10 great indoor team building activities

10 great indoor team building activities

If the weather is not suitable for outdoor experiences or you just want to have the team under one roof, perhaps it is time to consider an indoor team building activity. Lots of challenges, experiences to share, and skills to be learnt without getting wet or cold!

Jul 6, 2021, 3:12:22 PM

‌1. Cookery Classes

A cooking class with an expert chef is a wonderful way to bond and develop an understanding within the department. Learn a new skill, improve your knowledge before dining on the results. Team building bliss!

2. Escape Rooms
An escape room is the ultimate in indoor challenges, in fact the goal is to get out! You and your team will need to work together to solve the clues, accept the challenges and communicate well. Perfect for creating great relationships and individuals getting to know each other better.
3. Create Musical Magic
Creating a piece of music takes collaboration and teamwork. Your instructor will provide the musical instruments, and your team will need to understand the big picture to be able to create a musical masterpiece. Try something simple such as drums, or perhaps a group choir singing session.
4. Virtual Reality
Take your team into another world with a session of virtual reality. The latest technology will ensure you get a chance to step into another world or universe. Test your abilities to save the world, escape jungles or battle zombies, all without leaving the office.

5. Art Class
This is an indoor team building option which will ensure your team get creative. Work a team to great a giant piece of art which will come together at the end for an unveiling and potentially to be displayed back in the workplace.

6. Dance Class       
An experience that requires teamwork, rhythm, and lots of energy. Choose your song or music genre and your instructor will set out the dance steps. Your team will need to learn the dance steps as a group or number of groups before presenting the results at the end.
7. Climbing Walls

Scale to new heights with a climbing wall experience. These custom designed venues will test your teamwork and strength as you learn to climb differing walls. Expert instructors will show you the basics and together you will achieve your targets.
8. Cocktail Class
Learn a new skill whilst having a very social occasion! A mixology expert will show your group how to mix some great cocktails, from martinis to Margaritas, Negronis to Whiskey Sours. A wonderful way to spend time together, and a great to learn something new.

9. Murder Mystery Experience

Hire a group of actors to conduct a murder mystery at your workplace or venue. Your groups will be given some clues as the actors mingle checking on your progress. Your team will need to collaborate and use all the knowledge learned to solve the mystery.
10. Driving Simulator
You do not need to hire a racetrack and range of super cars to enjoy racing your colleagues. A driving simulator will bring all the action of the racetrack via computer graphics, meaning that your colleagues will be even closer to the action. See who can get the fastest time, and where people appear on the leader board after a series of racing challenges.

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