10 great excuses for having a party

10 great excuses for having a party

Everyone loves to party, so here is our range of the favourite excuses for getting together and having a celebration!

Sep 7, 2021, 9:44:09 AM

‌1. Birthdays
Birthday parties are obviously our top party occasion, as everyone has one at least once a year! We split our product depending on whether it’s a kid’s birthday, sweet sixteen, or an 18th birthday, and then all major landmarks such as 50th, 60th, and right up to 100th.

2. Anniversaries
There are so many great anniversaries to celebrate, and many are themed around precious metals and minerals. You can celebrate many of the early anniversaries with a good day out or activity, and later you can celebrate the big landmarks with a big party.
3. Celebrating an engagement
Hopefully like getting married you only get engaged once, but it’s a great reason for a party. Less formal than a wedding, and a chance for friends, family and colleagues to have a few drinks and a dance.
4. Announce your Retirement        
Retiring from work is a perfect party celebrate. After all those years of working, you can relax and enjoy retiring with a party to mark the event. Catch up with old friends and colleagues, knowing you don’t have to wake up early for work!

5. Naming ceremony
Today many people are deciding against traditional ceremonies for new born babies, and choosing to have a non-religious naming ceremonies to celebrate the birth of their children.

6. Have a dinner Party
Hiring external support for dinner parties is a growing trend in the events industry. Quality chefs will bring fresh ingredients and cooking utensils to your home or venue and cook great food in front of your guests.

7. Gender reveal party
A party trend that started in the US and is now growing across the globe. At the party the expectant parents will surprise guests will the gender of their child with colour (generally blue for a boy, pink for a girl). This could be done with balloons, confetti explosions, or many other ways to excite!

8. Host a Cocktail Party
Shake up your cocktail and wow your friends with a trained mixologist. Cocktail parties are now so popular, and having experienced cocktail makers will make your party stand out! Enjoy amazing cocktails from "Sex on the Beach" to the coolest martinis.
9. Baby shower
A baby shower is a great time for an expectant mother to celebrate with close friends and family before the baby is born. Find a nice restaurant or venue, perhaps with afternoon tea and mocktails?
10. Reunions
Seeing friends and family for the first time in many years is the perfect excuse to have a party. With the focus on catching up, look for simple menu options and good bar service so you can talk, talk and talk!

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