10 unique stag party activities

10 unique stag party activities

Here are some interesting and unique ideas to make your stag party stand out from the crowd

Mar 23, 2022, 5:58:35 PM

By Simon Nichols

Booking something cool and interesting for your hen party isn't easy, most people have done lots of experiences already, but here are some interesting and unique ideas.

1. Beer Bike

When you are in a new city what do most boys want to do? See the sights, have a few beers, and get some exercise? How about if you could do all three in one experience? Well, that is a beer bike! You host will take you around the best places in town, as you and your group provide extra pedal power – drinking a few beers as you go!

2. Zipline

Add some adrenaline into your stag party with a zipline experience. The party group will head up high, get strapped into the safety equipment before hurtling back to earth on the amazing zipline. Either you experience a zipline in a beautiful country setting and see nature from a new angle or choose an urban zipline and see the city below speeding past your eyes, whatever you choose you’ll be in for an experience of a lifetime.
3. Wildlfe kayaking

Get a close encounter with some amazing wildlife with a Manatee kayaking trip, you group will be stunned as to how close you can get and see these wild creatures in their natural environment. If Florida is not on the party list, there are many great kayaking adventures that will take your group up and close to nature.
4. Nude Life drawing

A trained tutor will guide nude life drawing session of a skilled model ensuring the stag and guests are taken through the process of learning to draw, until you are left with a finished piece of art at the end of the event. One thing you’ll need to consider is how you hide the sketch from the bride!

5. Summer bobsleigh

If you are a destination famed for Winter sports in the summer, fear not there are plenty of fun activities for you to select and if you love speed then a summer bobsleighing will be for you. Brilliant stag party fun as you travel at high speeds and competing  with your stag party friends.

6. Aurora ice fishing

See the Northern lights and learn the art of ice fishing in one amazing combination experience. You stag party guests will be in for the experience of a lifetime as your guide will help you catch fish through the ice as we wait for the magical aurora dance. Indulge in some hot chocolate, before returning to base for something a bit stronger!

7. Prison cell escape

For some time stags have been pranked by their friends and tied to a lamppost as part of the stag party experience, so why not go the extra mile and be trapped in a prison cell? You and your band of stag party revellers will have to work together to work out how to escape and be free citizens again. You’ll have to put the beers on ice for now…. But for how long??

8. Pan car rally 

Go karting, segway experiences, and super cars are ideal experiences for stag parties, but there is a growing trend for finding unique driving experiences. One such experience is a “Pan Car Rally” where your group will drive these graffitied moving pieces of art around town and see who is the best drivers. 

9. Axe throwing 

If your group has already experienced shooting ranges, paintball, or laser tag but you are looking for some target practice for your stag party, how about a session of axe throwing? You’ll be stepping back in time to medieval Britain, becoming a Viking, or pretending to be a character in “Game of Thrones” – such competitive fun and a great start to the party.
10. Zombie laser tag 

Laser tag is a great fun, you’re group will find their inner child as you run around the laser tag arena shooting the lasers, ducking and diving behind obstacles and generally pretending you are in a war zone. But how can you take this to the next level? How about if the laser tag arena is occupied by a group of zombies? That would be a stag party that you will never forget!

Simon Nichols

Head of Partnerships at Evendo

About Simon, he has a background in the London events and hospitality market going back over 20 years. Simon has in an in-depth knowledge of the events market and currently heads up all supplier partnerships at Evendo.

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