given all the right clothing, and then told to go off to complete your action-packed mission.

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